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Tribe Brachyopini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Syrphidae subfamily Eristalinae → tribe Brachyopini

Daughter taxa

Genera: 8 (0 illustrated). Species.

Sphegina [genus]

Sphegina alaoglui, Sphegina albipes, Sphegina amamiensis, Sphegina amurensis, Sphegina anatolii, Sphegina apicalis, Sphegina appalachiensis, Sphegina armatipes, Sphegina asciiformis, Sphegina aterrima, Sphegina atra, Sphegina atrolutea, Sphegina biannulata, Sphegina bispinosa, Sphegina brachygaster, Sphegina brevisterna, Sphegina bridwelli, Sphegina californica, Sphegina calthae, Sphegina campanulata, Sphegina carbonaria, Sphegina catthae, Sphegina clavata, Sphegina claviventris, Sphegina clunipes, Sphegina cornifera, Sphegina dogieli, Sphegina elegans, Sphegina elongata, Sphegina fasciata, Sphegina flavimana, Sphegina flavomaculata, Sphegina freyana, Sphegina grunini, Sphegina guptai, Sphegina hansoni, Sphegina hennigiana, Sphegina hodosa, Sphegina infuscata, Sphegina japonica, Sphegina javana, Sphegina keeniana, Sphegina kumaoniensis, Sphegina kurenzovi, Sphegina latifrons, Sphegina limbipennis, Sphegina lobata, Sphegina lobulifera, Sphegina melancholica, Sphegina micangensis, Sphegina mikado, Sphegina montana, Sphegina negrobovi, Sphegina nigerrima, Sphegina nigra, Sphegina nigrapicula, Sphegina nigrimana, Sphegina nitidifrons, Sphegina obscurifacies, Sphegina occidentalis, Sphegina orientalis, Sphegina petiolata, Sphegina philippina, Sphegina platychira, Sphegina pontica, Sphegina potanini, Sphegina punctata, Sphegina quadrisetae, Sphegina rufa, Sphegina rufiventris, Sphegina sibirica, Sphegina smirnovi, Sphegina spheginea, Sphegina spiniventris, Sphegina stackelbergi, Sphegina sublatifrons, Sphegina taibaishensis, Sphegina tenuifemorata, Sphegina thoraciaca, Sphegina tricoloripes, Sphegina tristriata, Sphegina tuvinica, Sphegina univittata, Sphegina varidissima, Sphegina varifacies, Sphegina verae, Sphegina verecunda, Sphegina violovitshi

Brachyopini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Brachyopini sp. (large size).

Brachyopini sp. Brachyopini sp. Brachyopini sp. Brachyopini sp. Brachyopini sp. Brachyopini sp.


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