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Tribe Dasypogonini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Asilidae subfamily Dasypogoninae → tribe Dasypogonini

Daughter taxa

Genera: 11 (0 illustrated). Species.

Dasypogon [genus]

Dasypogon acratus, Dasypogon aegon, Dasypogon aequalis, Dasypogon agathyllus, Dasypogon analis, Dasypogon anemetus, Dasypogon aphidas, Dasypogon aphidnus, Dasypogon arcuatus, Dasypogon atratus, Dasypogon atripennis, Dasypogon atripes, Dasypogon aurarius, Dasypogon auripilus, Dasypogon australis, Dasypogon bacescui, Dasypogon barrus, Dasypogon bigoti, Dasypogon bonariensis, Dasypogon brevipennis, Dasypogon caffer, Dasypogon carvilius, Dasypogon castigans, Dasypogon caudatus, Dasypogon cephicus, Dasypogon cerretanus, Dasypogon coon, Dasypogon copreus, Dasypogon costalis, Dasypogon crassus, Dasypogon diadema, Dasypogon dorsalis, Dasypogon equestris, Dasypogon fabricii, Dasypogon flavipennis, Dasypogon fossius, Dasypogon fraternus, Dasypogon fuscipennis, Dasypogon geradi, Dasypogon gerardi, Dasypogon gougeleti, Dasypogon grandis, Dasypogon iberus, Dasypogon insertus, Dasypogon irinelae, Dasypogon kugleri, Dasypogon lebasii, Dasypogon lenticeps, Dasypogon longus, Dasypogon luctuosus, Dasypogon lugens, Dasypogon magisi, Dasypogon maricus, Dasypogon melanopterus, Dasypogon mexicanus, Dasypogon nigriventris, Dasypogon occlusus, Dasypogon octonotatus, Dasypogon olcesci, Dasypogon parvus, Dasypogon potitus, Dasypogon pumilus, Dasypogon punctipennis, Dasypogon rapax, Dasypogon regenstreifi, Dasypogon reinhardi, Dasypogon rubiginipennis, Dasypogon rubiginosum, Dasypogon rubinipes, Dasypogon rufescens, Dasypogon ruficauda, Dasypogon rufipes, Dasypogon rufiventris, Dasypogon sericeus, Dasypogon sicanus, Dasypogon silanus, Dasypogon tenuis, Dasypogon torridus, Dasypogon tragicus, Dasypogon tripartitus, Dasypogon tsacasi, Dasypogon variabilis, Dasypogon volcatius

Diogmites [genus]

Diogmites aberans, Diogmites affinis, Diogmites alivesi, Diogmites amethistinus, Diogmites angustipennis, Diogmites anomalus, Diogmites atriapex, Diogmites aureolus, Diogmites basalis, Diogmites bellardi, Diogmites bicolor, Diogmites bifasciatus, Diogmites bilineatus, Diogmites bilobatus, Diogmites bimaculatus, Diogmites bromleyi, Diogmites brunneus, Diogmites castaneus, Diogmites coffeatus, Diogmites coloradensis, Diogmites contortus, Diogmites craveri, Diogmites crudelis, Diogmites cuantlensis, Diogmites discolor, Diogmites dubius, Diogmites duillius, Diogmites esuriens, Diogmites fasciatus, Diogmites ferrugineus, Diogmites fragilis, Diogmites goniostigma, Diogmites grossus, Diogmites herennius, Diogmites heydenii, Diogmites imitator, Diogmites inclusus, Diogmites intactus, Diogmites jalapensis, Diogmites lindigii, Diogmites lineola, Diogmites litoralis, Diogmites maculatus, Diogmites memnon, Diogmites misellus, Diogmites missouriensis, Diogmites neoternatus, Diogmites nigripennis, Diogmites nigripes, Diogmites nigritarsis, Diogmites notatus, Diogmites obscurus, Diogmites perplexus, Diogmites platypterus, Diogmites pritchardi, Diogmites properans, Diogmites pseudoialapennsis, Diogmites pulcher, Diogmites reficulatus, Diogmites rubescens, Diogmites rufibasis, Diogmites sallei, Diogmites salutans, Diogmites superbus, Diogmites symmachus, Diogmites tau, Diogmites teresita, Diogmites ternatus, Diogmites texanus, Diogmites tricolor, Diogmites unicolor, Diogmites virescens, Diogmites vulgaris, Diogmites winthemi, Diogmites wygodzinskyi

