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Tribe Cryptocephalini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Chrysomelidae subfamily Cryptocephalinae → tribe Cryptocephalini Gyllenhal, 1813


Daughter taxa

Genera: 7 (2 illustrated). Subgenera: 9 (7 illustrated). Species.

Cryptocephalus Geoffroy 1762 [genus]

Asionus, Burlinius, Cryptocephalus, Disopus, Heterichnus, Lamellosus, Protophysus,
Cryptocephalus albicans, Cryptocephalus alternans, Cryptocephalus amatus, Cryptocephalus andrewsi, Cryptocephalus arizonensis, Cryptocephalus astralosus, Cryptocephalus atrofasciatus, Cryptocephalus aulicus, Cryptocephalus australobispinus, Cryptocephalus badius, Cryptocephalus basalis, Cryptocephalus binominis, Cryptocephalus binotatus, Cryptocephalus bispinus, Cryptocephalus bivius, Cryptocephalus brunneovittatus, Cryptocephalus calidus, Cryptocephalus castaneus, Cryptocephalus cerinus, Cryptocephalus confluentus, Cryptocephalus contextus, Cryptocephalus cowaniae, Cryptocephalus cribripennis, Cryptocephalus cuneatus, Cryptocephalus cupressi, Cryptocephalus defectus, Cryptocephalus disruptus, Cryptocephalus dorsatus, Cryptocephalus downiei, Cryptocephalus duryi, Cryptocephalus falli, Cryptocephalus fulguratus, Cryptocephalus gibbicollis, Cryptocephalus guttulatellus, Cryptocephalus guttulatus, Cryptocephalus implacidus, Cryptocephalus incertus, Cryptocephalus insertus, Cryptocephalus irroratus, Cryptocephalus lateritius, Cryptocephalus leucomelas, Cryptocephalus lunulatus, Cryptocephalus luteolus, Cryptocephalus maccus, Cryptocephalus merus, Cryptocephalus mucoreus, Cryptocephalus multisignatus, Cryptocephalus mutabilis, Cryptocephalus nanus, Cryptocephalus nigrocinctus, Cryptocephalus notatus, Cryptocephalus obsoletus, Cryptocephalus ochroloma, Cryptocephalus optimus, Cryptocephalus pallidicinctus, Cryptocephalus pinicolus, Cryptocephalus pseudomaccus, Cryptocephalus pubicollis, Cryptocephalus pubiventris, Cryptocephalus pumilus, Cryptocephalus quadruplex, Cryptocephalus quercus, Cryptocephalus sanguinicollis, Cryptocephalus schreibersii, Cryptocephalus simulans, Cryptocephalus snowi, Cryptocephalus spurcus, Cryptocephalus striatulus, Cryptocephalus striatus, Cryptocephalus texanus, Cryptocephalus tinctus, Cryptocephalus triundulatus, Cryptocephalus trivittatus, Cryptocephalus trizonatus, Cryptocephalus umbonatus, Cryptocephalus vapidus, Cryptocephalus venustus, Cryptocephalus virginiensis

Pachybrachis Chevrolat in Dejean, 1836 [genus]

