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Tribe Culicini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Nematocera infraorder Culicomorpha superfamily Culicoidea family Culicidae subfamily Culicinae → tribe Culicini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 10 (3 illustrated). Subgenera: 13 (0 illustrated). Species.

Aedes Meigen, 1818 [genus]

Aedes, Aedimorphus, Fredwardsius, Stegomyia,
Aedes abnormalis, Aedes aboriginis, Aedes abserratus, Aedes aculeatus, Aedes adami, Aedes adenensis, Aedes adersi, Aedes aegypti, Aedes aenigmaticus, Aedes aerarius, Aedes africanus, Aedes agastyai, Aedes agrihanensis, Aedes aitkeni, Aedes akkeshiensis, Aedes albescens, Aedes albicosta, Aedes albifasciatus, Aedes albilabris, Aedes albineus, Aedes albiradius, Aedes alboannulatus, Aedes alboapicus, Aedes albocephalus, Aedes albocinctus, Aedes albodorsalis, Aedes albolateralis, Aedes albolineatus, Aedes albomarginatus, Aedes alboniveus, Aedes albonotatus, Aedes albopictus, Aedes alboscutellatus, Aedes albotaeniatus, Aedes albothorax, Aedes alboventralis, Aedes alcasidi, Aedes alektorovi, Aedes alexandrei, Aedes alius, Aedes allotecnon, Aedes alocasicola, Aedes alongi, Aedes aloponotum, Aedes alorensis, Aedes alternans, Aedes alticola, Aedes amabilis, Aedes amaltheus, Aedes amamiensis, Aedes ambreensis, Aedes amesii, Aedes ananae, Aedes andersoni, Aedes andrewsi, Aedes anggiensis, Aedes angolae, Aedes angustivittatus, Aedes angustus, Aedes annandalei, Aedes annulipes, Aedes annulirostris, Aedes antipodeus, Aedes aobae, Aedes apicoannulatus, Aedes apicoargenteus, Aedes arabiensis, Aedes arborealis, Aedes arboricola, Aedes argenteitarsis, Aedes argenteopunctatus, Aedes argenteoscutellatus, Aedes argenteoventralis, Aedes argyrites, Aedes argyronotum, Aedes argyrothorax, Aedes ashworthi, Aedes asiaticus, Aedes assamensis, Aedes atactavittatus, Aedes atlanticus, Aedes atropalpus, Aedes aurantius, Aedes auratus, Aedes aureolineatus, Aedes aureostriatus, Aedes aureus, Aedes auridorsum, Aedes aurifer, Aedes aurimargo, Aedes aurites, Aedes aurivittatus, Aedes auronitens, Aedes aurotaeniatus, Aedes aurovenatus, Aedes australiensis, Aedes australis, Aedes avistylus, Aedes axitiosus, Aedes bahamensis, Aedes baisasi, Aedes bambiotai, Aedes bambusae, Aedes bambusicola, Aedes bananea, Aedes bancoi, Aedes bancroftianus, Aedes banksi, Aedes barnardi, Aedes barraudi, Aedes becki, Aedes bedfordi, Aedes behningi, Aedes bejaranoi, Aedes bekkui, Aedes belleci, Aedes bequaerti, Aedes bergerardi, Aedes berlandi, Aedes berlini, Aedes bertrami, Aedes bevisi, Aedes bicristatus, Aedes bieristatus, Aedes bimaculatus, Aedes biocellatus, Aedes biskraensis, Aedes blacklocki, Aedes bogotanus, Aedes boharti, Aedes bolensis, Aedes boneti, Aedes bonneae, Aedes bougainvillensis, Aedes braziliensis, Aedes breedensis, Aedes brelandi, Aedes brevis, Aedes brevitibia, Aedes brevivittatus, Aedes britteni, Aedes bromeliae, Aedes brownscutumus, Aedes brunhesi, Aedes brygooi, Aedes buenaventura, Aedes burgeri, Aedes burjaticus, Aedes burnetti, Aedes burnsi, Aedes burpengaryensis, Aedes busckii, Aedes buxtoni, Aedes bwamba, Aedes caballus, Aedes cacharanus, Aedes cacozelus, Aedes caecus, Aedes calabyi, Aedes calcariae, Aedes calceatus, Aedes caliginosus, Aedes calumnior, Aedes campana, Aedes campestris, Aedes camptorhynchus, Aedes canadensis, Aedes cancricomes, Aedes candidoscutellum, Aedes cantans, Aedes cantator, Aedes capensis, Aedes carteri, Aedes cartroni, Aedes casali, Aedes caspius, Aedes cataphylla, Aedes cavaticus, Aedes celebicus, Aedes centropunctatus, Aedes chamboni, Aedes chathamicus, Aedes chaussieri, Aedes chelli, Aedes chemulpoensis, Aedes chionodes, Aedes chionotum, Aedes christophersi, Aedes chrysogaster, Aedes chrysolineatus, Aedes chrysoscuta, Aedes chungi, Aedes churchillensis, Aedes cinereus, Aedes circumluteolus, Aedes clelandi, Aedes clintoni, Aedes clivis, Aedes cogilli, Aedes collessi, Aedes coluzzii, Aedes comitatus, Aedes communis, Aedes condolescens, Aedes contiguus, Aedes continentalis, Aedes cooki, Aedes cordellieri, Aedes corneti, Aedes coulangesi, Aedes cozi, Aedes cozumelensis, Aedes craggi, Aedes crassiforceps, Aedes cretinus, Aedes crinifer, Aedes croceus, Aedes crossi, Aedes culiciformis, Aedes culicinus, Aedes cumminsii, Aedes cunabulanus, Aedes curtipes, Aedes cyprioides, Aedes cyprius, Aedes daggyi, Aedes dahuricus, Aedes daisetsuzanus, Aedes daitensis, Aedes daliensis, Aedes dalzieli, Aedes daryi, Aedes dasyorrhus, Aedes davidi, Aedes deboeri, Aedes deccanus, Aedes decticus, Aedes deficiens, Aedes demeilloni, Aedes denderensis, Aedes dendrophilus, Aedes dentatus, Aedes derooki, Aedes deserticola, Aedes desmotes, Aedes detritus, Aedes dialloi, Aedes diantaeus, Aedes diazi, Aedes dissimilierodes, Aedes dissimilis, Aedes dmitryi, Aedes dobodurus, Aedes dobrotworskyi, Aedes domesticus, Aedes doonii, Aedes