Saropogon [genus]

Saropogon abbreviatus, Saropogon aberrans, Saropogon albicans, Saropogon albifrons, Saropogon alternatus, Saropogon antipodus, Saropogon aretalogus, Saropogon atricolor, Saropogon aurifrons, Saropogon axillaris, Saropogon beckeri, Saropogon bijani, Saropogon birdi, Saropogon bryanti, Saropogon castaneicornis, Saropogon celaenopterus, Saropogon chathamensis, Saropogon clarkii, Saropogon clausus, Saropogon combustus, Saropogon comosus, Saropogon coquilletti, Saropogon coquillettii, Saropogon dasynotus, Saropogon discus, Saropogon dispar, Saropogon dissimulans, Saropogon distinctus, Saropogon dubiosus, Saropogon ehrenbergii, Saropogon elbaiensis, Saropogon eucerus, Saropogon extenuatus, Saropogon fascipes, Saropogon flavicinctus, Saropogon flavofacialis, Saropogon fletcheri, Saropogon frontalis, Saropogon fucatus, Saropogon fugiens, Saropogon fulvicornis, Saropogon fulvus, Saropogon galilaeus, Saropogon geniculatus, Saropogon gigas, Saropogon greatheadi, Saropogon hispanicus, Saropogon hudsoni, Saropogon hulli, Saropogon hyalinus, Saropogon hypomelas, Saropogon incisuratus, Saropogon jucundus, Saropogon jugulum, Saropogon kenyensis, Saropogon lamperti, Saropogon laparoides, Saropogon latecinctus, Saropogon leucocephalus, Saropogon leucogenus, Saropogon lhoti, Saropogon limbinevris, Saropogon londti, Saropogon longicornis, Saropogon luctuosus, Saropogon luteus, Saropogon maculipennis, Saropogon maroccanus, Saropogon meghalayensis, Saropogon megriensis, Saropogon melampygus, Saropogon melanophrus, Saropogon mellipes, Saropogon mofidii, Saropogon mohawki, Saropogon monachus, Saropogon nepalensis, Saropogon nigritarsus, Saropogon nigriventris, Saropogon nigronasutum, Saropogon nitidus, Saropogon notatus, Saropogon obesulus, Saropogon obscuripennis, Saropogon olivierii, Saropogon perlatus, Saropogon philocalus, Saropogon pittoproctus, Saropogon platynotus, Saropogon pollinosus, Saropogon pritchardi, Saropogon proximus, Saropogon pseudojugulum, Saropogon pulcherimus, Saropogon pulverulentus, Saropogon punctipennis, Saropogon purus, Saropogon revivensis, Saropogon rubricosus, Saropogon rubriventris, Saropogon rufipes, Saropogon scalaris, Saropogon semirubra, Saropogon semiustus, Saropogon senex, Saropogon sodalis, Saropogon solus, Saropogon specularis, Saropogon srilankaensis, Saropogon subauratus, Saropogon tassilaensis, Saropogon thailandensis, Saropogon tiberiadis, Saropogon ticinense, Saropogon tigris, Saropogon treibensis, Saropogon trispiculum, Saropogon varians, Saropogon velutinus, Saropogon verticalis, Saropogon vestitus, Saropogon viduus, Saropogon weissi, Saropogon wilcoxi, Saropogon zinidi, Saropogon zopheropterus


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