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Tribe Notosacanthini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Chrysomelidae subfamily Cassidinae → tribe Notosacanthini Hincks 1952

Daughter taxa

Genera: 2 (0 illustrated). Species.

Notosacantha Chevrolat in Dejean, 1836 [genus]

Notosacantha acanthina, Notosacantha acuticollis, Notosacantha aemula, Notosacantha alberti, Notosacantha alluaudi, Notosacantha ambrica, Notosacantha andaica, Notosacantha andrewesi, Notosacantha appropinquans, Notosacantha arisana, Notosacantha armigera, Notosacantha aurora, Notosacantha badia, Notosacantha bakeri, Notosacantha balyi, Notosacantha banaszkiewiczae, Notosacantha basilana, Notosacantha bathyscioides, Notosacantha bellula, Notosacantha benguetina, Notosacantha bezdeki, Notosacantha biaculeata, Notosacantha bicuspidata, Notosacantha bifenestrella, Notosacantha bioculata, Notosacantha bipunctata, Notosacantha birmanica, Notosacantha biroi, Notosacantha bispinosa, Notosacantha blanda, Notosacantha bohemani, Notosacantha braueri, Notosacantha brevicollis, Notosacantha brookei, Notosacantha bryanti, Notosacantha buergersi, Notosacantha bugnioni, Notosacantha butuana, Notosacantha calligera, Notosacantha capitata, Notosacantha capra, Notosacantha castanea, Notosacantha cavillata, Notosacantha centinodia, Notosacantha chandrapurensis, Notosacantha cherrapunjiensis, Notosacantha cincta, Notosacantha circumdata, Notosacantha circumminiata, Notosacantha clavareaui, Notosacantha clura, Notosacantha collarti, Notosacantha corneola, Notosacantha corporaali, Notosacantha corpulenta, Notosacantha cowani, Notosacantha csikii, Notosacantha cuneata, Notosacantha curta, Notosacantha dammaropsi, Notosacantha dapitana, Notosacantha darjeelingensis, Notosacantha decorsei, Notosacantha delicatula, Notosacantha delutata, Notosacantha dembickyi, Notosacantha demutata, Notosacantha diabolica, Notosacantha dohertyi, Notosacantha dohrni, Notosacantha dolens, Notosacantha donckieri, Notosacantha dorsalis, Notosacantha duvivieri, Notosacantha echinata, Notosacantha elisabethae, Notosacantha erythrocata, Notosacantha excelsa, Notosacantha fabricii, Notosacantha fairmairei, Notosacantha famelica, Notosacantha fenestralis, Notosacantha filiola, Notosacantha flavicornis, Notosacantha formosa, Notosacantha fumida, Notosacantha gahani, Notosacantha gemmata, Notosacantha gestroi, Notosacantha ginpinensis, Notosacantha goudoti, Notosacantha granulosa, Notosacantha guerini, Notosacantha gutticollis, Notosacantha halmaherana, Notosacantha hebe, Notosacantha hedysma, Notosacantha hispoides, Notosacantha holubi, Notosacantha horni, Notosacantha horrida, Notosacantha horrifica, Notosacantha hova, Notosacantha hystrix, Notosacantha ihai, Notosacantha impicta, Notosacantha inclinata, Notosacantha incomta, Notosacantha indicola, Notosacantha jacobsoni, Notosacantha jammuensis, Notosacantha junodi, Notosacantha kantneri, Notosacantha kenyana, Notosacantha kinabaluensis, Notosacantha klugi, Notosacantha kohlschuetteri, Notosacantha kolbei, Notosacantha komiyai, Notosacantha lateralis, Notosacantha lateritia, Notosacantha laticollis, Notosacantha lenta, Notosacantha leonina, Notosacantha leplaei, Notosacantha lesnei, Notosacantha lila, Notosacantha livingstonei, Notosacantha longicornis, Notosacantha loochooana, Notosacantha luctuosa, Notosacantha lumbwa, Notosacantha luteocincta, Notosacantha maculipennis, Notosacantha maduraensis, Notosacantha maeander, Notosacantha makondica, Notosacantha malaisei, Notosacantha malaysiana, Notosacantha marginata, Notosacantha marshalli, Notosacantha mashonensis, Notosacantha matsuzawai, Notosacantha mentawaiensis, Notosacantha methneri, Notosacantha minutissima, Notosacantha mocquerisi, Notosacantha moderata, Notosacantha modesta, Notosacantha molucana, Notosacantha monilicornis, Notosacantha monstrosa, Notosacantha moultoni, Notosacantha multicostata, Notosacantha multimaculata, Notosacantha myanmarensis, Notosacantha mystica, Notosacantha nathani, Notosacantha negrosia, Notosacantha nervosa, Notosacantha nickerli, Notosacantha nigra, Notosacantha nigriclavis, Notosacantha nigritula, Notosacantha nigrocostata, Notosacantha nigrodorsata, Notosacantha nigropicea, Notosacantha nishiyamai, Notosacantha oblongopunctata, Notosacantha obscura, Notosacantha occidentalis, Notosacantha ochracea, Notosacantha ochroleuca, Notosacantha octomaculata, Notosacantha odiosa, Notosacantha olivacea, Notosacantha pakistanica, Notosacantha pallens, Notosacantha pallescens, Notosacantha paradoxa, Notosacantha parallela, Notosacantha parvula, Notosacantha pauli, Notosacantha pauliani, Notosacantha pavida, Notosacantha permira, Notosacantha perrieri, Notosacantha persimplex, Notosacantha picipennis, Notosacantha plicata, Notosacantha pochoni, Notosacantha prominens, Notosacantha pulchella, Notosacantha pulchra, Notosacantha quadra, Notosacantha quadricolorata, Notosacantha quadricornis, Notosacantha quadrimaculata, Notosacantha quadrisignata, Notosacantha quadrituberculata, Notosacantha quinquecarinata, Notosacantha reinecki, Notosacantha riedeli, Notosacantha roseola, Notosacantha rubripennis, Notosacantha rubromarginata, Notosacantha rufa, Notosacantha rufescens, Notosacantha ruficornis, Notosacantha rufopicea, Notosacantha sabahensis, Notosacantha sandakanensis, Notosacantha sarawaiensis, Notosacantha sauteri, Notosacantha schoutedeni, Notosacantha schultzei, Notosacantha semiviridis, Notosacantha serricosta, Notosacantha severini, Notosacantha sexnotata, Notosacantha shibatai, Notosacantha shishona, Notosacantha siamensis, Notosacantha sibuyana, Notosacantha sikorae, Notosacantha singaporica, Notosacantha sinica, Notosacantha socia, Notosacantha spaethi, Notosacantha spiculata, Notosacantha striolata, Notosacantha subparallela, Notosacantha sulawesica, Notosacantha sumatrana, Notosacantha sumbawaensis, Notosacantha surigaoensis, Notosacantha taeniata, Notosacantha templetoni, Notosacantha tenella, Notosacantha tenuicula, Notosacantha tenuispina, Notosacantha tessmanni, Notosacantha testaceotincta, Notosacantha thiemei, Notosacantha tincta, Notosacantha torrida, Notosacantha tristis, Notosacantha undulata, Notosacantha vacca, Notosacantha vandepolli, Notosacantha varicosa, Notosacantha venus, Notosacantha vicaria, Notosacantha vilis, Notosacantha virididorsata, Notosacantha viridinotata, Notosacantha viridipennis, Notosacantha viridipicta, Notosacantha viriditincta, Notosacantha vittata, Notosacantha vogeli, Notosacantha warchalowskii, Notosacantha weyersi


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