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Tribe Cerioidini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Syrphidae subfamily Eristalinae → tribe Cerioidini

Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (0 illustrated). Species.

Ceriana [genus]

Ceriana abbreviata, Ceriana ablepta, Ceriana afra, Ceriana africana, Ceriana alaplicata, Ceriana ammophilina, Ceriana anaglypha, Ceriana anceps, Ceriana anchorata, Ceriana ancoralis, Ceriana annulata, Ceriana annulifera, Ceriana antipoda, Ceriana apicalis, Ceriana arietis, Ceriana atacta, Ceriana aurata, Ceriana australis, Ceriana bassleri, Ceriana bellardii, Ceriana bequaerti, Ceriana bergrothi, Ceriana bezzii, Ceriana bicolor, Ceriana bigotii, Ceriana binominata, Ceriana boliviana, Ceriana brauerii, Ceriana brevis, Ceriana breviscapa, Ceriana brunettii, Ceriana brunnea, Ceriana brunnecorporalis, Ceriana brunneipennis, Ceriana bubulici, Ceriana bullosa, Ceriana cacica, Ceriana caesarea, Ceriana caffra, Ceriana caucasica, Ceriana compacta, Ceriana congolensis, Ceriana conopsoides, Ceriana crux, Ceriana cylindrica, Ceriana daphnaeus, Ceriana decorata, Ceriana delicatula, Ceriana dentipes, Ceriana dilatipes, Ceriana dimidiatipennis, Ceriana divisa, Ceriana doddi, Ceriana durani, Ceriana engelhardti, Ceriana euchroma, Ceriana eumenioides, Ceriana euphara, Ceriana euprosopa, Ceriana fabricii, Ceriana facialis, Ceriana fenestrata, Ceriana flavipennis, Ceriana flavosignata, Ceriana floridensis, Ceriana formosensis, Ceriana frenata, Ceriana fruhstorferi, Ceriana fulvescens, Ceriana gambiana, Ceriana garibaldii, Ceriana gibbosa, Ceriana globigaster, Ceriana gloriosa, Ceriana grahami, Ceriana guangxiana, Ceriana hervebazini, Ceriana himalayensis, Ceriana hopei, Ceriana hungkingi, Ceriana japonica, Ceriana javana, Ceriana katoniana, Ceriana kerteszi, Ceriana lateralis, Ceriana loewii, Ceriana lyncharribalzagai, Ceriana lynchii, Ceriana lypra, Ceriana macleayi, Ceriana macquarti, Ceriana macrosticta, Ceriana maculipennis, Ceriana madecassa, Ceriana malleus, Ceriana marginalis, Ceriana mastersi, Ceriana meadei, Ceriana meijerei, Ceriana mellivora, Ceriana metallica, Ceriana mikii, Ceriana mime, Ceriana minuta, Ceriana multipunctata, Ceriana naja, Ceriana neavei, Ceriana nigerrima, Ceriana nigra, Ceriana nigripennis, Ceriana nitida, Ceriana obscura, Ceriana oceanica, Ceriana odontomera, Ceriana optata, Ceriana opuntiae, Ceriana ornata, Ceriana ornatifrons, Ceriana patricia, Ceriana pedicellata, Ceriana petersi, Ceriana petri, Ceriana petronillae, Ceriana phya, Ceriana picta, Ceriana pictula, Ceriana platypus, Ceriana plaumanni, Ceriana pleuralis, Ceriana polista, Ceriana polistes, Ceriana polistiformis, Ceriana polistoides, Ceriana procapna, Ceriana pulchra, Ceriana pyrrhocera, Ceriana rachmaninovi, Ceriana regale, Ceriana relicta, Ceriana relictura, Ceriana rieki, Ceriana robusta, Ceriana roederii, Ceriana rubrobrunnea, Ceriana rufibasis, Ceriana rufifrons, Ceriana rufipetiolata, Ceriana sackenii, Ceriana salvazai, Ceriana sartorum, Ceriana saundersi, Ceriana sayi, Ceriana schnablei, Ceriana schwarzi, Ceriana shannoni, Ceriana siamensis, Ceriana signifera, Ceriana similis, Ceriana smaragdina, Ceriana snowi, Ceriana speiseri, Ceriana sphenotoma, Ceriana stackelbergi, Ceriana stenogaster, Ceriana subarmata, Ceriana subcastanea, Ceriana subsessilis, Ceriana superba, Ceriana swierstrai, Ceriana tolmera, Ceriana townsendi, Ceriana travassosi, Ceriana tredecimpunctata, Ceriana triangulifera, Ceriana trichopoda, Ceriana tricolor, Ceriana tridens, Ceriana trinotata, Ceriana ugandana, Ceriana unipunctata, Ceriana variabilis, Ceriana varipes, Ceriana verralli, Ceriana vespiformis, Ceriana vicina, Ceriana vittipes, Ceriana wallacei, Ceriana weemsi, Ceriana wiedemanni, Ceriana willistoni, Ceriana worelli, Ceriana wui, Ceriana wulpii, Ceriana yoshikawai


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