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Genus Leptostylus

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Cerambycidae subfamily Lamiinae tribe Acanthocinini → genus Leptostylus Leconte 1852

Daughter taxa

Leptostylus albagniri Zayas, 1975 [species]

Leptostylus albicinctus Bates, 1885 [species]

Leptostylus angulicollis Bates, 1885 [species]

Leptostylus arciferus Gahan, 1892 [species]

Leptostylus armatus Monné & Hoffmann, 1981 [species]

Leptostylus asperatus Haldeman 1847 [species]

Leptostylus aspiciens Bates, 1885 [species]

Leptostylus batesi Casey, 1913 [species]

Leptostylus bruesi Fisher, 1942 [species]

Leptostylus calcarius Chevrolat, 1862 [species]

Leptostylus castaneovirescens Zayas, 1975 [species]

Leptostylus cineraceus Bates, 1874 [species]

Leptostylus corpulentus Bates, 1880 [species]

Leptostylus cretatellus Bates, 1863 [species]

Leptostylus cristulatus Bates, 1872 [species]

Leptostylus dealbatus Jacquelin du Val, 1857 [species]

Leptostylus decipiens Bates, 1880 [species]

Leptostylus diffusus Bates, 1885 [species]

Leptostylus dubitans Bates, 1885 [species]

Leptostylus faulkneri Hovore, 1988 [species]

Leptostylus fernandezi Monné & Hoffmann, 1981 [species]

Leptostylus fuligineus Bates, 1885 [species]

Leptostylus gibbulosus Bates 1874 [species]

Leptostylus gibbus Degeer, 1775 [species]

Leptostylus gnomus Monné & Hoffmann, 1981 [species]

Leptostylus heticus Zayas, 1975 [species]

Leptostylus hilaris Bates, 1872 [species]

Leptostylus hispidulus Bates, 1874 [species]

Leptostylus illitus Zayas, 1975 [species]

Leptostylus incertus Bates, 1881 [species]

Leptostylus jolyi Monné & Hoffmann, 1981 [species]

Leptostylus laevicauda Bates, 1880 [species]

L. l. chiriquinus

Leptostylus latifasciatus Zayas, 1975 [species]

Leptostylus lazulinus Bates, 1880 [species]

Leptostylus leucanthes Bates, 1880 [species]

Leptostylus leucopygus Bates, 1872 [species]

Leptostylus lilliputanus Thomson, 1865 [species]

Leptostylus lividus Hovore, 1990 [species]

Leptostylus macrostigma Bates, 1872 [species]

Leptostylus metallicus Bates, 1880 [species]

Leptostylus nigritus Zayas, 1975 [species]

Leptostylus nordestinus Monné & Hoffmann, 1981 [species]

Leptostylus notaticollis Bates, 1880 [species]

Leptostylus obliquatus Bates, 1880 [species]

Leptostylus obscurellus Bates, 1863 [species]

Leptostylus ochropygus Bates, 1885 [species]

Leptostylus orbiculus Bates, 1880 [species]

Leptostylus ovalis Bates, 1863 [species]

Leptostylus palliatus Bates, 1874 [species]

Leptostylus paraleucus Monné & Hoffmann, 1981 [species]

Leptostylus paulus Monné & Hoffmann, 1981 [species]

Leptostylus perniciosus Monné & Hoffmann, 1981 [species]

Leptostylus petulans Bates, 1885 [species]

Leptostylus phrissominus Bates, 1885 [species]

Leptostylus pilula Bates, 1880 [species]

Leptostylus plautus Monné & Hoffmann, 1981 [species]

Leptostylus pleurostictus Bates, 1863 [species]

Leptostylus plumeoventris Linsley, 1934 [species]

Leptostylus pseudocalcarius Zayas, 1975 [species]

Leptostylus pulcherrimus Bates, 1880 [species]

Leptostylus pygialis Bates, 1872 [species]

Leptostylus quintalbus Bates, 1885 [species]

Leptostylus retrorsus Bates, 1885 [species]

Leptostylus sagittatus Jacquelin du Val, 1857 [species]

Leptostylus scudderi Wickham, 1914 [species]

Leptostylus seabrai Lane, 1959 [species]

Leptostylus signaticauda Bates, 1885 [species]

Leptostylus sleeperi Hovore, 1988 [species]

Leptostylus spermovoratis Chemsak, 1972 [species]

Leptostylus spiculatus Bates, 1880 [species]

Leptostylus subfurcatus Bates, 1880 [species]

Leptostylus transversus Gyllenhal in Schoenherr, 1817 [species]

Leptostylus triangulifer Bates, 1872 [species]

Leptostylus trigonus Bates, 1880 [species]

Leptostylus viridescens Bates, 1880 [species]

Leptostylus viriditinctus Bates, 1872 [species]

Leptostylus x-griseus Bates, 1885 [species]

Leptostylus xanthopygus Bates, 1880 [species]

Leptostylus zonatus Bates, 1885 [species]


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