Chloropachys, Pachybrachis,
Pachybrachis abdominalis, Pachybrachis alacris, Pachybrachis alticola, Pachybrachis analis, Pachybrachis arizonensis, Pachybrachis atomarius, Pachybrachis badius, Pachybrachis bajulus, Pachybrachis bivittatus, Pachybrachis brevicollis, Pachybrachis brevicornis, Pachybrachis brunneus, Pachybrachis bullatus, Pachybrachis caelatus, Pachybrachis calcaratus, Pachybrachis calidus, Pachybrachis californicus, Pachybrachis carolinensis, Pachybrachis cephalicus, Pachybrachis chaoticus, Pachybrachis circumcinctus, Pachybrachis coloradensis, Pachybrachis confederatus, Pachybrachis conformis, Pachybrachis confusus, Pachybrachis connexus, Pachybrachis consimilis, Pachybrachis conspirator, Pachybrachis contractifrons, Pachybrachis convictus, Pachybrachis crassus, Pachybrachis croftus, Pachybrachis cruentus, Pachybrachis cylindricus, Pachybrachis delumbis, Pachybrachis densus, Pachybrachis desertus, Pachybrachis dilatatus, Pachybrachis discoideus, Pachybrachis diversus, Pachybrachis donneri, Pachybrachis dubiosus, Pachybrachis duryi, Pachybrachis femoratus, Pachybrachis fortis, Pachybrachis fractus, Pachybrachis fuscipes, Pachybrachis gracilipes, Pachybrachis haematodes, Pachybrachis hector, Pachybrachis hepaticus, Pachybrachis hybridus, Pachybrachis illectus, Pachybrachis immaculatus, Pachybrachis impurus, Pachybrachis insidiosus, Pachybrachis integratus, Pachybrachis jacobyi, Pachybrachis lachrymosus, Pachybrachis laevis, Pachybrachis latithorax, Pachybrachis liebecki, Pachybrachis litigiosus, Pachybrachis livens, Pachybrachis lodingi, Pachybrachis longus, Pachybrachis luctuosus, Pachybrachis luridus, Pachybrachis lustrans, Pachybrachis m-nigrum, Pachybrachis macronychus, Pachybrachis marginatus, Pachybrachis marginipennis, Pachybrachis marmoratus, Pachybrachis melanostictus, Pachybrachis mellitus, Pachybrachis mercurialis, Pachybrachis microps, Pachybrachis minor, Pachybrachis mitis, Pachybrachis mobilis, Pachybrachis morosus, Pachybrachis nero, Pachybrachis nigricornis, Pachybrachis nobilis, Pachybrachis nogalicus, Pachybrachis notatus, Pachybrachis nubigenus, Pachybrachis nubilis, Pachybrachis nunenmacheri, Pachybrachis obfuscatus, Pachybrachis obsoletus, Pachybrachis osceola, Pachybrachis othonus, Pachybrachis parvinotatus, Pachybrachis pawnee, Pachybrachis peccans, Pachybrachis pectoralis, Pachybrachis petronius, Pachybrachis picturatus, Pachybrachis pinguescens, Pachybrachis pinicola, Pachybrachis placidus, Pachybrachis pluripunctatus, Pachybrachis postfasciatus, Pachybrachis praeclarus, Pachybrachis precarius, Pachybrachis prosopis, Pachybrachis proximus, Pachybrachis pulvinatus, Pachybrachis punctatus, Pachybrachis puncticollis, Pachybrachis punicus, Pachybrachis purus, Pachybrachis pusillus, Pachybrachis quadratus, Pachybrachis quadrioculatus, Pachybrachis relictus, Pachybrachis sanrita, Pachybrachis signatifrons, Pachybrachis signatus, Pachybrachis snowi, Pachybrachis sonorensis, Pachybrachis spumarius, Pachybrachis stygicus, Pachybrachis subfasciatus, Pachybrachis sublimatus, Pachybrachis subvittatus, Pachybrachis tacitus, Pachybrachis texanus, Pachybrachis thoracicus, Pachybrachis tridens, Pachybrachis trinotatus, Pachybrachis truncatus, Pachybrachis tumidus, Pachybrachis turgidicollis, Pachybrachis tybeensis, Pachybrachis umbraculatus, Pachybrachis uncinatus, Pachybrachis uteanus, Pachybrachis vacillatus, Pachybrachis varians, Pachybrachis varicolor, Pachybrachis vau, Pachybrachis vestigialis, Pachybrachis viduatus, Pachybrachis virgatus, Pachybrachis vulnerosus, Pachybrachis wenzeli, Pachybrachis wickhami, Pachybrachis xantholucens, Pachybrachis xanti

Cryptocephalini photos with superspecies identification

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Cryptocephalini sp. Cryptocephalini sp. Cryptocephalini sp.


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