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Tribe Cephaloleiini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Chrysomelidae subfamily Cassidinae → tribe Cephaloleiini Chapuis 1875

Daughter taxa

Genera: 17 (0 illustrated). Subgenera: 4 (0 illustrated). Species.

Aslamidium Borowiec 1984 [genus]

Aslamidium, Neoaslamidium

Cephaloleia Chevrolat in Dejean, 1836 [genus]

Cephaloleia abdominalis, Cephaloleia adusta, Cephaloleia aeneipennis, Cephaloleia aequilata, Cephaloleia affinis, Cephaloleia alternans, Cephaloleia amazona, Cephaloleia amblys, Cephaloleia antennalis, Cephaloleia antennata, Cephaloleia apicalis, Cephaloleia apicata, Cephaloleia apicenotata, Cephaloleia apicicornis, Cephaloleia applicata, Cephaloleia approximata, Cephaloleia atriceps, Cephaloleia balyi, Cephaloleia barroi, Cephaloleia basalis, Cephaloleia bella, Cephaloleia belti, Cephaloleia bicolor, Cephaloleia bicoloripes, Cephaloleia bifasciata, Cephaloleia bipartita, Cephaloleia bondari, Cephaloleia brunnea, Cephaloleia bucki, Cephaloleia caeruleata, Cephaloleia castanea, Cephaloleia championi, Cephaloleia chevrolatii, Cephaloleia chimboana, Cephaloleia clarkella, Cephaloleia cognata, Cephaloleia collaris, Cephaloleia congener, Cephaloleia consanguinea, Cephaloleia convexifrons, Cephaloleia corallina, Cephaloleia coroicoana, Cephaloleia cyanea, Cephaloleia cylindrica, Cephaloleia daguana, Cephaloleia deficiens, Cephaloleia degandei, Cephaloleia delectabilis, Cephaloleia deplanata, Cephaloleia depressa, Cephaloleia deyrollei, Cephaloleia dilatata, Cephaloleia dilaticollis, Cephaloleia dilectans, Cephaloleia dimidiaticornis, Cephaloleia diplothemium, Cephaloleia discoidalis, Cephaloleia disjuncta, Cephaloleia distincta, Cephaloleia donckieri, Cephaloleia dorsalis, Cephaloleia elaeidis, Cephaloleia elegantula, Cephaloleia emarginata, Cephaloleia emdeni, Cephaloleia erichsonii, Cephaloleia erugatus, Cephaloleia eumorpha, Cephaloleia eximia, Cephaloleia facetus, Cephaloleia fasciata, Cephaloleia felix, Cephaloleia fenestrata, Cephaloleia fiebrigi, Cephaloleia flava, Cephaloleia flavipennis, Cephaloleia flavovittata, Cephaloleia forestieri, Cephaloleia formosus, Cephaloleia fryella, Cephaloleia fulvicollis, Cephaloleia fulvipes, Cephaloleia fulvolimbata, Cephaloleia funesta, Cephaloleia gilvipes, Cephaloleia gracilis, Cephaloleia gratiosa, Cephaloleia grayei, Cephaloleia halli, Cephaloleia heliconiae, Cephaloleia histrio, Cephaloleia histrionica, Cephaloleia hnigrum, Cephaloleia humeralis, Cephaloleia immaculata, Cephaloleia impressa, Cephaloleia insidiosa, Cephaloleia instabilis, Cephaloleia interstitialis, Cephaloleia irregularis, Cephaloleia kolbei, Cephaloleia laeta, Cephaloleia lateralis, Cephaloleia latipennis, Cephaloleia lepida, Cephaloleia leucoxantha, Cephaloleia linkei, Cephaloleia lojaensis, Cephaloleia luctuosa, Cephaloleia luridipennis, Cephaloleia lydiae, Cephaloleia macella, Cephaloleia maculipennis, Cephaloleia marantae, Cephaloleia marginella, Cephaloleia marshalli, Cephaloleia mauliki, Cephaloleia maxima, Cephaloleia metallescens, Cephaloleia minasensis, Cephaloleia neglecta, Cephaloleia nevermanni, Cephaloleia nigriceps, Cephaloleia nigricornis, Cephaloleia nigrithorax, Cephaloleia nigropicta, Cephaloleia nitida, Cephaloleia nubila, Cephaloleia obsoleta, Cephaloleia opaca, Cephaloleia ornata, Cephaloleia ornatrix, Cephaloleia ornatula, Cephaloleia parenthesis, Cephaloleia partita, Cephaloleia parvula, Cephaloleia perplexa, Cephaloleia picta, Cephaloleia placida, Cephaloleia polita, Cephaloleia postuma, Cephaloleia presignis, Cephaloleia pretiosa, Cephaloleia princeps, Cephaloleia proxima, Cephaloleia pulchella, Cephaloleia punctatissima, Cephaloleia puncticollis, Cephaloleia quadrilineata, Cephaloleia quadrimaculata, Cephaloleia quinquemaculata, Cephaloleia recondita, Cephaloleia reventazonica, Cephaloleia rosenbergi, Cephaloleia rotundata, Cephaloleia rubra, Cephaloleia ruficollis, Cephaloleia rufipes, Cephaloleia sagittifera, Cephaloleia sallei, Cephaloleia sandersoni, Cephaloleia saundersii, Cephaloleia schmidti, Cephaloleia scitulus, Cephaloleia semivittata, Cephaloleia separata, Cephaloleia simoni, Cephaloleia simplex, Cephaloleia splendida, Cephaloleia steinhauseni, Cephaloleia stenosoma, Cephaloleia stevensi, Cephaloleia strandi, Cephaloleia striata, Cephaloleia suaveola, Cephaloleia subdepressa, Cephaloleia succinta, Cephaloleia sulcipes, Cephaloleia suturalis, Cephaloleia tarsata, Cephaloleia tenella, Cephaloleia tetraspilota, Cephaloleia teutonica, Cephaloleia thiemei, Cephaloleia triangularis, Cephaloleia trilineata, Cephaloleia trimaculata, Cephaloleia trivittata, Cephaloleia truncatipennis, Cephaloleia tucumana, Cephaloleia turrialbana, Cephaloleia uhmanni, Cephaloleia unctula, Cephaloleia uniguttata, Cephaloleia vagelineata, Cephaloleia variabilis, Cephaloleia vicina, Cephaloleia viridis, Cephaloleia vittata, Cephaloleia vittipennis, Cephaloleia waterhousei, Cephaloleia weisei, Cephaloleia whitei, Cephaloleia zikani

Cladispa Baly 1858 [genus]

Cladispa quadrimaculata

Cubispa Barber 1946 [genus]

Cubispa turquino

Homalispa Baly 1858 [genus]

Homalispa, Xanthispa

Octocladiscus Thomson 1856 [genus]

Octocladiscus fasciatus


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