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Family Ceraphronidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ceraphronoidea → family Ceraphronidae

Daughter taxa

Genera: 14 (0 illustrated). Species.

Aphanogmus Thomson, 1858 [genus]

Aphanogmus abdominalis, Aphanogmus amoratus, Aphanogmus angustipennis, Aphanogmus aphidi, Aphanogmus apicalis, Aphanogmus apteryx, Aphanogmus asper, Aphanogmus assimilis, Aphanogmus bicolor, Aphanogmus brunneus, Aphanogmus canadensis, Aphanogmus captiosus, Aphanogmus clavatellus, Aphanogmus claviartus, Aphanogmus clavicornis, Aphanogmus compressiventris, Aphanogmus compressus, Aphanogmus conicus, Aphanogmus crassiceps, Aphanogmus dessarti, Aphanogmus dictynna, Aphanogmus dolichocerus, Aphanogmus dorsalis, Aphanogmus elegantulus, Aphanogmus eurymerus, Aphanogmus fasciipennis, Aphanogmus fasciolatus, Aphanogmus fijiensis, Aphanogmus floridanus, Aphanogmus fulmeki, Aphanogmus fumipennis, Aphanogmus furcatus, Aphanogmus gibbus, Aphanogmus goniozi, Aphanogmus gracilicornis, Aphanogmus granulosus, Aphanogmus guadalcanalensis, Aphanogmus hakgalae, Aphanogmus hakonensis, Aphanogmus harringtoni, Aphanogmus incredibilis, Aphanogmus insularis, Aphanogmus javensis, Aphanogmus lamellifer, Aphanogmus limbocellatus, Aphanogmus longiclavus, Aphanogmus manihoti, Aphanogmus manilae, Aphanogmus marylandicus, Aphanogmus megacephalus, Aphanogmus microcleptes, Aphanogmus microneurus, Aphanogmus monilicornis, Aphanogmus myrmecobius, Aphanogmus nanus, Aphanogmus neglectus, Aphanogmus niger, Aphanogmus nigripes, Aphanogmus origenus, Aphanogmus pallidipes, Aphanogmus parvulus, Aphanogmus perfoliatus, Aphanogmus picicornis, Aphanogmus pidurutalagalae, Aphanogmus polymorphus, Aphanogmus procerus, Aphanogmus radialis, Aphanogmus remotus, Aphanogmus reticulatus, Aphanogmus rufus, Aphanogmus salicicola, Aphanogmus serrulatus, Aphanogmus sigras, Aphanogmus socius, Aphanogmus steinitzi, Aphanogmus strabus, Aphanogmus strobilorum, Aphanogmus subapterus, Aphanogmus tenuicornis, Aphanogmus terminalis, Aphanogmus thomasinianae, Aphanogmus thylax, Aphanogmus triozae, Aphanogmus trispinosus, Aphanogmus unifasciatus, Aphanogmus varipes, Aphanogmus vernoniae, Aphanogmus vicinus, Aphanogmus virginiensis, Aphanogmus vitripennis

Ceraphron Jurine, 1807 [genus]

