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Tribe Gonophorini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Chrysomelidae subfamily Cassidinae → tribe Gonophorini Chapuis, 1875

Daughter taxa

Genera: 10 (0 illustrated). Species.

Agonita Strand 1942 [genus]

Agonita amoena, Agonita andrewesi, Agonita andrewesimima, Agonita angulata, Agonita apicata, Agonita apicipennis, Agonita atripennis, Agonita attenuata, Agonita bakeri, Agonita bangalana, Agonita bicolor, Agonita brittoni, Agonita carbunculus, Agonita castanea, Agonita cherapunjiensis, Agonita chinensis, Agonita chlorina, Agonita clavareaui, Agonita coomani, Agonita cribricollis, Agonita dangali, Agonita darjeelingensis, Agonita decemmaculata, Agonita decorata, Agonita discrepans, Agonita drescheri, Agonita dulitana, Agonita fallax, Agonita femoralis, Agonita fossulata, Agonita foveicollis, Agonita fuscipes, Agonita himalayensis, Agonita immaculata, Agonita incerta, Agonita indenticulata, Agonita insignis, Agonita insularis, Agonita interrupta, Agonita jacobsoni, Agonita javanica, Agonita kerintjica, Agonita klapperichi, Agonita kunminensis, Agonita kuntzeni, Agonita laeta, Agonita laevicollis, Agonita laticeps, Agonita limbata, Agonita lineaticollis, Agonita lohita, Agonita lucida, Agonita luzonica, Agonita macrophthalma, Agonita maculigera, Agonita malangensis, Agonita mauliki, Agonita metasternalis, Agonita methneri, Agonita mira, Agonita modiglianii, Agonita nana, Agonita nanpinensis, Agonita nepalica, Agonita nigra, Agonita nigriceps, Agonita nigricornis, Agonita nigrovittata, Agonita nilava, Agonita nitida, Agonita omeia, Agonita omoro, Agonita pallidipennis, Agonita pallipes, Agonita parallela, Agonita parvula, Agonita picea, Agonita pictipes, Agonita pilipes, Agonita pitava, Agonita purpurascens, Agonita quadripunctata, Agonita regularis, Agonita ruficollis, Agonita saundersi, Agonita sculpturata, Agonita semibrunnea, Agonita semicyanea, Agonita seminigra, Agonita shailaja, Agonita shelfordi, Agonita spaethi, Agonita spathoglottis, Agonita suturella, Agonita suturellamima, Agonita tabangae, Agonita tavoya, Agonita tayabasensis, Agonita testaceicornis, Agonita thailandica, Agonita tricolor, Agonita tricostata, Agonita tristicula, Agonita tristis, Agonita umtalica, Agonita undata, Agonita unicolor, Agonita variegata, Agonita vicina, Agonita wallacei, Agonita weberi, Agonita xanthosticta


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