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Genus Cnesinus

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Curculionoidea family Curculionidae subfamily Scolytinae → genus Cnesinus LeConte, 1868

Daughter taxa

Cnesinus acuminatus Schedl, 1978c [species]

Cnesinus adusticus Wood, 1967b [species]

Cnesinus adustus Schedl, 1948f [species]

Cnesinus advena Schedl, 1973d [species]

Cnesinus alienus Wood, 1974a [species]

Cnesinus ampliatus Schedl, 1938i [species]

Cnesinus amplipennis Schedl, 1963d [species]

Cnesinus annectens Wood, 1967b [species]

Cnesinus atavus Wood, 1968a [species]

Cnesinus ater Schedl, 1952d [species]

Cnesinus atrocis Wood, 1982a [species]

Cnesinus atrodeclivis Wood, 1968a [species]

Cnesinus beaveri Wood, 1974a [species]

Cnesinus bicinctus Schedl, 1954b [species]

Cnesinus bicolor Eggers, 1943a [species]

Cnesinus bicornus Wood, 1967b [species]

Cnesinus bicostatus Schedl, 1936i [species]

Cnesinus bispinatus Schedl, 1976a [species]

Cnesinus bisulcatus Schedl, 1948f [species]

Cnesinus bituberculatus Schedl, 1966f [species]

Cnesinus blackmani Schedl, 1948f [species]

Cnesinus brighti Wood, 1974a [species]

Cnesinus carbonarius Schedl, 1952d [species]

Cnesinus carinatus Wood, 1967b [species]

Cnesinus coffeae Schedl, 1939n [species]

Cnesinus cognatus Blackman, 1943a [species]

Cnesinus colombianus Wood, 1967b [species]

Cnesinus coracinus Wood, 1974a [species]

Cnesinus cornutus Wood, 1983a [species]

Cnesinus costulatus Blandford, 1896e [species]

Cnesinus cubensis Blackman, 1943c [species]

Cnesinus degener Wood, 1968a [species]

Cnesinus denotatus Wood, 1968a [species]

Cnesinus deperditus Wood, 1974a [species]

Cnesinus discretus Wood, 1985 [species]

Cnesinus dividuus Schedl, 1938i [species]

Cnesinus dryographus Schedl, 1951m [species]

Cnesinus electinus Wood, 1967b [species]

Cnesinus electus Wood, 1975a [species]

Cnesinus elegans Blandford, 1896e [species]

Cnesinus elegantis Wood, 1967b [species]

Cnesinus equihuai Wood, 1982a [species]

Cnesinus flavopilosus Schedl, 1940a [species]

Cnesinus foratus Wood, 1967b [species]

Cnesinus foveatus Blackman, 1943c [species]

Cnesinus frontalis Wood, 1968a [species]

Cnesinus fulgens Wood, 1974a [species]

Cnesinus fulgidus Wood, 1974a [species]

Cnesinus garrulus Schedl, 1940a [species]

Cnesinus gibbosus Wood, 1968a [species]

Cnesinus gibbulus Wood, 1968a [species]

Cnesinus gracilis Blandford, 1896e [species]

Cnesinus grandis Schedl, 1935f [species]

Cnesinus guadeloupensis Eggers, 1940a [species]

Cnesinus hispidus Eggers, 1943a [species]

Cnesinus insularis Eggers, 1940a [species]

Cnesinus intermedius Schedl, 1936i [species]

Cnesinus laetus Schedl, 1978c [species]

Cnesinus laevicollis Schedl, 1951m [species]

Cnesinus lecontei Blandford, 1896e [species]

Cnesinus longicollis Eggers, 1940a [species]

Cnesinus lucaris Wood, 1974a [species]

Cnesinus marginicollis Eggers, 1931a [species]

Cnesinus meris Wood, 1982a [species]

Cnesinus mexicanus Nunberg, 1956d [species]

Cnesinus minax Schedl, 1952d [species]

Cnesinus minitropis Wood, 1968a [species]

Cnesinus minor Wood, 1985 [species]

Cnesinus minusculus Schedl, 1952d [species]

Cnesinus myelitis Wood, 1967b [species]

Cnesinus nebulosus Wood, 1983a [species]

Cnesinus niger Wood, 1967b [species]

Cnesinus nitidus Eggers, 1943a [species]

Cnesinus noguerae Atkinson, 1989 [species]

Cnesinus novateutonicus Schedl, 1951m [species]

Cnesinus ocularis Blandford, 1896e [species]

Cnesinus paleatus Blandford, 1896e [species]

Cnesinus panamensis Blackman, 1943a [species]

Cnesinus paraguayensis Schedl, 1936i [species]

Cnesinus parvicornis Wood, 1983a [species]

Cnesinus perplexus Wood, 1968b [species]

Cnesinus pilatus Wood, 1975a [species]

Cnesinus pilosus Eggers, 1943a [species]

Cnesinus plaumanni Schedl, 1963d [species]

Cnesinus porcatus Blandford, 1896e [species]

Cnesinus prominulus Wood, 1977b [species]

Cnesinus pullus Blandford, 1896e [species]

Cnesinus pumilus Eggers, 1931b [species]

Cnesinus punctatus Blandford, 1896e [species]

Cnesinus pusillus Schedl, 1948f [species]

Cnesinus quaesitus Schedl, 1940a [species]

Cnesinus reticulatus Eggers, 1933b [species]

Cnesinus reticulus Wood, 1974a [species]

Cnesinus retifer Wood, 1967b [species]

Cnesinus robai Blackman, 1943c [species]

Cnesinus schoenherri Schedl, 1976a [species]

Cnesinus setosus Eggers, 1943a [species]

Cnesinus setulosus Blandford, 1896e [species]

Cnesinus similis Blackman, 1943c [species]

Cnesinus squamosus Wood, 1968a [species]

Cnesinus strigicollis LeConte, 1868 [species]

Cnesinus substrigatus Blackman, 1943c [species]

Cnesinus sulcatus Eggers, 1931b [species]

Cnesinus teres Blandford, 1896e [species]

Cnesinus teretis Wood, 1974a [species]

Cnesinus theocallus Bright, 1972b [species]

Cnesinus transitus Schedl, 1976a [species]

Cnesinus triangularis Wood, 1974a [species]

Cnesinus vestitus Eggers, 1933b [species]

Cnesinus vexator Schedl, 1963d [species]

Cnesinus zapotecus Bright, 1972b [species]


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