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Tribe Eryciini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Tachinidae subfamily Exoristinae → tribe Eryciini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 25 (2 illustrated). Subgenera: 2 (0 illustrated). Species.

Buquetia Robineau-Desvoidy 1847 [genus]

Buquetia intermedia, Buquetia musca, Buquetia obscura

Carcelia Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 [genus]

Carcelia aberrans, Carcelia abrelicta, Carcelia actaeosa, Carcelia aenea, Carcelia aequalis, Carcelia albatella, Carcelia albfacies, Carcelia albosericea, Carcelia alpestris, Carcelia ambigua, Carcelia amoena, Carcelia amplexa, Carcelia angulicornis, Carcelia angustipalpis, Carcelia argyriceps, Carcelia atricans, Carcelia atricosta, Carcelia atripes, Carcelia aurata, Carcelia auripulvis, Carcelia bakeri, Carcelia beijingensis, Carcelia bercei, Carcelia bigoti, Carcelia blepharipoides, Carcelia bombylans, Carcelia brevicaudata, Carcelia brevipilosa, Carcelia brevis, Carcelia burnsi, Carcelia callimorphae, Carcelia candens, Carcelia candidae, Carcelia canutipulvera, Carcelia capyrosa, Carcelia cariniforceps, Carcelia caudata, Carcelia caudatella, Carcelia ceylanica, Carcelia cinerea, Carcelia clara, Carcelia claripennis, Carcelia clava, Carcelia clavipalpis, Carcelia coniformis, Carcelia corvinoides, Carcelia cosmophilae, Carcelia dammermani, Carcelia delicatula, Carcelia dentata, Carcelia diacrisiae, Carcelia distincta, Carcelia diversa, Carcelia dominantalis, Carcelia dubia, Carcelia duponcheli, Carcelia europaea, Carcelia evolans, Carcelia excisa, Carcelia excisoides, Carcelia falenaria, Carcelia falx, Carcelia festiva, Carcelia flava, Carcelia flavescens, Carcelia flavimaculata, Carcelia flavirostris, Carcelia flavitibia, Carcelia forcipata, Carcelia formosa, Carcelia frontalis, Carcelia fujianensis, Carcelia fuscipennis, Carcelia gentilis, Carcelia gnava, Carcelia gracilis, Carcelia grisea, Carcelia grissemicans, Carcelia grossa, Carcelia hackeri, Carcelia hainanensis, Carcelia halliana, Carcelia hamata, Carcelia hardyi, Carcelia hectica, Carcelia hemimacquartioides, Carcelia hilaris, Carcelia hirsuta, Carcelia hirtspila, Carcelia iliaca, Carcelia illiberisi, Carcelia illota, Carcelia inculta, Carcelia indica, Carcelia inflatipalpis, Carcelia interfrontalia, Carcelia inusta, Carcelia iridipennis, Carcelia jilinensis, Carcelia judicabilis, Carcelia keiseri, Carcelia kindaitchin, Carcelia kockiana, Carcelia kowarzi, Carcelia laetifica, Carcelia laevigata, Carcelia lagoae, Carcelia languida, Carcelia laticauda, Carcelia latifacialia, Carcelia latistylata, Carcelia laxifrons, Carcelia lena, Carcelia lepida, Carcelia leptocephala, Carcelia lindneri, Carcelia longichaeta, Carcelia longiepandriuma, Carcelia longimana, Carcelia lucidula, Carcelia lucorum, Carcelia lymantriae, Carcelia macroura, Carcelia maculata, Carcelia malacosomae, Carcelia malayana, Carcelia matsukarehae, Carcelia mimoexcisa, Carcelia mirabilis, Carcelia murina, Carcelia musca, Carcelia muscoides, Carcelia nigrantennata, Carcelia nigrapex, Carcelia nitidapex, Carcelia nitidiventris, Carcelia norma, Carcelia normula, Carcelia noumeensis, Carcelia nudioculata, Carcelia oblectanea, Carcelia oblimata, Carcelia obliterata, Carcelia occidentalis, Carcelia octava, Carcelia oculata, Carcelia olenensis, Carcelia orbitalis, Carcelia pallensa, Carcelia pallidipes, Carcelia palpalis, Carcelia paluma, Carcelia patellata, Carcelia pellex, Carcelia peraequalis, Carcelia perplexa, Carcelia persimilis, Carcelia pesitra, Carcelia piligena, Carcelia pilosa, Carcelia pilosella, Carcelia placida, Carcelia plusiae, Carcelia polyvalens, Carcelia prima, Carcelia prominens, Carcelia protuberans, Carcelia pseudocaudata, Carcelia puberula, Carcelia puella, Carcelia quarta, Carcelia quinta, Carcelia rasa, Carcelia rasella, Carcelia rasoides, Carcelia recilnata, Carcelia reclinata, Carcelia ridibunda, Carcelia rondaniella, Carcelia rubrella, Carcelia rufiventris, Carcelia rutilloides, Carcelia secunda, Carcelia septima, Carcelia sericea, Carcelia setamacula, Carcelia setosella, Carcelia sexta, Carcelia shangfangshanica, Carcelia shibuyai, Carcelia shimai, Carcelia singgalangia, Carcelia sonans, Carcelia sphingum, Carcelia stackelbergi, Carcelia subferrifera, Carcelia sumatrana, Carcelia sumatrensis, Carcelia takanoi, Carcelia talwurrapin, Carcelia tasmanica, Carcelia tentans, Carcelia tenuiforceps, Carcelia tertia, Carcelia thalpocharidis, Carcelia tibialis, Carcelia tjibodana, Carcelia townsendi, Carcelia transbaicalica, Carcelia tremula, Carcelia unisetosa, Carcelia vaga, Carcelia vara, Carcelia velox, Carcelia vernalis, Carcelia vexor, Carcelia vibrissata, Carcelia vicinalis, Carcelia villicauda, Carcelia vivida, Carcelia xanthohirta, Carcelia xishuangbannanica, Carcelia yakushimana, Carcelia yalensis, Carcelia yongshunensis