dorsalis, Aedes dorseyi, Aedes downsi, Aedes dufouri, Aedes duplex, Aedes dupreei, Aedes durbanensis, Aedes dybasi, Aedes dzeta, Aedes ealaensis, Aedes eatoni, Aedes ebogoensis, Aedes echinus, Aedes ecuadoriensis, Aedes edgari, Aedes edwardsi, Aedes eidsvoldensis, Aedes elchoensis, Aedes eldridgei, Aedes eleanorae, Aedes ellinorae, Aedes elsiae, Aedes embuensis, Aedes eritreae, Aedes esoensis, Aedes ethiopiensis, Aedes eucephalaeus, Aedes euedes, Aedes euiris, Aedes euplocamus, Aedes excrucians, Aedes explorator, Aedes falabreguesi, Aedes fascipalpis, Aedes feegradei, Aedes fengi, Aedes ferinus, Aedes fijiensis, Aedes filicis, Aedes fimbripes, Aedes fitchii, Aedes flavescens, Aedes flavicollis, Aedes flavifrons, Aedes flavimargo, Aedes flavipennis, Aedes flavopictus, Aedes fluviatilis, Aedes fontenillei, Aedes formosensis, Aedes formosus, Aedes fowleri, Aedes franciscoi, Aedes franclemonti, Aedes fraseri, Aedes freycinetiae, Aedes fryeri, Aedes fulgens, Aedes fulvithorax, Aedes fulvus, Aedes fumidus, Aedes furcifer, Aedes fuscinervis, Aedes fuscipalpis, Aedes fuscitarsis, Aedes futunae, Aedes gabriel, Aedes gaffigani, Aedes gahnicola, Aedes galindoi, Aedes galloisi, Aedes galloisiodes, Aedes galloisioides, Aedes ganapathi, Aedes gandaensis, Aedes gandarai, Aedes gani, Aedes gardnerii, Aedes geminus, Aedes geniculatus, Aedes geoffroyi, Aedes geoskusea, Aedes gibbinsi, Aedes gilcolladoi, Aedes gilli, Aedes gilliesi, Aedes gombakensis, Aedes gonguoensis, Aedes gouldi, Aedes grabhami, Aedes gracilelineatus, Aedes grahamii, Aedes grantii, Aedes grassei, Aedes greenii, Aedes grenieri, Aedes gressitti, Aedes grjebinei, Aedes grossbecki, Aedes guamensis, Aedes guatemala, Aedes gubernatoris, Aedes guerrero, Aedes gurneri, Aedes gurneyi, Aedes gutzevichi, Aedes gyirongensis, Aedes hakanssoni, Aedes hakusanensis, Aedes hancocki, Aedes hansfordi, Aedes harbachi, Aedes harinasutai, Aedes harperi, Aedes harrisoni, Aedes harveyi, Aedes hastatus, Aedes hatorii, Aedes haworthi, Aedes hebrideus, Aedes heischi, Aedes helenae, Aedes hemiteleus, Aedes hendersoni, Aedes hensilli, Aedes hesperonotius, Aedes heteropus, Aedes hexodontus, Aedes hirsutus, Aedes hodgkini, Aedes hogsbackensis, Aedes hoguei, Aedes hokkaidensis, Aedes hollandius, Aedes hollingsheadi, Aedes holocinctus, Aedes homoeopus, Aedes hoogstraali, Aedes hopkinsi, Aedes horotoi, Aedes horrescens, Aedes hortator, Aedes huangae, Aedes hui, Aedes humeralis, Aedes hungaricus, Aedes hurlbuti, Aedes ibis, Aedes idahoensis, Aedes idanus, Aedes idjenensis, Aedes imitator, Aedes impatibilis, Aedes imperfectus, Aedes impiger, Aedes implicatus, Aedes impostor, Aedes imprimens, Aedes inaequalis, Aedes incomptus, Aedes increpitus, Aedes indonesiae, Aedes indosinensis, Aedes inermis, Aedes inexpectatus, Aedes infirmatus, Aedes ingrami, Aedes inquinatus, Aedes insolens, Aedes insolitus, Aedes intermedius, Aedes interruptus, Aedes intrudens, Aedes ioliota, Aedes irritans, Aedes iwi, Aedes iyengari, Aedes jacobinae, Aedes jamesi, Aedes jamoti, Aedes japonicus, Aedes jorgi, Aedes josephinae, Aedes josiahae, Aedes jugraensis, Aedes juppi, Aedes kabaenensis, Aedes kabwachensis, Aedes kanarensis, Aedes kapretwae, Aedes karooensis, Aedes karwari, Aedes kasachstanicus, Aedes katherinensis, Aedes keefei, Aedes keniensis, Aedes kennethi, Aedes kenyae, Aedes kesseli, Aedes khazani, Aedes kiangsiensis, Aedes kivuensis, Aedes kleini, Aedes knabi, Aedes knighti, Aedes kochi, Aedes kohkutensis, Aedes kolhapuriensis, Aedes kompi, Aedes koreicoides, Aedes koreicus, Aedes krombeini, Aedes krymmontanus, Aedes kumbae, Aedes kummi, Aedes lacteus, Aedes laffooni, Aedes laguna, Aedes lamberti, Aedes lamborni, Aedes lambrechti, Aedes lamelliferus, Aedes langata, Aedes laniger, Aedes laoagensis, Aedes lasaensis, Aedes lauriei, Aedes ledgeri, Aedes leei, Aedes leesoni, Aedes leonis, Aedes lepchanus, Aedes lepidonotus, Aedes lepidus, Aedes leptolabis, Aedes lerozeboomi, Aedes leucarthrius, Aedes leucomelas, Aedes leucomeres, Aedes lewelleni, Aedes lilii, Aedes lineatopennis, Aedes linesi, Aedes litoreus, Aedes littlechildi, Aedes litwakae, Aedes loi, Aedes lokojoensis, Aedes longifilamentus, Aedes longiforceps, Aedes longipalpis, Aedes longirostris, Aedes longiseta, Aedes lophoventralis, Aedes lorraineae, Aedes lottei, Aedes lowisii, Aedes lucianus, Aedes lunulatus, Aedes luridus, Aedes luteifemur, Aedes luteocephalus, Aedes luteolateralis, Aedes luteostriatus, Aedes luteus, Aedes luzonensis, Aedes macdougalli, Aedes macfarlanei, Aedes macintoshi, Aedes mackerrasi, Aedes macmillani, Aedes madagascarensis, Aedes maehleri, Aedes maffi, Aedes maffii, Aedes malayensis, Aedes malikuli, Aedes mallochi, Aedes mamoedjoensis, Aedes mansouri, Aedes mariae, Aedes marinkellei, Aedes marshallensis, Aedes marshallii, Aedes martineti, Aedes martinezi, Aedes mascarensis, Aedes masculinus, Aedes masoalensis, Aedes