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Tribe Ateuchini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Scarabeiformia superfamily Scarabaeoidea family Scarabaeidae subfamily Scarabaeinae → tribe Ateuchini Perty 1830

Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (0 illustrated). Species.

Ateuchus Weber 1801 [genus]

Ateuchus aeneomicans, Ateuchus alipioi, Ateuchus alutacius, Ateuchus ambiguus, Ateuchus apicatus, Ateuchus asperatus, Ateuchus balthasari, Ateuchus bordoni, Ateuchus breve, Ateuchus calcaratus, Ateuchus candezei, Ateuchus carbonarius, Ateuchus carcavalloi, Ateuchus carolinae, Ateuchus cernyi, Ateuchus chrysopyge, Ateuchus columbianus, Ateuchus confusus, Ateuchus connexus, Ateuchus contractus, Ateuchus earthorus, Ateuchus ecuadorensis, Ateuchus euchalceus, Ateuchus femoratus, Ateuchus fetteri, Ateuchus floridensis, Ateuchus freudei, Ateuchus fuscipes, Ateuchus fuscorubrus, Ateuchus gershensoni, Ateuchus ginae, Ateuchus globulus, Ateuchus granigerus, Ateuchus guatemalensis, Ateuchus halffteri, Ateuchus hamatus, Ateuchus hendrichsi, Ateuchus histeroides, Ateuchus histrio, Ateuchus hoplopygus, Ateuchus howdeni, Ateuchus hypocrita, Ateuchus illaesum, Ateuchus illaesus, Ateuchus irinus, Ateuchus klugi, Ateuchus laetitiae, Ateuchus laevicolle, Ateuchus laterale, Ateuchus latus, Ateuchus lecontei, Ateuchus loricatus, Ateuchus luciae, Ateuchus murrayi, Ateuchus mutilatus, Ateuchus myrmecophilus, Ateuchus nitidulus, Ateuchus oblongus, Ateuchus opacipennis, Ateuchus ovale, Ateuchus parvus, Ateuchus pauki, Ateuchus pauperatus, Ateuchus perezvelai, Ateuchus perpusillus, Ateuchus persplendens, Ateuchus peruanus, Ateuchus procerus, Ateuchus pruneus, Ateuchus puncticolle, Ateuchus pygidiale, Ateuchus rispolii, Ateuchus robustus, Ateuchus rodriguezi, Ateuchus romani, Ateuchus scatimoides, Ateuchus semicribratus, Ateuchus setulosus, Ateuchus simplex, Ateuchus solisi, Ateuchus squalidus, Ateuchus steinbachi, Ateuchus striatulus, Ateuchus subquadratus, Ateuchus substriatus, Ateuchus tenebrosus, Ateuchus texanus, Ateuchus tridenticeps, Ateuchus viduus, Ateuchus vigilans, Ateuchus viridimicans, Ateuchus vividus, Ateuchus zoebischi


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