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Family Lacturidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Zygaenoidea → family Lacturidae

Daughter taxa

Genera: 3 (0 illustrated). Species.

Lactura [genus]

Lactura acrantha, Lactura aglaodora, Lactura albofimbriata, Lactura anaemoptila, Lactura anthina, Lactura apoplectica, Lactura atrolinea, Lactura aureocuprea, Lactura aurosa, Lactura autocosma, Lactura bancrofti, Lactura basistriga, Lactura bisecta, Lactura britomartis, Lactura calliphylla, Lactura callipyra, Lactura callopisma, Lactura caminaea, Lactura captatrix, Lactura citrina, Lactura clitodes, Lactura coacervata, Lactura coleoxantha, Lactura coronopis, Lactura cristata, Lactura dichroa, Lactura dives, Lactura eclipticopa, Lactura egregiella, Lactura empedarthra, Lactura erythractis, Lactura erythrodendron, Lactura erythrodesma, Lactura eurycrates, Lactura eurylyca, Lactura eurypercna, Lactura euthoracica, Lactura floricoma, Lactura haplochroa, Lactura heliantha, Lactura infevescens, Lactura insecutrix, Lactura irrorata, Lactura laeta, Lactura laetifera, Lactura lateralis, Lactura leucophthalma, Lactura mactata, Lactura magocosma, Lactura marsyas, Lactura ophioglossa, Lactura ophiucha, Lactura oroglypta, Lactura panopsia, Lactura parallela, Lactura persicopa, Lactura phlogopa, Lactura phoenobapta, Lactura pilcheri, Lactura platyorma, Lactura plectica, Lactura psammitis, Lactura pseudophile, Lactura pteropoecila, Lactura pyrilampis, Lactura pyronympha, Lactura quadrifrenis, Lactura rhodocentra, Lactura rhodographa, Lactura rhodomochla, Lactura rubriflora, Lactura rubritexta, Lactura rutila, Lactura sanguiflua, Lactura schausia, Lactura schenoxantha, Lactura spatula, Lactura subfervens, Lactura suffusa


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