masseyi, Aedes mathesoni, Aedes mathioti, Aedes mattinglyi, Aedes mattinglyorum, Aedes maxgermaini, Aedes mcdonaldi, Aedes mcintoshi, Aedes medialis, Aedes mediolineatus, Aedes mediopunctatus, Aedes mediovittata, Aedes mediovittatus, Aedes medleri, Aedes mefouensis, Aedes meirai, Aedes melanimon, Aedes melanopterus, Aedes menoni, Aedes meprai, Aedes mercurator, Aedes meronephada, Aedes metallicus, Aedes metoecopus, Aedes michaelikati, Aedes mickevichae, Aedes micropterus, Aedes microstictus, Aedes mikrokopion, Aedes milleri, Aedes milsoni, Aedes minutus, Aedes mitchellae, Aedes mixtus, Aedes miyarai, Aedes mjoebergi, Aedes mohani, Aedes moloiensis, Aedes monetus, Aedes monocellatus, Aedes monotrichus, Aedes montanus, Aedes montchadskyi, Aedes monticola, Aedes moucheti, Aedes mpusiensis, Aedes mubiensis, Aedes mucidus, Aedes muelleri, Aedes multiplex, Aedes muroafeete, Aedes mutilus, Aedes mzooi, Aedes natalensis, Aedes nataliae, Aedes natronius, Aedes neoafricanus, Aedes neogalloisi, Aedes neogeorgianus, Aedes neopandani, Aedes nevadensis, Aedes ngong, Aedes nigerrimus, Aedes nigricephalus, Aedes nigrinus, Aedes nigripes, Aedes nigrithorax, Aedes nigrocanus, Aedes nigromaculis, Aedes nigropterum, Aedes nigrorhynchus, Aedes nigrostriatus, Aedes ningheensis, Aedes niphadopsis, Aedes nipponicus, Aedes nippononiveus, Aedes nishikawai, Aedes nivalis, Aedes niveoides, Aedes niveoscutum, Aedes niveus, Aedes njombiensis, Aedes nocturnus, Aedes normanensis, Aedes notoscriptus, Aedes novalbitarsis, Aedes novalbopictus, Aedes novoniveus, Aedes nubilus, Aedes nummatus, Aedes nyasae, Aedes nyounae, Aedes oakleyi, Aedes obturbator, Aedes occidentalis, Aedes oceanicus, Aedes ochraceus, Aedes okinawanus, Aedes oligopistus, Aedes omorii, Aedes opok, Aedes orbitae, Aedes oreophilus, Aedes osornoi, Aedes ostentatio, Aedes ovazzai, Aedes pachyurus, Aedes pagei, Aedes painei, Aedes palauensis, Aedes palawanicus, Aedes pallens, Aedes pallidostriatus, Aedes palmarum, Aedes palpalis, Aedes pampangensis, Aedes panchgangee, Aedes pandani, Aedes papago, Aedes papuensis, Aedes paradissimilis, Aedes patersoni, Aedes patriciae, Aedes paullusi, Aedes pecori, Aedes pectinatus, Aedes pecuniosus, Aedes peipingensis, Aedes pembaensis, Aedes penghuensis, Aedes pennai, Aedes perditus, Aedes periskelatus, Aedes perkinsi, Aedes pernotatus, Aedes perplexus, Aedes perryi, Aedes pertinax, Aedes perventor, Aedes pexus, Aedes phaecasiatus, Aedes phaeonotus, Aedes phillipi, Aedes phoeniciae, Aedes phyllolabis, Aedes pillaii, Aedes pingpaensis, Aedes pionips, Aedes pipersalatus, Aedes plagosus, Aedes platylepidus, Aedes plumiferus, Aedes podographicus, Aedes pogonurus, Aedes poicilius, Aedes pollinctor, Aedes polynesiensis, Aedes portonovoensis, Aedes portoricensis, Aedes postspiraculosus, Aedes poweri, Aedes procax, Aedes prominens, Aedes provocans, Aedes pseudalbolineatus, Aedes pseudalbopictus, Aedes pseudoafricanus, Aedes pseudodominicii, Aedes pseudonigeria, Aedes pseudoniveus, Aedes pseudonormanensis, Aedes pseudonummatus, Aedes pseudoscutellaris, Aedes pseudotaeniatus, Aedes pseudotarsalis, Aedes pubescens, Aedes pulchrithorax, Aedes pulchriventer, Aedes pulcritarsis, Aedes pullatus, Aedes pulverulentus, Aedes punctifemoris, Aedes punctipes, Aedes punctocostalis, Aedes punctodes, Aedes punctor, Aedes punctothoracis, Aedes purpuraceus, Aedes purpureifemur, Aedes purpureipes, Aedes purpureus, Aedes purpuriventris, Aedes quadricinctus, Aedes quadripunctis, Aedes quadrivittatus, Aedes quasiferinus, Aedes quasirubithorax, Aedes quasirusticus, Aedes quasiscutellaris, Aedes quasiunivittatus, Aedes quinquelineatus, Aedes ramachandrai, Aedes ramirezi, Aedes ratcliffei, Aedes raymondi, Aedes reali, Aedes refiki, Aedes reginae, Aedes reinerti, Aedes rempeli, Aedes reubenae, Aedes rhungkiangensis, Aedes rhyacophilus, Aedes rickenbachi, Aedes rimandoi, Aedes riparioides, Aedes riparius, Aedes riversi, Aedes rizali, Aedes roai, Aedes robinsoni, Aedes rossicus, Aedes rotanus, Aedes rotumae, Aedes rubiginosus, Aedes rubrithorax, Aedes rupestris, Aedes rusticus, Aedes ruwenzori, Aedes sagax, Aedes saimedres, Aedes saipanensis, Aedes samoanus, Aedes sampi, Aedes sandrae, Aedes sangitee, Aedes sangiti, Aedes saperoi, Aedes sapiens, Aedes sasai, Aedes savoryi, Aedes saxicola, Aedes scanloni, Aedes scapularis, Aedes scatophagoides, Aedes schicki, Aedes schizopinax, Aedes schlosseri, Aedes schroederi, Aedes schtakelbergi, Aedes schwetzi, Aedes scutellalbum, Aedes scutellaris, Aedes scutoscriptus, Aedes seampi, Aedes seatoi, Aedes sedaensis, Aedes segermanae, Aedes semlikiensis, Aedes senyavinensis, Aedes seoulensis, Aedes septemstriatus, Aedes sergievi, Aedes serratus, Aedes sexlineatus, Aedes seychellensis, Aedes shannoni, Aedes shehzadae, Aedes sherki, Aedes shintienensis, Aedes shortti, Aedes sibiricus, Aedes sierrensis, Aedes silvestris, Aedes simanini, Aedes