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Danaus chrysippus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Самка  (Danaus chrysippus)


class Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Nymphalidae subfamily Danainae genus Danaus subgenus Anosia → species Danaus chrysippus

Species name(s)

Danaus (Anosia) chrysippus (Linnaeus, 1758) = Danais chrysippus = Papilio chrysippus Linnaeus, 1758 = Papilio asclepiadis Gagliardi, 1811 = Limnas bowringi Moore, 1883 = Danais clarippus Weymer, 1884 = Limnas klugii Butler, [1886] = Salatura chrysippus kanariensis Fruhstorfer, 1899 = Danais chrysippus rubra van Eecke, 1915 = Danais chrysippus fuscippus van Eecke, 1915 = praealbata (Froreich, 1928) = liboria (Hulstaert, 1931) = joannisi Dufrane, 1948 = ornata Dufrane, 1948 = luxurians Dufrane, 1948 = hanoiensis Dufrane, 1948 = subreducta Dufrane, 1948 = radiata Dufrane, 1948 = impunctata Dufrane, 1948 = duponti Dufrane, 1948 = duplicata Dufrane, 1948 = deficiens Dufrane, 1948 = completa Dufrane, 1948 = bipunctata Dufrane, 1948 = anomala Dufrane, 1948 = evanescens Storace, 1949 = lemeemagdalenae (Lemée, 1950) = witteellus Overlaet, 1955 = hypermnestra Stoneham, 1958 = Limnas chrysippus = Danaida chrysippus bataviana = Danaus (Anosia) chrysippus = Euploea asclepiadis Fabricius = Limnas klugii Butler, 1886 = Danais lemeemagdalenae Lemée, 1950 = Papilio petilia Stoll.

Plain Tiger


Zoogeographical regions

Palaearctic, Ethiopic, Indo-Malayan, Australian.


75—90 mm.

Primary colors

Orange, Brown/Gray/Black, White.

Flight time

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Самец  (Danaus chrysippus)

Detailed information with references

Synonyms and combinations

  • Danais chrysippus. [85]. Peter Khramov.

Habitus and Differences from alike species

  • Wingspan 75 - 90 mm Personal communication. Sergei Kotov.
  • Общая окраска и передних, и задних крыльев, и верха, и испода — оранжевая. Край крыльев черный, вершины передних крыльев — тоже, причем последние еще и с белыми пятнами. [85]. Peter Khramov.


  • Albania, Greece, Spain, Italy, Crete, Malta, Sardinia, Sicily. [1]. Peter Khramov.
  • Greece (mainland), Dodecanese Islands, Spain (mainland), Italy (mainland), the Canary Islands, Cyprus, Corsica, Crete, Malta, Sardinia, North Aegean Islands, Sicily, Ukraine, France (mainland). [10]. Peter Khramov.
  • Africa, India, Malaysia, Japan, Australia. [125]. Vasiliy Feoktistov.
  • Vietnam. Personal communication. Fedor Ovechkin.
  • Ареал — Европа: Греция, юг Италии. Африка, Австралия, теплые страны Азии. [85]. Peter Khramov.


  • May - October Personal communication. Sergei Kotov.

Larva food plants

  • Asclepias curassavica, Calotropis procera, Cynanchum acutum. [28]. Peter Khramov.
  • Ластовня (ваточник). [85]. Peter Khramov.

Additional info about Larva

  • Гусеницы Danaus chrysippus светло-серые с желтым, несут черные перевязи на каждом из сегментов. [85]. Peter Khramov.

Subspecies Danaus chrysippus


Initial species uploading to the site: Peter Khramov.

Photos: Mario Maier, Israel Sade.

Text data: Peter Khramov, Vasiliy Feoktistov, Sergei Kotov, Fedor Ovechkin.

Main characteristics formalization: Peter Khramov, Sergei Kotov.

Color characteristics formalization: Peter Khramov.



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30.01.2014 12:16, Sergei Kotov Corrected data.

Wingspan: No formalized data → 75—90 mm. Flight time: June, July → May, June, July, August, September, October.

14.11.2013 13:12, Peter Khramov

Dmitry, over the Ukraine - as always, the sources needed in the "add information on the form" it all. And we will continue to formalize or not. Now the data are taken from the Ukraine Fauna Europea. With regard to Russia - it is likely to come from Lampert infa now take away.

14.11.2013 1:08, Dmitry Borisyuk

I want to clarify about the spread.
1. In Ukraine, this species is found, as far as I know, only two (2) times in the Crimea. Obvious zalet. Whether it is necessary in this case to indicate that the species is distributed in the Ukraine? I think not. Well, or at least put a star.
2.In the "old description": Is Russia has a "Trans-Caspian region to the Aral Sea"? Perhaps originally it was about the Soviet Union, then we must correct.

16.06.2009 15:12, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Poisonous Danaus chrysippus is an example of imitation in form and color edible female for a completely different kind: Hypolimnas missipus.

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