Phryxe Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 [genus]

Phryxe agilis, Phryxe agnita, Phryxe agricola, Phryxe albida, Phryxe amlis, Phryxe anceps, Phryxe anxia, Phryxe appendiculata, Phryxe aprifina, Phryxe ardeacea, Phryxe arvensis, Phryxe atrata, Phryxe aurulenta, Phryxe avida, Phryxe basalis, Phryxe bellierella, Phryxe bombycivora, Phryxe brunnescens, Phryxe caesia, Phryxe camporum, Phryxe carceli, Phryxe caudata, Phryxe cinerascens, Phryxe cinerella, Phryxe claripennis, Phryxe coarctata, Phryxe commota, Phryxe compta, Phryxe concessa, Phryxe confusa, Phryxe consica, Phryxe contenla, Phryxe cunctata, Phryxe debita, Phryxe decidua, Phryxe delata, Phryxe delusa, Phryxe diligens, Phryxe discrera, Phryxe disuncia, Phryxe dolour, Phryxe dumetorum, Phryxe educata, Phryxe edwardsella, Phryxe egena, Phryxe electa, Phryxe elliplica, Phryxe erythrostoma, Phryxe exacta, Phryxe excitata, Phryxe exilis, Phryxe extrema, Phryxe fallax, Phryxe famula, Phryxe fatua, Phryxe fausta, Phryxe ferrugata, Phryxe fida, Phryxe flavibarbis, Phryxe flavisquamis, Phryxe florida, Phryxe frontalis, Phryxe fuscifrons, Phryxe futilis, Phryxe germana, Phryxe glabrata, Phryxe grisescens, Phryxe guerinella, Phryxe heraclei, Phryxe hilaris, Phryxe hirta, Phryxe honesta, Phryxe horiensis, Phryxe impatiens, Phryxe imprudens, Phryxe inops, Phryxe intacta, Phryxe laeta, Phryxe laevigata, Phryxe larvicola, Phryxe lasiocampae, Phryxe lateralis, Phryxe lepida, Phryxe libera, Phryxe lubrica, Phryxe luctuosa, Phryxe macquarti, Phryxe maculata, Phryxe maesta, Phryxe magnicornis, Phryxe maialis, Phryxe mandata, Phryxe marginalis, Phryxe meditata, Phryxe microcera, Phryxe minuta, Phryxe missa, Phryxe mitis, Phryxe modesta, Phryxe munda, Phryxe myoidea, Phryxe nana, Phryxe nemea, Phryxe nemorum, Phryxe nigra, Phryxe nigrifrons, Phryxe nigrita, Phryxe noctuarum, Phryxe notata, Phryxe nugax, Phryxe nupta, Phryxe objecta, Phryxe oblata, Phryxe oblita, Phryxe obscurata, Phryxe offensa, Phryxe officiosa, Phryxe operata, Phryxe opportuna, Phryxe ostendata, Phryxe pabulina, Phryxe pacifica, Phryxe patruelis, Phryxe pauperata, Phryxe pavida, Phryxe pecosensis, Phryxe placida, Phryxe potatoria, Phryxe praecox, Phryxe prarensis, Phryxe prima, Phryxe probata, Phryxe properata, Phryxe pruinosa, Phryxe puella, Phryxe punctata, Phryxe pygmaea, Phryxe quadrillum, Phryxe quadrinotata, Phryxe quieta, Phryxe rapida, Phryxe rectella, Phryxe relata, Phryxe retusa, Phryxe rotundata, Phryxe ruralis, Phryxe sabulosa, Phryxe saepium, Phryxe sculellaris, Phryxe scutellata, Phryxe secutrix, Phryxe sedula, Phryxe selecta, Phryxe semicaudata, Phryxe sendis, Phryxe setifacies, Phryxe setinervis, Phryxe severa, Phryxe signata, Phryxe similis, Phryxe sobria, Phryxe solata, Phryxe solers, Phryxe stygina, Phryxe superba, Phryxe temerania, Phryxe tenebrata, Phryxe tenebricosa, Phryxe tiphaecola, Phryxe tolucana, Phryxe transita, Phryxe tremula, Phryxe trepida, Phryxe unicolor, Phryxe urbana, Phryxe vaga, Phryxe velox, Phryxe vicina, Phryxe vigil, Phryxe villana, Phryxe villica, Phryxe vinosa, Phryxe virgo, Phryxe vulgaris

Tsugaea Hall 1939 [genus]

Tsugaea nox

Eryciini photos with superspecies identification

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Eryciini sp. Eryciini sp.


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