simlensis, Aedes simplex, Aedes simpsoni, Aedes simulans, Aedes sinensis, Aedes sinkiangensis, Aedes sintoni, Aedes smithburni, Aedes soleatus, Aedes sollicitans, Aedes solomonis, Aedes sorsogonensis, Aedes spencerii, Aedes spilotus, Aedes spinosipes, Aedes spinosus, Aedes squamiger, Aedes stanleyi, Aedes stenei, Aedes stenoetrus, Aedes stenoscutus, Aedes stevensoni, Aedes sticticus, Aedes stigmaticus, Aedes stimulans, Aedes stokesi, Aedes stonei, Aedes stoneorum, Aedes stramineus, Aedes strelitziae, Aedes stricklandi, Aedes subalbirostris, Aedes subalbitarsis, Aedes subalbopictus, Aedes subargenteus, Aedes subauridorsum, Aedes subbasalis, Aedes subdentatus, Aedes subdiversus, Aedes subniveus, Aedes subtrichurus, Aedes sudanensis, Aedes suffusus, Aedes sumidero, Aedes surcoufi, Aedes sureilensis, Aedes sylvaticum, Aedes sylvaticus, Aedes synchytus, Aedes syntheticus, Aedes tabu, Aedes taeniarostris, Aedes taeniorhynchoides, Aedes taeniorhynchus, Aedes tahoensis, Aedes taiwanus, Aedes tarsalis, Aedes tauffliebi, Aedes taylori, Aedes teesdalei, Aedes tehuantepec, Aedes terrens, Aedes thailandensis, Aedes thelcter, Aedes theobaldi, Aedes thibaulti, Aedes thomsoni, Aedes thorntoni, Aedes thurmanae, Aedes timorensis, Aedes tiptoni, Aedes togoi, Aedes tongae, Aedes tonkinensis, Aedes tonkingi, Aedes tonsus, Aedes tormentor, Aedes tortilis, Aedes toxopeusi, Aedes tremulus, Aedes treubi, Aedes tricholabis, Aedes trichurus, Aedes trimaculatus, Aedes triseriatus, Aedes trivittatus, Aedes trukensis, Aedes tsiliensis, Aedes tubbutiensis, Aedes tulagiensis, Aedes tulliae, Aedes turneri, Aedes tutuilae, Aedes unicinctus, Aedes unilineatus, Aedes upatensis, Aedes upolensis, Aedes usambara, Aedes valeryi, Aedes vanemdeni, Aedes vansomerenae, Aedes vanus, Aedes vargasi, Aedes variepictus, Aedes varipalpus, Aedes varuae, Aedes veeniae, Aedes ventrovittis, Aedes versicolor, Aedes vexans, Aedes vicarius, Aedes vigilax, Aedes vinsoni, Aedes vittatus, Aedes vittiger, Aedes w-albus, Aedes wadai, Aedes walkeri, Aedes wallacei, Aedes wardangensis, Aedes wardi, Aedes washinoi, Aedes wasselli, Aedes watasei, Aedes watteni, Aedes wattensis, Aedes wauensis, Aedes wellmanii, Aedes wendyae, Aedes whartoni, Aedes whitmorei, Aedes wigglesworthi, Aedes wilkersoni, Aedes woodi, Aedes yaeyamensis, Aedes yamadai, Aedes yangambiensis, Aedes yunnanensis, Aedes yvonneae, Aedes zammitii, Aedes zavortinki, Aedes zethus, Aedes zoosophus

Coquillettidia Dyar, 1905 [genus]

Coquillettidia albicosta, Coquillettidia albifera, Coquillettidia annettii, Coquillettidia arribalzagae, Coquillettidia aurata, Coquillettidia aurea, Coquillettidia aureosquammata, Coquillettidia aurites, Coquillettidia buxtoni, Coquillettidia chrysonotum, Coquillettidia chrysosoma, Coquillettidia crassipes, Coquillettidia cristata, Coquillettidia fasciolata, Coquillettidia fijiensis, Coquillettidia flavocincta, Coquillettidia fraseri, Coquillettidia fuscopennata, Coquillettidia fuscopteron, Coquillettidia giblini, Coquillettidia grandidieri, Coquillettidia hermanoi, Coquillettidia hodgkini, Coquillettidia iracunda, Coquillettidia juxtamansonia, Coquillettidia karandalaensis, Coquillettidia linealis, Coquillettidia lutea, Coquillettidia lynchi, Coquillettidia maculipennis, Coquillettidia memorans, Coquillettidia metallica, Coquillettidia microannulata, Coquillettidia neivai, Coquillettidia nigricans, Coquillettidia nigritarsis, Coquillettidia nigrithorax, Coquillettidia nigrochracea, Coquillettidia nigrosignata, Coquillettidia nitens, Coquillettidia novochracea, Coquillettidia ochracea, Coquillettidia perturbans, Coquillettidia pseudoconopas, Coquillettidia richiardii, Coquillettidia rochei, Coquillettidia samoaensis, Coquillettidia schoutedeni, Coquillettidia shannoni, Coquillettidia tenuipalpis, Coquillettidia vanoyei, Coquillettidia variegata, Coquillettidia venezuelensis, Coquillettidia versicolor, Coquillettidia voltaensis, Coquillettidia wahlbergi, Coquillettidia xanthogaster

Culex [genus]

Barraudius, Culex, Maillotia, Neoculex,
Culex abnormalis, Culex abominator, Culex abonnenci, Culex accelerans, Culex acharistus, Culex acrostichalis, Culex aculeatus, Culex acutipalus, Culex adairi, Culex adamesi, Culex adami, Culex adersianus, Culex aenescens, Culex aestivus, Culex airozai, Culex akritos, Culex alani, Culex albertianus, Culex albinensis, Culex albinervis, Culex albipes, Culex albiventris, Culex alcocki, Culex aliciae, Culex alienus, Culex alinkios, Culex alis, Culex alogistus, Culex alorensis, Culex alphus, Culex alpicalis, Culex amaniensis, Culex amazonensis, Culex ameliae, Culex americanus, Culex amitis, Culex andersoni, Culex andreanus, Culex andricus, Culex anduzei, Culex anips, Culex annulioris, Culex annulirostris, Culex annuliventris, Culex annulus, Culex anoplicitus, Culex antennatus, Culex antillummagnorum, Culex antunesi, Culex aphylactus, Culex