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Genus Peleteria

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Tachinidae subfamily Tachininae tribe Tachinini → genus Peleteria Robineau-Desvoidy 1830

Daughter taxa

Oxydosphyria Townsend, 1926 [subgenus]

Peleteria aclista, Peleteria iterans

Peleteria abdominalis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 [species]

Peleteria acutiforceps Zimin, 1961 [species]

Peleteria adelphe Zimin, 1961 [species]

Peleteria adentata Zimin, 1961 [species]

Peleteria albuquerquei Guimaraes, 1962 [species]

Peleteria analis Macquart, 1846 [species]

Peleteria andina Blanchard, 1943 [species]

Peleteria apicalis Walker, 1853 [species]

Peleteria apicata Curran, 1925 [species]

Peleteria aralica Smirnov, 1922 [species]

Peleteria bidentata Chao & Zhou, 1987 [species]

Peleteria blanchardi Guimaraes, 1971 [species]

Peleteria californiensis Macquart, 1851 [species]

Peleteria carnata Reinhard, 1953 [species]

Peleteria chaoi Zimin, 1961 [species]

Peleteria cinerascens Bigot, 1889 [species]

Peleteria cora Bigot, 1888 [species]

Peleteria corusca Richter, 1972 [species]

Peleteria curtiunguls Zimin, 1961 [species]

Peleteria emmesia Malloch, 1930 [species]

Peleteria erschoffl Portschinsky, 1882 [species]

Peleteria ferina Zetterstedt, 1844 [species]

Peleteria filipalpis Rondani, 1863 [species]

Peleteria flavobasicosta Chao & Zhou, 1987 [species]

Peleteria frater Chao & Shi, 1982 [species]

Peleteria fuscisquama Curran, 1925 [species]

Peleteria generosa Wulp, 1892 [species]

Peleteria giacomellii Blanchard, 1943 [species]

Peleteria grioti Blanchard, 1943 [species]

Peleteria hirta Curtis, 1835 [species]

Peleteria hokkaidensis Baranov, 1952 [species]

Peleteria honghuang Chao, 1979 [species]

Peleteria javana Wiedemann, 1819 [species]

Peleteria kolomyetzi Zimin, 1965 [species]

Peleteria kuanyan Chao, 1979 [species]

Peleteria lalandii Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 [species]

Peleteria lateralis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1863 [species]

Peleteria latifasciata Blanchard, 1943 [species]

Peleteria lianghei Chao, 1979 [species]

Peleteria lineata Blanchard, 1943 [species]

Peleteria lithanthrax Wiedemann, 1830 [species]

Peleteria longipalpis Emden, 1960 [species]

Peleteria macrocera Bigot, 1888 [species]

Peleteria manomera Chao, 1982 [species]

Peleteria maura Chao & Shi, 1982 [species]

Peleteria melania Chao & Shi, 1982 [species]

Peleteria meridionalis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 [species]

Peleteria mesnili Zimin, 1965 [species]

Peleteria mexicana Curran, 1925 [species]

Peleteria micans Zimin, 1961 [species]

Peleteria mimica Villeneuve, 1913 [species]

Peleteria minima Zimin, 1935 [species]

Peleteria multispinosa Thompson, 1963 [species]

Peleteria nemochaetoides Blanchard, 1943 [species]

Peleteria nigrifacies Zimin, 1961 [species]

Peleteria nigrita Zimin, 1961 [species]

Peleteria nitella Chao, 1982 [species]

Peleteria nyx Zimin, 1961 [species]

Peleteria pallida Zimin, 1935 [species]

Peleteria paolilli Costa, 1847 [species]

Peleteria paramonovi Zimin, 1935 [species]

Peleteria pilosa Malloch, 1930 [species]

Peleteria placuna Chao, 1982 [species]

Peleteria popelii Portschinsky, 1882 [species]

Peleteria prompta Meigen, 1824 [species]

Peleteria propinqua Zimin, 1961 [species]

Peleteria pseudoershovi Zimin, 1935 [species]

Peleteria pumila Robineau-Desvoidy, 1863 [species]

Peleteria pygmaea Macquart, 1851 [species]

Peleteria qutu Chao, 1979 [species]

Peleteria riwogeensis Chao & Shi, 1982 [species]

Peleteria rubescens Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 [species]

Peleteria rubifrons Bigot, 1887 [species]

Peleteria rubihirta Chao & Zhou, 1987 [species]

Peleteria rubrifrons Bigot, 1888 [species]

Peleteria ruficornis Macquart, 1835 [species]

Peleteria rustica Karsch, 1886 [species]

Peleteria seabrai Guimaraes, 1962 [species]

Peleteria semiglabra Zimin, 1961 [species]

Peleteria semirufa Blanchard, 1943 [species]

Peleteria setigera Malloch, 1930 [species]

Peleteria sibirica Smirnov, 1922 [species]

Peleteria similis Walker, 1853 [species]

Peleteria sphyricera Macquart, 1835 [species]

Peleteria subandina Blanchard, 1943 [species]

Peleteria tegulata Townsend, 1916 [species]

Peleteria trinitatis Thompson, 1963 [species]

Peleteria triseta Zimin, 1961 [species]

Peleteria umbratica Zimin, 1961 [species]

Peleteria varia (Fabricius, 1794) [species]

Peleteria versuta Loew, 1871 [species]

Peleteria vittata Macquart, 1846 [species]

Peleteria xenoprepes Loew, 1874 [species]


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