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Tribe Toxomerini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Syrphidae subfamily Syrphinae → tribe Toxomerini

Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (0 illustrated). Species.

Toxomerus [genus]

Toxomerus aeolus, Toxomerus anthrax, Toxomerus antiopa, Toxomerus apegiensis, Toxomerus aquilinus, Toxomerus arcifer, Toxomerus aurulentus, Toxomerus basalis, Toxomerus bistrigus, Toxomerus boscii, Toxomerus brevifacies, Toxomerus buscki, Toxomerus calceolatus, Toxomerus centaureus, Toxomerus ciliatus, Toxomerus circumcinctus, Toxomerus claracuneus, Toxomerus corbis, Toxomerus costalis, Toxomerus crockeri, Toxomerus croesus, Toxomerus difficilis, Toxomerus dispar, Toxomerus duplicatus, Toxomerus ectypus, Toxomerus ecuadoreus, Toxomerus elinorae, Toxomerus elisa, Toxomerus ferroxida, Toxomerus flaviplurus, Toxomerus floralis, Toxomerus funestus, Toxomerus geminatus, Toxomerus guttifer, Toxomerus hieroglyphicus, Toxomerus hulli, Toxomerus idalius, Toxomerus incaicus, Toxomerus insignis, Toxomerus intermedius, Toxomerus jussiaeae, Toxomerus lacrymosus, Toxomerus laenas, Toxomerus linearis, Toxomerus lunus, Toxomerus marginatus, Toxomerus minutus, Toxomerus mosaicus, Toxomerus multipunctatus, Toxomerus musicus, Toxomerus mutuus, Toxomerus nasutus, Toxomerus nigripunctus, Toxomerus nitidus, Toxomerus norma, Toxomerus nymphalius, Toxomerus occidentalis, Toxomerus ochraceus, Toxomerus ophiolinea, Toxomerus ornithoglyphus, Toxomerus ovatus, Toxomerus pallipes, Toxomerus papaveroi, Toxomerus paraduplicatus, Toxomerus paragrammus, Toxomerus parvulus, Toxomerus pichinchae, Toxomerus pictus, Toxomerus politus, Toxomerus polygraphicus, Toxomerus porticola, Toxomerus procrastinatus, Toxomerus productus, Toxomerus puellus, Toxomerus pulchellus, Toxomerus purus, Toxomerus quinquecinctus, Toxomerus quinquemaculatus, Toxomerus rohri, Toxomerus rombicus, Toxomerus saphiridiceps, Toxomerus schlingeri, Toxomerus sedmani, Toxomerus serpentinus, Toxomerus steatogaster, Toxomerus sylvaticus, Toxomerus taenius, Toxomerus teliger, Toxomerus teligera, Toxomerus tibicen, Toxomerus tubularius, Toxomerus una, Toxomerus undecimpunctatus, Toxomerus uranius, Toxomerus valdesi, Toxomerus vertebratus, Toxomerus verticalis, Toxomerus veve, Toxomerus vierecki, Toxomerus violaceus, Toxomerus virgulatus, Toxomerus watsoni, Toxomerus willistonii


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