apicalis, Culex apicinus, Culex aquarius, Culex arawak, Culex arbieeni, Culex arboricolus, Culex archegus, Culex argenteopunctatus, Culex arizonensis, Culex articularis, Culex asteliae, Culex astridianus, Culex atracus, Culex atratus, Culex atriceps, Culex aurantapex, Culex aureonotatus, Culex aureus, Culex australicus, Culex avianus, Culex axillicola, Culex axillicolus, Culex azurini, Culex azymus, Culex babahoyensis, Culex bahamensis, Culex bahiensis, Culex bahri, Culex bailyi, Culex baisasi, Culex bamborum, Culex bandoengensis, Culex banksensis, Culex barkerii, Culex barraudi, Culex barrinus, Culex bastagarius, Culex batesi, Culex becki, Culex bejaranoi, Culex belemensis, Culex belkini, Culex bengalensis, Culex bequaerti, Culex bergi, Culex bernardi, Culex beta, Culex bicki, Culex bickleyi, Culex bicornutus, Culex bidens, Culex bifoliolatus, Culex bihaicola, Culex bihamatus, Culex binigrolineatus, Culex biscaynensis, Culex bisulcatus, Culex bitaeniorhynchus, Culex boharti, Culex bokorensis, Culex bolii, Culex boninensis, Culex bonneae, Culex bonnei, Culex bougainvillensis, Culex brachiatus, Culex brami, Culex brenguesi, Culex brethesi, Culex breviculus, Culex brevipalpis, Culex brevipalpus, Culex brevispinosus, Culex browni, Culex brumpti, Culex bukavuensis, Culex buxtoni, Culex bwambanus, Culex cairnsensis, Culex calabarensis, Culex calurus, Culex cambournaci, Culex campilunati, Culex camposi, Culex canaanensis, Culex carcinophilus, Culex carcinoxenus, Culex caribeanus, Culex carioca, Culex carleti, Culex carolinensis, Culex castaneus, Culex castelli, Culex castor, Culex castrensis, Culex castroi, Culex cataractarum, Culex cauchensis, Culex caudatus, Culex caudelli, Culex cedecei, Culex ceramensis, Culex cerqueirai, Culex chaetoventralis, Culex chaguanco, Culex changuinolae, Culex chauveti, Culex cheesmanae, Culex cheni, Culex chidesteri, Culex chitae, Culex chorleyi, Culex christiani, Culex chryselatus, Culex chrysothorax, Culex cinctellus, Culex cinerellus, Culex cinereus, Culex clarki, Culex clastrieri, Culex coerulescens, Culex collessi, Culex comatus, Culex commevynensis, Culex comminutor, Culex comorensis, Culex confundior, Culex conservator, Culex consolator, Culex conspirator, Culex contei, Culex coppenamensis, Culex corentynensis, Culex corniger, Culex cornutus, Culex coronator, Culex corrigani, Culex cottlei, Culex coursi, Culex covagarciai, Culex crassicomus, Culex crassistylus, Culex creole, Culex crinicauda, Culex cristovaoi, Culex crowei, Culex crybda, Culex cubiculi, Culex cubitatus, Culex curtipalpis, Culex curvibrachius, Culex cuyanus, Culex cylindricus, Culex damascenoi, Culex daumastocampa, Culex davisi, Culex decens, Culex declarator, Culex decorator, Culex delfinadoae, Culex delpontei, Culex delys, Culex demeilloni, Culex demissus, Culex derivator, Culex deserticola, Culex diamphidius, Culex diengensis, Culex digoelensis, Culex diplophyllum, Culex dispectus, Culex distinguendus, Culex dohenyi, Culex dolichophyllus, Culex dolosus, Culex douglasi, Culex draconis, Culex dubitans, Culex dumbletoni, Culex dunni, Culex duplicator, Culex dureti, Culex durhami, Culex duttoni, Culex dyius, Culex eastor, Culex eduardoi, Culex educator, Culex edwardsi, Culex egcymon, Culex eknomios, Culex eldridgei, Culex elephas, Culex elevator, Culex elgonicus, Culex ellinorae, Culex elongatus, Culex eminentia, Culex ensiformis, Culex eouzani, Culex epanatasis, Culex epidesmus, Culex epirus, Culex equinoxialis, Culex erethyzonfer, Culex ernanii, Culex ernsti, Culex erraticus, Culex erythrothorax, Culex eschirasi, Culex eukrines, Culex europaeus, Culex evansae, Culex fairchildi, Culex farakoensis, Culex fasciolatus, Culex fasyi, Culex faurani, Culex femineus, Culex fergusoni, Culex fernandezi, Culex ferreri, Culex fimbriforceps, Culex flabellifer, Culex flavicornis, Culex flochi, Culex foliaceus, Culex foliafer, Culex foliatus, Culex fragilis, Culex fraudatrix, Culex fulleri, Culex furlongi, Culex fuscatus, Culex fuscicinctus, Culex fuscocephala, Culex gagnei, Culex gairus, Culex galindoi, Culex galliardi, Culex galvaoi, Culex gameti, Culex gamma, Culex ganapathi, Culex garcesi, Culex garciai, Culex garioui, Culex gaudeator, Culex gaufini, Culex gediensis, Culex gelidus, Culex geminus, Culex germaini, Culex gibbulus, Culex giganteus, Culex gilliesi, Culex globocoxitus, Culex glyptosalpinx, Culex gnomatos, Culex gossi, Culex gracicornis, Culex grahamii, Culex gravitator, Culex grenieri, Culex gressitti, Culex guayasi, Culex guedesi, Culex guerreroi, Culex guiarti, Culex guizhouensis, Culex guyanensis, Culex habilitator, Culex hackeri, Culex hainanensis, Culex hamoni, Culex hancocki, Culex harleyi, Culex harpagophallus, Culex harrisoni, Culex hayashii, Culex hedys, Culex helenae, Culex hepperi, Culex herrerai, Culex hewitti, Culex hilli, Culex hinglungensis, Culex hirtipalpis, Culex hopkinsi, Culex horridus, Culex