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Tribe Cyclocephalini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Scarabeiformia superfamily Scarabaeoidea family Scarabaeidae subfamily Dynastinae → tribe Cyclocephalini Laporte, 1840

Daughter taxa

Genera: 15 (0 illustrated). Species.

Acrobolbia Ohaus, 1912 [genus]

Acrobolbia macrophylla

Cyclocephala Dejean 1821 [genus]

Cyclocephala abrelata, Cyclocephala acoma, Cyclocephala aequatoria, Cyclocephala affinis, Cyclocephala alazonia, Cyclocephala alexi, Cyclocephala almitana, Cyclocephala altamontana, Cyclocephala alutacea, Cyclocephala alvarengai, Cyclocephala amazona, Cyclocephala amblyopsis, Cyclocephala ampliata, Cyclocephala amplitarsis, Cyclocephala anibali, Cyclocephala aravaipensis, Cyclocephala arenosa, Cyclocephala arnaudi, Cyclocephala arrowiana, Cyclocephala atricapilla, Cyclocephala atriceps, Cyclocephala atricolor, Cyclocephala atripes, Cyclocephala barrerai, Cyclocephala batesi, Cyclocephala bella, Cyclocephala berti, Cyclocephala bicolor, Cyclocephala bicolorata, Cyclocephala bimaculata, Cyclocephala binotata, Cyclocephala bleuzeni, Cyclocephala boliviana, Cyclocephala bollei, Cyclocephala borburatae, Cyclocephala borealis, Cyclocephala boucheri, Cyclocephala boulardi, Cyclocephala brasiliana, Cyclocephala brevipennis, Cyclocephala brevis, Cyclocephala brittoni, Cyclocephala burmeisteri, Cyclocephala caelestis, Cyclocephala camachicola, Cyclocephala capitata, Cyclocephala carbonaria, Cyclocephala cardini, Cyclocephala carinatipennis, Cyclocephala carlsoni, Cyclocephala cartwrighti, Cyclocephala casanova, Cyclocephala castanea, Cyclocephala castaniella, Cyclocephala caussaneli, Cyclocephala cearae, Cyclocephala celata, Cyclocephala chalumeaui, Cyclocephala chera, Cyclocephala chiquita, Cyclocephala colasi, Cyclocephala collaris, Cyclocephala comata, Cyclocephala compacta, Cyclocephala complanata, Cyclocephala concolor, Cyclocephala confusa, Cyclocephala conspicua, Cyclocephala contraria, Cyclocephala coriacea, Cyclocephala couturieri, Cyclocephala crassa, Cyclocephala crepuscularis, Cyclocephala cribrata, Cyclocephala cubana, Cyclocephala curta, Cyclocephala dalensi, Cyclocephala danforthi, Cyclocephala deceptor, Cyclocephala decorella, Cyclocephala defecta, Cyclocephala deltoides, Cyclocephala dichroa, Cyclocephala dilatata, Cyclocephala diluta, Cyclocephala discicollis, Cyclocephala discolor, Cyclocephala dispar, Cyclocephala distincta, Cyclocephala divaricata, Cyclocephala dolichotarsa, Cyclocephala dominicana, Cyclocephala duodecimpunctata, Cyclocephala durantonorum, Cyclocephala dyscinetoides, Cyclocephala emarginata, Cyclocephala endroedii, Cyclocephala endroedy-youngai, Cyclocephala enigma, Cyclocephala epistomalis, Cyclocephala ergastuli, Cyclocephala erotylina, Cyclocephala falsa, Cyclocephala fankhaeneli, Cyclocephala fasciolata, Cyclocephala ferruginea, Cyclocephala figurata, Cyclocephala flavipennis, Cyclocephala flavoscutellaris, Cyclocephala flora, Cyclocephala forcipulata, Cyclocephala forsteri, Cyclocephala freudei, Cyclocephala freyi, Cyclocephala fulgurata, Cyclocephala fulvipennis, Cyclocephala fusiformis, Cyclocephala genieri, Cyclocephala goetzi, Cyclocephala gravis, Cyclocephala gregaria, Cyclocephala guaguarum, Cyclocephala guianae, Cyclocephala guttata, Cyclocephala guycolasi, Cyclocephala halffteriana, Cyclocephala hardyi, Cyclocephala hartmannorum, Cyclocephala helavai, Cyclocephala herteli, Cyclocephala hiekei, Cyclocephala hielkemaorum, Cyclocephala hirsuta, Cyclocephala hirta, Cyclocephala histrionica, Cyclocephala holmbergi, Cyclocephala howdenannae, Cyclocephala husingi, Cyclocephala iani, Cyclocephala inca, Cyclocephala insulicola, Cyclocephala isabellina, Cyclocephala isthmiensis, Cyclocephala jalapensis, Cyclocephala jauffreti, Cyclocephala kahanoffae, Cyclocephala kaszabi, Cyclocephala kechua, Cyclocephala knobelae, Cyclocephala krombeini, Cyclocephala kuntzeniana, Cyclocephala labidion, Cyclocephala lachaumei, Cyclocephala laevis, Cyclocephala lamarcki, Cyclocephala laminata, Cyclocephala larssoni, Cyclocephala latericia, Cyclocephala latipennis, Cyclocephala latreillei, Cyclocephala lecourti, Cyclocephala letiranti, Cyclocephala lichyi, Cyclocephala ligyrina, Cyclocephala lineata, Cyclocephala lineigera, Cyclocephala