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Family Bittacidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Mecoptera → family Bittacidae

Daughter taxa

Genera: 19 (0 illustrated). Species.

Anabittacus Kimmins 1929 [genus]

Anabittacus iridipennis

Apterobittacus MacLachlan, 1893 [genus]

Apterobittacus apterus

Bittacus Latreille, 1805 [genus]

Bittacus aequalis, Bittacus africanus, Bittacus alexanderi, Bittacus alluaudi, Bittacus andinus, Bittacus angrensis, Bittacus annae, Bittacus aripuanaensis, Bittacus armatus, Bittacus banksi, Bittacus berlandi, Bittacus bicornis, Bittacus bifurcatus, Bittacus blancheti, Bittacus boraceiensis, Bittacus boranicus, Bittacus brasiliensis, Bittacus brunipennis, Bittacus brunneus, Bittacus bullatus, Bittacus burgeoni, Bittacus byersi, Bittacus capensis, Bittacus caprai, Bittacus carpenteri, Bittacus chevalieri, Bittacus chilensis, Bittacus chlorostigma, Bittacus choui, Bittacus chujoi, Bittacus cirratus, Bittacus contumax, Bittacus coreanus, Bittacus cottrelli, Bittacus discors, Bittacus disternum, Bittacus diversinervis, Bittacus elisabethae, Bittacus eremus, Bittacus erythrostigma, Bittacus femoralis, Bittacus flavescens, Bittacus flavidus, Bittacus formosanus, Bittacus fritzi, Bittacus froehlichi, Bittacus fumosus, Bittacus geniculatus, Bittacus goldbachi, Bittacus gressitti, Bittacus hageni, Bittacus hainanicus, Bittacus hansoni, Bittacus henryi, Bittacus homburgerae, Bittacus imatongensis, Bittacus indicus, Bittacus insularis, Bittacus issikii, Bittacus italicus, Bittacus kagoshimaensis, Bittacus kimminsi, Bittacus kunenensis, Bittacus lachlani, Bittacus laevipes, Bittacus latipennis, Bittacus latreillei, Bittacus leptocaudus, Bittacus leptocercus, Bittacus lii, Bittacus lineatus, Bittacus livingstonei, Bittacus maculatus, Bittacus maculosus, Bittacus malaisei, Bittacus marginatus, Bittacus mastrillii, Bittacus mexicanus, Bittacus milleri, Bittacus monastyrskiyi, Bittacus montanus, Bittacus moschinus, Bittacus nebulosus, Bittacus nipponicus, Bittacus nodosus, Bittacus obscurus, Bittacus occidentis, Bittacus omega, Bittacus oreinus, Bittacus panamensis, Bittacus parkeri, Bittacus peninsularis, Bittacus peringueyi, Bittacus peterseni, Bittacus pieli, Bittacus pignatellii, Bittacus pilicornis, Bittacus pinguipalpi, Bittacus pintoi, Bittacus planus, Bittacus pobeguini, Bittacus punctiger, Bittacus puripennatus, Bittacus rossi, Bittacus saigusai, Bittacus schoutedeni, Bittacus selysi, Bittacus sinensis, Bittacus sinicus, Bittacus sjostedti, Bittacus smithersi, Bittacus sobrinus, Bittacus sonani, Bittacus spatulatus, Bittacus stanleyi, Bittacus stigmaterus, Bittacus striatus, Bittacus strigatus, Bittacus strigosus, Bittacus sylvaticus, Bittacus takaoensis, Bittacus taraiensis, Bittacus tarsalis, Bittacus testaceus, Bittacus texanus, Bittacus tienmushana, Bittacus tjederi, Bittacus trapezoideus, Bittacus triangularis, Bittacus tuxeni, Bittacus ussuriensis, Bittacus vexilliferus, Bittacus vumbanus, Bittacus wahlbergi, Bittacus walkeri, Bittacus weelei, Bittacus whartoni, Bittacus willmanni, Bittacus wui, Bittacus zambezinus, Bittacus zelichi, Bittacus zhejiangensis, Bittacus zulu

Hylobittacus Byers 1979 [genus]

Hylobittacus apicalis

Orobittacus Villegas and Byers, 1982 [genus]

Orobittacus obscurus

Symbittacus Byers, 1986 [genus]

Symbittacus scitulus


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