hortensis, Culex huangae, Culex humilis, Culex hurlbuti, Culex hutchinsoni, Culex idottus, Culex ikelos, Culex imitator, Culex impositor, Culex impudicus, Culex inadmirabilis, Culex inatomii, Culex incognitus, Culex incomptus, Culex inconspicuosus, Culex inculus, Culex indecorabilis, Culex infantulus, Culex inflictus, Culex infoliatus, Culex infula, Culex ingrami, Culex inhibitator, Culex inimitabilis, Culex innovator, Culex inornata, Culex insequens, Culex insigniforceps, Culex insignis, Culex insularis, Culex interfor, Culex intermedius, Culex interrogator, Culex intonsus, Culex intrincatus, Culex invidiosus, Culex invocator, Culex iolambdis, Culex iphis, Culex iridescens, Culex isabelae, Culex iyengari, Culex jacksoni, Culex jalisco, Culex janitor, Culex javanensis, Culex jefferyi, Culex jenningsi, Culex jenseni, Culex jinjaensis, Culex joanae, Culex jocasta, Culex johni, Culex johnnyi, Culex johnsoni, Culex josephineae, Culex jubifer, Culex judaicus, Culex kanyamwerima, Culex kartalae, Culex kaviengensis, Culex kesseli, Culex khazani, Culex kilara, Culex kinabaluensis, Culex kingianus, Culex kingii, Culex kiriensis, Culex kompi, Culex kowiroensis, Culex kuhnsi, Culex kukenan, Culex kummi, Culex kusaiensis, Culex kyotoensis, Culex lacertosus, Culex lactator, Culex laffooni, Culex lahillei, Culex lairdi, Culex lakei, Culex lampangensis, Culex lanei, Culex laplantei, Culex lasiopalpis, Culex laticinctus, Culex laticlasper, Culex latifoliatus, Culex latisquama, Culex latus, Culex laureli, Culex lavatae, Culex leei, Culex leonardi, Culex levicastilloi, Culex liberiensis, Culex limacifer, Culex lineatus, Culex litoralis, Culex litwakae, Culex longicornis, Culex lopesi, Culex lucaris, Culex lucifugus, Culex lugens, Culex luteopleurus, Culex luzonensis, Culex lygrus, Culex macdonaldi, Culex macfiei, Culex machadoi, Culex macrophyllus, Culex macrostylus, Culex maderensis, Culex madininensis, Culex malayensis, Culex malayi, Culex mammilifer, Culex manusensis, Culex maplei, Culex maracayensis, Culex marianae, Culex marksae, Culex marquesensis, Culex martinezi, Culex martinii, Culex mattinglyi, Culex mauesensis, Culex maxi, Culex maxinocca, Culex megafolius, Culex megaonychus, Culex mesodenticulatus, Culex metempsytus, Culex miaolingensis, Culex micolo, Culex microphyllus, Culex microtaeniata, Culex mijanae, Culex millironi, Culex milloti, Culex milwardi, Culex mimeticus, Culex mimuloides, Culex mimulus, Culex mindanaoensis, Culex minjensis, Culex minor, Culex minutissimus, Culex miraculosus, Culex mirificus, Culex misionensis, Culex miyagii, Culex modestus, Culex mohani, Culex mollis, Culex mongiro, Culex moucheti, Culex mulrennani, Culex mundulus, Culex murrelli, Culex muruae, Culex musarum, Culex muspratti, Culex mutator, Culex nailoni, Culex nakuruensis, Culex navalis, Culex neavei, Culex nebulosus, Culex neglectus, Culex nicaroensis, Culex nicceriensis, Culex niger, Culex nigrescens, Culex nigricorpus, Culex nigrimacula, Culex nigripalpus, Culex nigropunctatus, Culex nilgiricus, Culex ninagongoensis, Culex novaeguineae, Culex oblita, Culex obscurus, Culex ocellatus, Culex ocossa, Culex oedipus, Culex okinawae, Culex olimpioi, Culex omani, Culex orbostiensis, Culex oresbius, Culex orfilai, Culex orientalis, Culex originator, Culex ornatothoracis, Culex orstom, Culex otachati, Culex ousqua, Culex oweni, Culex pacificus, Culex pairoji, Culex pajoti, Culex palaciosi, Culex pallidiceps, Culex pallidothorax, Culex pallipes, Culex palpalis, Culex pandani, Culex panocossa, Culex papuensis, Culex paracrybda, Culex paraculeatus, Culex paramaxi, Culex patientiae, Culex pavlovskyi, Culex peccator, Culex pedicellus, Culex pedroi, Culex penai, Culex perexiguus, Culex pereyrai, Culex perfidiosus, Culex perfuscus, Culex peringueyi, Culex perkinsi, Culex perplexus, Culex perryi, Culex pervigilans, Culex petersi, Culex peus, Culex peytoni, Culex phangngae, Culex philipi, Culex philippinensis, Culex phlabistus, Culex phlogistus, Culex pholeter, Culex phyllados, Culex pifanoi, Culex pilifemoralis, Culex pilosus, Culex pinarocampa, Culex pipiens, Culex plectoporpe, Culex pleuristriatus, Culex plicatus, Culex pluvialis, Culex poicilipes, Culex portesi, Culex postspiraculosus, Culex productus, Culex propinquus, Culex prosecutor, Culex pruina, Culex psatharus, Culex pseudoandreanus, Culex pseudocinereus, Culex pseudojanthinosoma, Culex pseudomelanoconia, Culex pseudopruina, Culex pseudornatus, Culex pseudorubithoracis, Culex pseudosinensis, Culex pseudostigmatosoma, Culex pseudovishnui, Culex pulidoi, Culex pullus, Culex punctiscapularis, Culex pusillus, Culex putumayensis, Culex quadrifoliatus, Culex quadripalpis, Culex quasiguiarti, Culex quasihibridus, Culex quasioriginator, Culex quettensis, Culex quinquefasciatus, Culex quintetti, Culex quitensis, Culex quizhouensis, Culex rabanicola, Culex rabelloi, Culex rachoui, Culex