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Family Micropezidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha → family Micropezidae


Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 4 (3 illustrated). Genera: 53 (3 illustrated). Species.

Micropezinae [subfamily]

Mimegralla [genus]

Mimegralla abana, Mimegralla africana, Mimegralla albimana, Mimegralla albipes, Mimegralla albitarsis, Mimegralla australica, Mimegralla basilewskyi, Mimegralla baumanni, Mimegralla binghami, Mimegralla caligata, Mimegralla cedens, Mimegralla chrysopleura, Mimegralla cinereipennis, Mimegralla cocoensis, Mimegralla coeruleifrons, Mimegralla confinis, Mimegralla conradti, Mimegralla contingens, Mimegralla cyanescens, Mimegralla deferens, Mimegralla diffundens, Mimegralla elegans, Mimegralla extrema, Mimegralla flavicoxa, Mimegralla formosana, Mimegralla fuelleborni, Mimegralla galbula, Mimegralla gibbifera, Mimegralla gowgeyi, Mimegralla gutticollis, Mimegralla immiscens, Mimegralla immixta, Mimegralla incompleta, Mimegralla inornata, Mimegralla kambaitiensis, Mimegralla korinchiensis, Mimegralla laticeps, Mimegralla ledermanni, Mimegralla leucopeza, Mimegralla lunaria, Mimegralla luteilabris, Mimegralla lyra, Mimegralla macropus, Mimegralla magnifica, Mimegralla maynei, Mimegralla melanotica, Mimegralla mobekensis, Mimegralla nietneri, Mimegralla nigrocincta, Mimegralla niveitarsis, Mimegralla novaehebrideana, Mimegralla orbitalis, Mimegralla pliosema, Mimegralla prominens, Mimegralla prudens, Mimegralla pygmaea, Mimegralla resoluta, Mimegralla respondens, Mimegralla samoana, Mimegralla scapulifera, Mimegralla sepsoides, Mimegralla signaticollis, Mimegralla sinensis, Mimegralla solomonis, Mimegralla spinosa, Mimegralla splendens, Mimegralla stabilis, Mimegralla strenua, Mimegralla striatofasciata, Mimegralla stylophora, Mimegralla subfasciata, Mimegralla suzukiana, Mimegralla talamaui, Mimegralla teroensis, Mimegralla tessmanni, Mimegralla thaiensis, Mimegralla tongana, Mimegralla triannulata, Mimegralla trisetosa, Mimegralla tuberosa, Mimegralla venusta, Mimegralla wittei

Micropezidae photos with superspecies identification

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Micropezidae sp. Micropezidae sp. Micropezidae sp. Micropezidae sp. Micropezidae sp.


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