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Tribe Paragini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Syrphidae subfamily Syrphinae → tribe Paragini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (1 illustrated). Species.

Paragus [genus]

Paragus absidatus, Paragus albifrons, Paragus albipes, Paragus ambalaensis, Paragus angustifrons, Paragus angustistylus, Paragus annandalei, Paragus antoinettae, Paragus apicalis, Paragus arizonensis, Paragus ascoensis, Paragus asiaticus, Paragus atlasi, Paragus atratus, Paragus auritus, Paragus azureus, Paragus balachonovae, Paragus basilewskyi, Paragus bicolor, Paragus binominalis, Paragus bispinosus, Paragus borbonicus, Paragus boyesi, Paragus brachycerus, Paragus bradescui, Paragus capricorni, Paragus chalybeatus, Paragus cinctus, Paragus clausseni, Paragus coadunatus, Paragus compeditus, Paragus constrictus, Paragus cooksoni, Paragus cooverti, Paragus crenulatus, Paragus dolichocerus, Paragus erectus, Paragus expressus, Paragus faesi, Paragus fasciatus, Paragus femoratus, Paragus finitimus, Paragus flammeus, Paragus flaviventris, Paragus glumaci, Paragus goeldlini, Paragus gracilis, Paragus gussakovskii, Paragus haemorrhous, Paragus hermonensis, Paragus hokusankoensis, Paragus hyalopteri, Paragus jozanus, Paragus karnaliensis, Paragus keiseri, Paragus ketenchievi, Paragus kopdagensis, Paragus leleji, Paragus longistylus, Paragus longiventris, Paragus luteus, Paragus majoranae, Paragus manensis, Paragus mariae, Paragus marshalli, Paragus marusiki, Paragus medeae, Paragus milkoi, Paragus minutus, Paragus mongolicus, Paragus naso, Paragus nasutus, Paragus nigrocoeruleus, Paragus nitidissimus, Paragus oltenicus, Paragus paulyi, Paragus pecchiolii, Paragus politus, Paragus punctatus, Paragus punctulatus, Paragus pusillus, Paragus quadrifasciatus, Paragus romanicus, Paragus rufocincta, Paragus serratiparamerus, Paragus serratus, Paragus sexarcuatus, Paragus sinicus, Paragus stackelbergi, Paragus strigatus, Paragus stuckenbergi, Paragus tibialis, Paragus tonkouiensis, Paragus tribuliparamerus, Paragus tsimbazazensis, Paragus vandergooti, Paragus variabilis, Paragus villipennis, Paragus xinyuanensis, Paragus yerburiensis, Paragus zuqualensis


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