rageaui, Culex raghavanii, Culex rajah, Culex rajaneeae, Culex ramakrishnii, Culex ramalingami, Culex rausseoi, Culex reducens, Culex reevesi, Culex reginae, Culex reidi, Culex rejector, Culex renatoi, Culex restrictor, Culex restuans, Culex retrosus, Culex ribeirensis, Culex richardgarciai, Culex richei, Culex richeti, Culex rima, Culex riojanus, Culex romeroi, Culex ronderosi, Culex rooti, Culex rorotaensis, Culex roseni, Culex rotoruae, Culex rubensis, Culex rubinotus, Culex rubithoracis, Culex ruthae, Culex ryukyensis, Culex ryukyuanus, Culex sacchettae, Culex salinarius, Culex salisburiensis, Culex saltanensis, Culex samoaensis, Culex sandrae, Culex sangengluoensis, Culex sangenluoensis, Culex saramaccensis, Culex sardinerae, Culex sasai, Culex scanloni, Culex scheuberi, Culex schicki, Culex schilfgaardei, Culex schwetzi, Culex scimitar, Culex scottii, Culex secundus, Culex sedlacekae, Culex selai, Culex selangorensis, Culex seldeslachtsi, Culex semibrunneus, Culex seniori, Culex serratimarge, Culex seyrigi, Culex shanahani, Culex shebbearei, Culex shoae, Culex shopei, Culex silvai, Culex similis, Culex simplicicornis, Culex simpliciforceps, Culex simpsoni, Culex simulator, Culex sinaiticus, Culex sinensis, Culex singuawaensis, Culex siphanulatus, Culex sitiens, Culex solitarius, Culex solomonis, Culex soperi, Culex spathifurca, Culex spathulatus, Culex sphinx, Culex spiculostylus, Culex spiculosus, Culex spiculothorax, Culex spinosus, Culex spissipes, Culex squamosus, Culex starckeae, Culex steffani, Culex stellatus, Culex stenolepis, Culex stercoreus, Culex stigmatosoma, Culex stonei, Culex striatipes, Culex subaequalis, Culex submarginalis, Culex suborientalis, Culex subrima, Culex subsalisburiensis, Culex sudanicus, Culex sumatranus, Culex sunyaniensis, Culex surinamensis, Culex sursumptor, Culex sutili, Culex symbletos, Culex szemaoensis, Culex taeniopus, Culex tamsi, Culex tarsalis, Culex tatoi, Culex tauffliebi, Culex tecmarsis, Culex telesilla, Culex tenagius, Culex tenuipalpis, Culex terebor, Culex termi, Culex territans, Culex terzii, Culex thalassius, Culex theileri, Culex theobaldi, Culex thriambus, Culex thurmanorum, Culex tianpingensis, Culex toroensis, Culex torrentium, Culex tournieri, Culex toviiensis, Culex toweri, Culex tramazayguesi, Culex traubi, Culex tricuspis, Culex trifidus, Culex trifilatus, Culex trifoliatus, Culex trigeminatus, Culex trilobulatus, Culex trisetosus, Culex tritaeniorhynchus, Culex tsengi, Culex tuberis, Culex ugandae, Culex umbripes, Culex uncinatus, Culex unicornis, Culex uniformis, Culex univittatus, Culex urichii, Culex usquatissimus, Culex usquatus, Culex vagans, Culex vansomereni, Culex variatus, Culex vattieri, Culex vaxus, Culex ventrilloni, Culex versabilis, Culex verutus, Culex vexillatus, Culex vexillifer, Culex vicinalis, Culex vicinus, Culex vidali, Culex vinckei, Culex virgultus, Culex viridiventer, Culex vishnui, Culex vomerifer, Culex vulgaris, Culex walukasi, Culex wamanguae, Culex wannonii, Culex wansoni, Culex wardi, Culex watti, Culex wepsterae, Culex weschei, Culex whartoni, Culex whitei, Culex whitmorei, Culex whittingtoni, Culex wigglesworthi, Culex wilfredi, Culex wilsoni, Culex winkleri, Culex worontzowi, Culex xenophobus, Culex yaoi, Culex ybarmis, Culex yeageri, Culex yojoae, Culex zeteki, Culex zombaensis

Uranotaenia Lynch [genus]

Uranotaenia abdita, Uranotaenia abstrusa, Uranotaenia aequatorianna, Uranotaenia alba, Uranotaenia albescens, Uranotaenia albimanus, Uranotaenia albinotata, Uranotaenia albipes, Uranotaenia alboabdominalis, Uranotaenia alboannulata, Uranotaenia albocephala, Uranotaenia albosternopleura, Uranotaenia alticola, Uranotaenia ambodimanga, Uranotaenia amiensis, Uranotaenia andavakae, Uranotaenia andreae, Uranotaenia angolensis, Uranotaenia anhydor, Uranotaenia annandalei, Uranotaenia annulata, Uranotaenia anopheloides, Uranotaenia antalahaensis, Uranotaenia antennalis, Uranotaenia apicalis, Uranotaenia apicosquamata, Uranotaenia apicotaeniata, Uranotaenia approximata, Uranotaenia argentipleura, Uranotaenia arguellesi, Uranotaenia argyrotarsis, Uranotaenia ascidiicola, Uranotaenia atra, Uranotaenia balfouri, Uranotaenia bambusicola, Uranotaenia barnesi, Uranotaenia belkini, Uranotaenia benoiti, Uranotaenia bertii, Uranotaenia bicincta, Uranotaenia bicolor, Uranotaenia bidentata, Uranotaenia bifasciata, Uranotaenia bilineata, Uranotaenia bimaculata, Uranotaenia bimaculiala, Uranotaenia bosseri, Uranotaenia boussesi, Uranotaenia breviseta, Uranotaenia bricenoi, Uranotaenia briseis, Uranotaenia browni, Uranotaenia brumpti, Uranotaenia brunhesi, Uranotaenia cachani, Uranotaenia caeruleocephala, Uranotaenia caliginosa, Uranotaenia calosomata, Uranotaenia campestris, Uranotaenia capelai, Uranotaenia carcinicola, Uranotaenia cavernicola, Uranotaenia chorleyi, Uranotaenia christophersi, Uranotaenia civinskii, Uranotaenia