liomorpha, Cyclocephala literata, Cyclocephala lizeri, Cyclocephala longa, Cyclocephala longicollis, Cyclocephala longimana, Cyclocephala longitarsis, Cyclocephala longula, Cyclocephala lunulata, Cyclocephala lurida, Cyclocephala lutea, Cyclocephala macrophylla, Cyclocephala maculiventris, Cyclocephala mafaffa, Cyclocephala magdalenae, Cyclocephala malleri, Cyclocephala mannheimsi, Cyclocephala marginalis, Cyclocephala marginicollis, Cyclocephala marianista, Cyclocephala marqueti, Cyclocephala martinezi, Cyclocephala marylizae, Cyclocephala mathani, Cyclocephala mecynotarsis, Cyclocephala megalophylla, Cyclocephala meinanderi, Cyclocephala melanae, Cyclocephala melanocephala, Cyclocephala melanopoda, Cyclocephala melolonthida, Cyclocephala mesophylla, Cyclocephala metrica, Cyclocephala miamiensis, Cyclocephala minuchae, Cyclocephala minuta, Cyclocephala modesta, Cyclocephala molesta, Cyclocephala monacha, Cyclocephala monzoni, Cyclocephala moreti, Cyclocephala morphoidina, Cyclocephala multiplex, Cyclocephala munda, Cyclocephala mustacha, Cyclocephala mutata, Cyclocephala nana, Cyclocephala nigerrima, Cyclocephala nigra, Cyclocephala nigricollis, Cyclocephala nigritarsis, Cyclocephala nigrobasalis, Cyclocephala nigropicta, Cyclocephala niguasa, Cyclocephala nike, Cyclocephala nodanotherwon, Cyclocephala notata, Cyclocephala obscura, Cyclocephala occipitalis, Cyclocephala ocellata, Cyclocephala ochracea, Cyclocephala octopunctata, Cyclocephala ohausiana, Cyclocephala olivieri, Cyclocephala ovulum, Cyclocephala pan, Cyclocephala panthera, Cyclocephala paraflora, Cyclocephala paraguayensis, Cyclocephala parallela, Cyclocephala pardolocarnoi, Cyclocephala pasadenae, Cyclocephala perconfusa, Cyclocephala pereirai, Cyclocephala perforata, Cyclocephala perplexa, Cyclocephala peruana, Cyclocephala pichinchana, Cyclocephala picipes, Cyclocephala picopijola, Cyclocephala picta, Cyclocephala pilosa, Cyclocephala pilosicollis, Cyclocephala pompanoni, Cyclocephala poncheli, Cyclocephala porioni, Cyclocephala prelli, Cyclocephala prolongata, Cyclocephala proxima, Cyclocephala pseudoconfusa, Cyclocephala pseudomelanocephala, Cyclocephala puberula, Cyclocephala pugnax, Cyclocephala pulchra, Cyclocephala puncticollis, Cyclocephala putrida, Cyclocephala pygidialis, Cyclocephala pygidiata, Cyclocephala quadripunctata, Cyclocephala quatuordecimpunctata, Cyclocephala quercina, Cyclocephala quisqueya, Cyclocephala rangelana, Cyclocephala recta, Cyclocephala regularis, Cyclocephala rogezi, Cyclocephala rondoniana, Cyclocephala rorulenta, Cyclocephala rotundipenis, Cyclocephala rubescens, Cyclocephala rufa, Cyclocephala rufescens, Cyclocephala ruficollis, Cyclocephala rufonigra, Cyclocephala rufovaria, Cyclocephala rustica, Cyclocephala saltini, Cyclocephala sanguinicollis, Cyclocephala santaritae, Cyclocephala sarahae, Cyclocephala sardadebiae, Cyclocephala sarpedon, Cyclocephala scarabaeina, Cyclocephala schmitzorum, Cyclocephala seditiosa, Cyclocephala setosa, Cyclocephala sexpunctata, Cyclocephala signaticollis, Cyclocephala similis, Cyclocephala simillima, Cyclocephala simulatrix, Cyclocephala sinaloae, Cyclocephala sinuosa, Cyclocephala sororia, Cyclocephala spangleri, Cyclocephala sparsa, Cyclocephala spilopyga, Cyclocephala stictica, Cyclocephala stockwelli, Cyclocephala striata, Cyclocephala subsignata, Cyclocephala supernana, Cyclocephala suturalis, Cyclocephala sylviae, Cyclocephala tarsalis, Cyclocephala testacea, Cyclocephala tetrica, Cyclocephala tidula, Cyclocephala toulgoeti, Cyclocephala tridentata, Cyclocephala tronchonii, Cyclocephala tucumana, Cyclocephala tutilina, Cyclocephala tylifera, Cyclocephala unamas, Cyclocephala undata, Cyclocephala unidentata, Cyclocephala variabilis, Cyclocephala varians, Cyclocephala variipenis, Cyclocephala variolosa, Cyclocephala verticalis, Cyclocephala vestita, Cyclocephala vidanoi, Cyclocephala vidua, Cyclocephala villosa, Cyclocephala vincentiae, Cyclocephala vinosa, Cyclocephala virgo, Cyclocephala viridis, Cyclocephala vittoscutellaris, Cyclocephala wandae, Cyclocephala warneri, Cyclocephala weidneri, Cyclocephala williami, Cyclocephala zischkai, Cyclocephala zodion, Cyclocephala zurstrasseni

Harposcelis Burmeister, 1847 [genus]

Harposcelis paradoxus


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