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Tribe Malthinini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Elateriformia superfamily Elateroidea family Cantharidae subfamily Malthininae → tribe Malthinini Kiesenwetter 1852


Daughter taxa

Genera: 4 (1 illustrated). Subgenera: 1 (0 illustrated). Species.

Malthinus Latreille 1806 [genus]

Malthinus aetolicus, Malthinus alexanderi, Malthinus armipes, Malthinus aspoecki, Malthinus atripennis, Malthinus axillaris, Malthinus balteatus, Malthinus bandamensis, Malthinus bicolor, Malthinus biglianii, Malthinus biguttatus, Malthinus bilineatus, Malthinus bulgaricus, Malthinus chisosensis, Malthinus cincticollis, Malthinus cordobensis, Malthinus corsicanus, Malthinus creticus, Malthinus croceicollis, Malthinus cuspidatus, Malthinus dalmatinus, Malthinus danielssoni, Malthinus deceptor, Malthinus depauperatus, Malthinus devillei, Malthinus difficilis, Malthinus diffusus, Malthinus dimorphus, Malthinus dromioides, Malthinus dryocoetes, Malthinus espadanensis, Malthinus euboeicus, Malthinus facialis, Malthinus fasciatus, Malthinus fjellandi, Malthinus flaveolus, Malthinus foliiformis, Malthinus forcepiformis, Malthinus frontalis, Malthinus fuerteventurensis, Malthinus ganglbaueri, Malthinus garganicus, Malthinus geigei, Malthinus geniculatus, Malthinus glabellus, Malthinus graecus, Malthinus gratiosus, Malthinus huachucae, Malthinus ilisicus, Malthinus insignipes, Malthinus ionicus, Malthinus israelsoni, Malthinus kafkai, Malthinus kiesenwetteri, Malthinus knulli, Malthinus kraatzi, Malthinus lacteifrons, Malthinus laevicollis, Malthinus laticollis, Malthinus lindbergi, Malthinus lituratus, Malthinus longicornis, Malthinus madoniensis, Malthinus malkini, Malthinus marginicollis, Malthinus maspalomensis, Malthinus minimus, Malthinus moravicus, Malthinus multinotatus, Malthinus mutabilis, Malthinus neapolitanus, Malthinus neglectus, Malthinus nigerrimus, Malthinus nigrescens, Malthinus obscuripes, Malthinus occipitalis, Malthinus olympiacus, Malthinus ornatus, Malthinus pallidipes, Malthinus panachaicus, Malthinus parallelus, Malthinus parnassicus, Malthinus pseudobiguttatus, Malthinus pseudoreflexus, Malthinus pseudoscriptus, Malthinus quadrimaculatus, Malthinus reflexus, Malthinus rhaphidiceps, Malthinus robustus, Malthinus rothi, Malthinus rubricollis, Malthinus rufifrons, Malthinus sancticatalinus, Malthinus sanpedroensis, Malthinus scapularis, Malthinus schoeni, Malthinus scriptipennis, Malthinus scriptoides, Malthinus scriptus, Malthinus scutellaris, Malthinus seriepunctatus, Malthinus sicanus, Malthinus simplicipes, Malthinus sordidus, Malthinus sowerestanus, Malthinus stigmatus, Malthinus subcostatus, Malthinus temperei, Malthinus texanus, Malthinus tricolor, Malthinus trinotaticeps, Malthinus turcicus, Malthinus versatilis, Malthinus verticalis, Malthinus vitellinus, Malthinus wewalkai

Malthodes Kiesenwetter 1852 [genus]

Malthodes abruptus, Malthodes aciculatus, Malthodes acuticauda, Malthodes adoxus, Malthodes albimontanus, Malthodes alexanderi, Malthodes analis, Malthodes anatiformis, Malthodes angustifurca, Malthodes appendiculatus, Malthodes arcifer, Malthodes arieticornus, Malthodes arizonensis, Malthodes atrocoeruleus, Malthodes bakeri, Malthodes barri, Malthodes basalis, Malthodes bicurvatus, Malthodes bifurcula, Malthodes bisinuatus, Malthodes bissellarum, Malthodes blackwelderi, Malthodes californicus, Malthodes canadensis, Malthodes canaliculatus, Malthodes captiosus, Malthodes chapini, Malthodes chiricahuae, Malthodes columbiensis, Malthodes complexipygus, Malthodes complexus, Malthodes complicatus, Malthodes concavus, Malthodes congruus, Malthodes contortus, Malthodes cordicauda, Malthodes curvatus, Malthodes diamondensis, Malthodes diegae, Malthodes dorothae, Malthodes downiei, Malthodes evanidus, Malthodes evexus, Malthodes exilis, Malthodes eximius, Malthodes flexuosus, Malthodes forficatus, Malthodes fracidus, Malthodes fragilis, Malthodes frisoni, Malthodes frosti, Malthodes fuliginosus, Malthodes furcifer, Malthodes fusculus, Malthodes glyphidius, Malthodes greeni, Malthodes hatcheana, Malthodes humidus, Malthodes idahoensis, Malthodes immodestus, Malthodes insipidus, Malthodes intermedius, Malthodes intricatus, Malthodes knowltoni, Malthodes knulli, Malthodes lattini, Malthodes laurae, Malthodes lawrencei, Malthodes leechi, Malthodes ligulifer, Malthodes longipennis, Malthodes mackenziei, Malthodes macnabi, Malthodes magister, Malthodes margaritae, Malthodes medioccidens, Malthodes megapygus, Malthodes mitificus, Malthodes mollis, Malthodes neomexicanus, Malthodes niger, Malthodes obductus, Malthodes oregonus, Malthodes orovillensis, Malthodes ovatus, Malthodes parvulus, Malthodes piceolus, Malthodes pictithorax, Malthodes pictus, Malthodes piperi, Malthodes profusus, Malthodes provoensis, Malthodes quadricollis, Malthodes ramsbyorum, Malthodes rectus, Malthodes rhadinus, Malthodes robertae, Malthodes rotgeri, Malthodes sanbernadensis, Malthodes sandersoni, Malthodes selmaensis, Malthodes sericeiventris, Malthodes shenefelti, Malthodes similis, Malthodes singularis, Malthodes sinuatus, Malthodes siskiyouensis, Malthodes spado, Malthodes spinicauda, Malthodes stacesmithi, Malthodes stephani, Malthodes terraenovae, Malthodes thedae, Malthodes tribulus, Malthodes truncatus, Malthodes tularensis, Malthodes tumidicollis, Malthodes ute, Malthodes vanduzeeana, Malthodes vandykei, Malthodes vapidus, Malthodes vigilans, Malthodes visceratus, Malthodes werneri, Malthodes whittakeri, Malthodes williami

Malthinini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Malthinini sp. (large size).

Malthinini sp.


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