clara, Uranotaenia coatzacoalcos, Uranotaenia colocasiae, Uranotaenia combesi, Uranotaenia comorensis, Uranotaenia confusa, Uranotaenia connali, Uranotaenia contrastata, Uranotaenia cooki, Uranotaenia cornuta, Uranotaenia damasei, Uranotaenia davisi, Uranotaenia demeilloni, Uranotaenia devemyi, Uranotaenia diagonalis, Uranotaenia dibrugarhensis, Uranotaenia diraphati, Uranotaenia ditaenionota, Uranotaenia donai, Uranotaenia douceti, Uranotaenia dumonti, Uranotaenia dundo, Uranotaenia edwardsi, Uranotaenia elnora, Uranotaenia enigmatica, Uranotaenia falcipes, Uranotaenia fimbriata, Uranotaenia fraseri, Uranotaenia fulgens, Uranotaenia fusca, Uranotaenia gabaldoni, Uranotaenia garnhami, Uranotaenia geniculata, Uranotaenia geometrica, Uranotaenia gerdae, Uranotaenia gigantea, Uranotaenia gouldi, Uranotaenia grassei, Uranotaenia grenieri, Uranotaenia grjebinei, Uranotaenia haddowi, Uranotaenia hamoni, Uranotaenia harrisoni, Uranotaenia hebes, Uranotaenia hebrardi, Uranotaenia heiseri, Uranotaenia henrardi, Uranotaenia henriquei, Uranotaenia hervyi, Uranotaenia hirsutifemora, Uranotaenia hongayi, Uranotaenia hopkinsi, Uranotaenia husaini, Uranotaenia hystera, Uranotaenia incognita, Uranotaenia iriartei, Uranotaenia jacksoni, Uranotaenia jinhongensis, Uranotaenia joucouri, Uranotaenia koli, Uranotaenia kraussi, Uranotaenia laffosseae, Uranotaenia lanei, Uranotaenia lateralis, Uranotaenia lavieri, Uranotaenia lebiedi, Uranotaenia legoffi, Uranotaenia leiboensis, Uranotaenia leucoptera, Uranotaenia longirostris, Uranotaenia longitubus, Uranotaenia lowii, Uranotaenia lucyae, Uranotaenia ludlowae, Uranotaenia lui, Uranotaenia lunda, Uranotaenia luteola, Uranotaenia lutescens, Uranotaenia macfarlanei, Uranotaenia machadoi, Uranotaenia maculipleura, Uranotaenia madagascarensis, Uranotaenia madagascarica, Uranotaenia manakaraensis, Uranotaenia mashonaensis, Uranotaenia mathesoni, Uranotaenia mattinglyi, Uranotaenia maxima, Uranotaenia mayeri, Uranotaenia mayottensis, Uranotaenia mendiolai, Uranotaenia mengi, Uranotaenia metatarsata, Uranotaenia micans, Uranotaenia micromelas, Uranotaenia modesta, Uranotaenia montana, Uranotaenia moramangae, Uranotaenia moresbyensis, Uranotaenia moufiedi, Uranotaenia moultoni, Uranotaenia musarum, Uranotaenia nataliae, Uranotaenia neireti, Uranotaenia neotibialis, Uranotaenia nepenthes, Uranotaenia nigricephala, Uranotaenia nigripes, Uranotaenia nigripleura, Uranotaenia nigromaculata, Uranotaenia nivea, Uranotaenia nivipes, Uranotaenia nivipleura, Uranotaenia nivipous, Uranotaenia nocticola, Uranotaenia novaguinensis, Uranotaenia novobscura, Uranotaenia obscura, Uranotaenia ohamai, Uranotaenia orientalis, Uranotaenia ornata, Uranotaenia orthodoxa, Uranotaenia oteizai, Uranotaenia ototomo, Uranotaenia painei, Uranotaenia pallidipleura, Uranotaenia pallidocephala, Uranotaenia pallidoventer, Uranotaenia palmeirimi, Uranotaenia paludosa, Uranotaenia pandani, Uranotaenia paralateralis, Uranotaenia paranovaguinensis, Uranotaenia patriciae, Uranotaenia pauliani, Uranotaenia pefflyi, Uranotaenia philonuxia, Uranotaenia pifanoi, Uranotaenia pilosa, Uranotaenia prajimi, Uranotaenia principensis, Uranotaenia propinqua, Uranotaenia pseudoalbimanus, Uranotaenia pseudohenrardi, Uranotaenia pseudomaculipleura, Uranotaenia pseudoshillitonis, Uranotaenia pulcherrima, Uranotaenia pygmaea, Uranotaenia pylei, Uranotaenia quadrimaculata, Uranotaenia quasimodesta, Uranotaenia qui, Uranotaenia quinquemaculata, Uranotaenia rachoui, Uranotaenia ramosa, Uranotaenia rampae, Uranotaenia ravenalicola, Uranotaenia recondita, Uranotaenia reinerti, Uranotaenia reyi, Uranotaenia rickenbachi, Uranotaenia riverai, Uranotaenia roberti, Uranotaenia rossi, Uranotaenia rutherfordi, Uranotaenia ryukyuana, Uranotaenia sapphirina, Uranotaenia scutostriata, Uranotaenia setosa, Uranotaenia sexaueri, Uranotaenia shillitonis, Uranotaenia signata, Uranotaenia socialis, Uranotaenia solomonis, Uranotaenia sombooni, Uranotaenia spiculosa, Uranotaenia spinitubus, Uranotaenia spinosa, Uranotaenia spiraculata, Uranotaenia srilankensis, Uranotaenia stricklandi, Uranotaenia subnormalis, Uranotaenia subtibioclada, Uranotaenia sumethi, Uranotaenia syntheta, Uranotaenia tanzaniae, Uranotaenia telmatophila, Uranotaenia testacea, Uranotaenia tibialis, Uranotaenia tibioclada, Uranotaenia trapidoi, Uranotaenia tricolor, Uranotaenia tridentata, Uranotaenia trilineata, Uranotaenia tsaratananae, Uranotaenia typhlosomata, Uranotaenia ugandae, Uranotaenia unguiculata, Uranotaenia unimaculiala, Uranotaenia wysockii, Uranotaenia xanthomelaena, Uranotaenia yaeyamana, Uranotaenia yovani, Uranotaenia yunnanensis

Culicini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Culicini sp. (large size).

Culicini sp. Culicini sp. Culicini sp. Culicini sp. Culicini sp. Culicini sp. Culicini sp.


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