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Tribe Ernestiini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Tachinidae subfamily Tachininae → tribe Ernestiini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 6 (3 illustrated). Subgenera: 2 (0 illustrated). Species.

Hineomyia Townsend 1916 [genus]

Hineomyia setigera

Linnaemya Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 [genus]

Linnaemya, Ophina,
Linnaemya aculeata, Linnaemya agilis, Linnaemya agrestis, Linnaemya albifrons, Linnaemya alboscutellata, Linnaemya alopecina, Linnaemya altaica, Linnaemya ambigua, Linnaemya amicorum, Linnaemya amicula, Linnaemya andrewesi, Linnaemya angulicornis, Linnaemya angustiforceps, Linnaemya apricata, Linnaemya argyrozona, Linnaemya assimilis, Linnaemya atrisetosa, Linnaemya atriventris, Linnaemya aurantiaca, Linnaemya basilewskyi, Linnaemya bella, Linnaemya bequaerti, Linnaemya bigotinus, Linnaemya boxi, Linnaemya braunsi, Linnaemya brincki, Linnaemya brunneoguttata, Linnaemya burmana, Linnaemya caffra, Linnaemya chorleyi, Linnaemya ciliata, Linnaemya claripalla, Linnaemya compacta, Linnaemya concavicornis, Linnaemya conducens, Linnaemya consobrina, Linnaemya consobrinus, Linnaemya coxalis, Linnaemya crosskeyi, Linnaemya discretus, Linnaemya dumonti, Linnaemya eburneola, Linnaemya educata, Linnaemya elgonica, Linnaemya ethelia, Linnaemya felis, Linnaemya fissiglobula, Linnaemya flavimedia, Linnaemya frater, Linnaemya fulgens, Linnaemya fulvitarsis, Linnaemya fumipennis, Linnaemya geniseta, Linnaemya glabratus, Linnaemya glaucescens, Linnaemya gowdeyi, Linnaemya gracilipalpis, Linnaemya haemorrhoidalis, Linnaemya helvetica, Linnaemya hirtifrons, Linnaemya hirtipennis, Linnaemya hirtiradia, Linnaemya hirtradia, Linnaemya hybrida, Linnaemya impudica, Linnaemya ingrami, Linnaemya jaroschevskyi, Linnaemya jocosa, Linnaemya juvenilis, Linnaemya kanoi, Linnaemya keiseri, Linnaemya laevigatus, Linnaemya lateralis, Linnaemya latigena, Linnaemya laxiceps, Linnaemya leucaspis, Linnaemya lindneri, Linnaemya linguicerca, Linnaemya lithosiophaga, Linnaemya longirostris, Linnaemya luculenta, Linnaemya maculipes, Linnaemya majae, Linnaemya masiceroides, Linnaemya media, Linnaemya melancholica, Linnaemya metocha, Linnaemya microchaeta, Linnaemya microchaetopsis, Linnaemya montshadskyi, Linnaemya multisetosa, Linnaemya neavei, Linnaemya neavi, Linnaemya nigribarba, Linnaemya nigricornis, Linnaemya nigrifacies, Linnaemya nigrifrons, Linnaemya nigritarsis, Linnaemya nigrohirta, Linnaemya nonappendix, Linnaemya nudithorax, Linnaemya obscurellina, Linnaemya ochracea, Linnaemya olsufjevi, Linnaemya omega, Linnaemya oralis, Linnaemya pallida, Linnaemya pallidohirta, Linnaemya pallidula, Linnaemya paralongipalpis, Linnaemya paresetosa, Linnaemya pellex, Linnaemya pentheri, Linnaemya perinealis, Linnaemya persimilis, Linnaemya petiolata, Linnaemya picta, Linnaemya pictipennis, Linnaemya pilitarsis, Linnaemya polita, Linnaemya polychaeta, Linnaemya prohecate, Linnaemya propleuralis, Linnaemya pulchella, Linnaemya pullior, Linnaemya punctulata, Linnaemya rapidus, Linnaemya rhodesiana, Linnaemya rohdendorfi, Linnaemya rondanii, Linnaemya rossica, Linnaemya rubiginosa, Linnaemya rudebecki, Linnaemya ruficaudata, Linnaemya ruficornis, Linnaemya rufiventris, Linnaemya rutilus, Linnaemya saga, Linnaemya sarcophagoides, Linnaemya scutellaris, Linnaemya sericeus, Linnaemya setifrons, Linnaemya setinervis, Linnaemya setulosa, Linnaemya siamensis, Linnaemya smirnovi, Linnaemya somerenana, Linnaemya sophia, Linnaemya soror, Linnaemya sororcula, Linnaemya speciosissima, Linnaemya speculifera, Linnaemya stackelbergi, Linnaemya steini, Linnaemya strigipes, Linnaemya succineiventris, Linnaemya sulensis, Linnaemya sulphurea, Linnaemya takanoi, Linnaemya tessellans, Linnaemya thoracica, Linnaemya timida, Linnaemya torensis, Linnaemya tuberculata, Linnaemya tuberocerca, Linnaemya turbida, Linnaemya vagus, Linnaemya variegata, Linnaemya ventralis, Linnaemya victoria, Linnaemya vittiventris, Linnaemya vulpina, Linnaemya vulpinoides, Linnaemya zachvatkini, Linnaemya zhangi, Linnaemya zimini


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