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Tribe Oemini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Cerambycidae subfamily Cerambycinae → tribe Oemini Pascoe, 1869


Daughter taxa

Genera: 97 (2 illustrated). Species.

Addoeme Adlbauer, 1998 [genus]

Addoeme subsericans

Afroeme Adlbauer, 2004 [genus]

Afroeme fusca, Afroeme kenyensis

Amimes Pascoe, 1862 [genus]

Amimes macilentus

Amplilygrus Adlbauer, 2004 [genus]

Amplilygrus cruciatus

Androeme Aurivillius, 1910 [genus]

Androeme plagiata

Austroeme Martins, Chemsak & Linsley, 1966 [genus]

Austroeme femorata, Austroeme gentilis, Austroeme modesta

Calybistum Thomson, 1878 [genus]

Calybistum lugubre

Capoeme Adlbauer, 2008 [genus]

Capoeme parallela

Catoeme Aurivillius, 1908 [genus]

Catoeme brincki, Catoeme tessellata

Chromoeme Chemsak & Linsley, 1967 [genus]

Chromoeme angustissima

Cilioeme Adlbauer, 2006 [genus]

Cilioeme tibialis

Corioeme Adlbauer, 2006 [genus]

Corioeme elgonensis

Diptychoeme Aurivillius, 1915 [genus]

Diptychoeme suturalis

Eburiomorpha Fisher, 1935 [genus]

Eburiomorpha guttata

Enicoeme Aurivillius, 1915 [genus]

Enicoeme grisea, Enicoeme krelli

Erythrocalla Aurivillius, 1928 [genus]

Erythrocalla patrizii

Ethioeme Adlbauer, 2008 [genus]

Ethioeme tipuliforme

Ethiolygrus Adlbauer, 2008 [genus]

Ethiolygrus juheli

Etiosaphanus Adlbauer, 1999 [genus]

Etiosaphanus werneri

Euryprosopus White, 1853 [genus]

Euryprosopus clavipes

Gennarus Adlbauer, 2008 [genus]

Gennarus ornatus

Gounelloeme Monné & Martins, 1974 [genus]

Gounelloeme echinoscapus

Haplidoeme Chemsak & Linsley 1965 [genus]

Haplidoeme punctata, Haplidoeme schlingeri

Heterosaphanus Aurivillius, 1914 [genus]

Heterosaphanus mimeticus

Jendekia Holzschuh, 1993 [genus]

Jendekia eduardi

Kabatekiella Holzschuh, 2008 [genus]

Kabatekiella dalihodi

Kalore Martins & Galileo, 2006 [genus]

Kalore asanga

Kenyoeme Quentin & Villiers, 1979 [genus]

Kenyoeme pantherina

Liberedaxia Alten, Alten & Ramey, 2009 [genus]

Liberedaxia deslauriersi

Martinsia Chemsak & Linsley, 1967 [genus]

Martinsia cordigera, Martinsia scabrosa

Meiyingia Holzschuh, 2010 [genus]

Meiyingia paradoxa

Metalloeme Touroult, Dalens & Tavakilian, 2010 [genus]

Metalloeme viridescens

Methicula Chemsak & Linsley, 1971 [genus]

Methicula dimidiata

Methioeme Zajciw, 1963 [genus]

Methioeme brevipennis

Methioides Chemsak & Linsley, 1967 [genus]

Methioides cicatricosa

Mimoeme Chemsak & Linsley, 1967 [genus]

Mimoeme lycoides, Mimoeme pseudamerica

Namiboeme Adlbauer, 2000 [genus]

Namiboeme maraisi

Neocarolus Sama, 2008 [genus]

Neocarolus thomasi

Neomarius Fairmaire, 1872 [genus]

Neomarius gandolphii

Nesoeme Linsley & Chemsak, 1966 [genus]

Nesoeme kuscheli

Nungena McKeown, 1942 [genus]

Nungena binocularis

Ocroeme Martins Chemsak & Linsley 1966 [genus]

Ocroeme aspericollis, Ocroeme nana, Ocroeme recki, Ocroeme tricolor

Oeme Newman 1840 [genus]

Oeme costata, Oeme rigida

Oemophanes Adlbauer, 2001 [genus]

Oemophanes brunneus

Oxycauloeme Lepesme, 1948 [genus]

Oxycauloeme abyssinica

Paraleptoeme Fuchs, 1971 [genus]

Paraleptoeme brunnea

Paramartinsia Martins & Galileo, 2005 [genus]

Paramartinsia quadrimaculata

Paranoplium Casey 1924 [genus]

Paranoplium gracile

Paratemnopis Martins, 1978 [genus]

Paratemnopis ambigua

Phrynoeme Martins, 1980 [genus]

Phrynoeme cucullata

Placoeme Chemsak & Linsley, 1964 [genus]

Placoeme vitticollis, Placoeme wappesi

Prosopoeme Aurivillius, 1927 [genus]

Prosopoeme nigripes

Pseudomethia Linsley 1937 [genus]

Pseudomethia arida

Pufujia Holzschuh, 1995 [genus]

Pufujia luteosignata

Senorius Hüdepohl, 1992 [genus]

Senorius smetanai

Sphalloeme Melzer, 1928 [genus]

Sphalloeme costipennis

Stenocoptoeme Adlbauer, 2005 [genus]

Stenocoptoeme zamioides

Tallyrama Martins, 1980 [genus]

Tallyrama testacea

Trichopsathyrus Breuning, 1958 [genus]

Trichopsathyrus modestus

Tristachycera Bates, 1872 [genus]

Tristachycera viridis

Vandykea Linsley 1932 [genus]

Vandykea tuberculata

Wappesoeme Galileo, Martins, Santos-Silva, 2015 [genus]

Wappesoeme camiri

Xanthoeme Martins, 1980 [genus]

Xanthoeme signaticornis

Yementallyrama Adlbauer, 2007 [genus]

Yementallyrama nasheri

Zamioeme Adlbauer, 2012 [genus]

Zamioeme murphyi


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