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Tribe Winthemiini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Tachinidae subfamily Exoristinae → tribe Winthemiini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 7 (2 illustrated). Species.

Chesippus Reinhard 1967 [genus]

Chesippus notialis

Orasturmia Reinhard 1947 [genus]

Orasturmia vallicola

Winthemia Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 [genus]

Winthemia abdominalis, Winthemia alabamae, Winthemia amplipilosa, Winthemia analis, Winthemia analiselia, Winthemia andersoni, Winthemia angusta, Winthemia antennalis, Winthemia aurea, Winthemia aureonigra, Winthemia aurifrons, Winthemia aurulenta, Winthemia australis, Winthemia authentica, Winthemia bicrucis, Winthemia bohemani, Winthemia borealis, Winthemia brasiliensis, Winthemia brevicornis, Winthemia brevipennis, Winthemia caledoniae, Winthemia candida, Winthemia carocalae, Winthemia cecropia, Winthemia ciligera, Winthemia cinerea, Winthemia citheroniae, Winthemia claripilosa, Winthemia communis, Winthemia conformis, Winthemia consobrina, Winthemia cruentata, Winthemia cuyana, Winthemia cylindrica, Winthemia dasyops, Winthemia datanae, Winthemia deilephilae, Winthemia dimidiata, Winthemia diversoides, Winthemia dubiosa, Winthemia duplicata, Winthemia elegans, Winthemia erythropyga, Winthemia erythrura, Winthemia fasciculata, Winthemia flavescens, Winthemia floridensis, Winthemia fulvidapex, Winthemia gemilis, Winthemia geminata, Winthemia grioti, Winthemia hokkaidensis, Winthemia ignicornis, Winthemia ignobilis, Winthemia ikezakii, Winthemia imitator, Winthemia infesta, Winthemia intermedia, Winthemia interstincta, Winthemia intonsa, Winthemia jacentkovskyi, Winthemia javana, Winthemia lateralis, Winthemia latimana, Winthemia leucanae, Winthemia madecassa, Winthemia mallochi, Winthemia manducae, Winthemia marginalis, Winthemia masicerana, Winthemia mediocris, Winthemia militaris, Winthemia mima, Winthemia miyatakei, Winthemia montana, Winthemia neowinthemioides, Winthemia nigripalpis, Winthemia nitida, Winthemia novaguinea, Winthemia obscurata, Winthemia obscurella, Winthemia occidentis, Winthemia okefenokeensis, Winthemia ostensackenii, Winthemia pacifica, Winthemia palpalis, Winthemia pandurata, Winthemia papuana, Winthemia paraguayensis, Winthemia patagonica, Winthemia peruviana, Winthemia picea, Winthemia pilosa, Winthemia pinguioides, Winthemia pinguis, Winthemia polita, Winthemia pollinosa, Winthemia proclinata, Winthemia pruinosa, Winthemia pyrrhopyga, Winthemia quadrata, Winthemia quadripustulata, Winthemia queenslandica, Winthemia reinhardi, Winthemia reliqua, Winthemia remittens, Winthemia rifiventris, Winthemia roblesi, Winthemia rubra, Winthemia rubricornis, Winthemia ruficornis, Winthemia ruficrura, Winthemia rufilatera, Winthemia rufiventris, Winthemia rufonotata, Winthemia rufopicta, Winthemia sexualis, Winthemia singularis, Winthemia sinuata, Winthemia solomonica, Winthemia sororcula, Winthemia speciosa, Winthemia sponsa, Winthemia subpicera, Winthemia sumatrana, Winthemia terrosa, Winthemia tessellata, Winthemia testacea, Winthemia texana, Winthemia trichopareia, Winthemia tricolor, Winthemia trinitatis, Winthemia variegata, Winthemia venusta, Winthemia venustoides, Winthemia verticillata, Winthemia vesiculata, Winthemia viarum, Winthemia vinulae, Winthemia xanthocera


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