Ceraphron abnormis, Ceraphron achilles, Ceraphron adonis, Ceraphron aguinaldoi, Ceraphron alticola, Ceraphron amphimelas, Ceraphron amplus, Ceraphron ankaratrae, Ceraphron apelles, Ceraphron apollo, Ceraphron ater, Ceraphron atlas, Ceraphron atriceps, Ceraphron aureus, Ceraphron auripes, Ceraphron australicus, Ceraphron barbieri, Ceraphron bessalis, Ceraphron bestiola, Ceraphron bicolor, Ceraphron bifasciatipennis, Ceraphron bispinosus, Ceraphron brachyptera, Ceraphron brevicornis, Ceraphron brevipennis, Ceraphron bruchi, Ceraphron caccabatus, Ceraphron californicus, Ceraphron calliope, Ceraphron carinatus, Ceraphron carlylei, Ceraphron cavifrons, Ceraphron cephalonica, Ceraphron cephalotes, Ceraphron chouvakhinae, Ceraphron cicerinum, Ceraphron clavatus, Ceraphron coactiliarius, Ceraphron compactus, Ceraphron concinnus, Ceraphron confusus, Ceraphron conjunctus, Ceraphron corynephorus, Ceraphron crassiusculus, Ceraphron crenulatus, Ceraphron croceipes, Ceraphron croesus, Ceraphron cursor, Ceraphron daphnis, Ceraphron depressus, Ceraphron diana, Ceraphron dichromus, Ceraphron doddi, Ceraphron elongatus, Ceraphron eriophorus, Ceraphron erythrothorax, Ceraphron facialis, Ceraphron fasciatus, Ceraphron flaviceps, Ceraphron flavicornis, Ceraphron flavicoxa, Ceraphron flaviscapus, Ceraphron flaviventris, Ceraphron flavus, Ceraphron formicarius, Ceraphron fulvus, Ceraphron fummipennis, Ceraphron fuscicornis, Ceraphron gallicola, Ceraphron giraulti, Ceraphron glabricornis, Ceraphron graecus, Ceraphron grenadensis, Ceraphron helena, Ceraphron hemipterus, Ceraphron hercules, Ceraphron heterothysanus, Ceraphron huggerti, Ceraphron inflatus, Ceraphron io, Ceraphron iole, Ceraphron irokoi, Ceraphron ivorensis, Ceraphron kamiyae, Ceraphron laticornis, Ceraphron leai, Ceraphron longistriatus, Ceraphron longulus, Ceraphron lycaon, Ceraphron macroneurus, Ceraphron magnicornis, Ceraphron masneri, Ceraphron megacephalus, Ceraphron melanocerus, Ceraphron melantatocephalus, Ceraphron mellicornis, Ceraphron mellipes, Ceraphron meridianus, Ceraphron meridionalis, Ceraphron minutus, Ceraphron modicus, Ceraphron mugitamae, Ceraphron muscophilus, Ceraphron myrmecophilus, Ceraphron myrmicarum, Ceraphron naivashae, Ceraphron narcissus, Ceraphron nasutus, Ceraphron nevadensis, Ceraphron nigraticeps, Ceraphron nigrelliceps, Ceraphron notauliciferus, Ceraphron nubeculatus, Ceraphron obscurus, Ceraphron oenone, Ceraphron omphale, Ceraphron orbitalis, Ceraphron pacificus, Ceraphron pallipes, Ceraphron parvalatus, Ceraphron pedalis, Ceraphron pedes, Ceraphron planus, Ceraphron plebeius, Ceraphron pleurostriatus, Ceraphron politifrons, Ceraphron pristomicrops, Ceraphron pulcher, Ceraphron pulcherrimus, Ceraphron punctatellus, Ceraphron punctatus, Ceraphron queenslandicus, Ceraphron quissetensis, Ceraphron rhopalatos, Ceraphron robustus, Ceraphron rufigena, Ceraphron rugifrons, Ceraphron sanctivincenti, Ceraphron sarpedon, Ceraphron saxatilis, Ceraphron schwarzi, Ceraphron scoticus, Ceraphron serraticornis, Ceraphron siwalikus, Ceraphron soavinae, Ceraphron solitarius, Ceraphron somali, Ceraphron speciosissimus, Ceraphron speculiger, Ceraphron splendens, Ceraphron splendidus, Ceraphron squamiger, Ceraphron stenopterus, Ceraphron striolatus, Ceraphron stupendus, Ceraphron subopacus, Ceraphron sulcatifrons, Ceraphron sulcatus, Ceraphron sylviae, Ceraphron tasmanicus, Ceraphron temporalis, Ceraphron tertius, Ceraphron testaceipes, Ceraphron testaceus, Ceraphron tetraochros, Ceraphron tetraplastus, Ceraphron tetratomus, Ceraphron thegaleos, Ceraphron thomsoni, Ceraphron triochros, Ceraphron trissacantha, Ceraphron tritomus, Ceraphron troglodytes, Ceraphron tsaratananae, Ceraphron unicolor, Ceraphron unispinosus, Ceraphron vagans, Ceraphron varicornis, Ceraphron variolosus, Ceraphron vegrandis, Ceraphron vulgaris, Ceraphron whittakeri, Ceraphron xanthogaster, Ceraphron ypsilon

Donadiola Dessart, 1975 [genus]

Donadiola francescae

Ecitonetes Brues, 1902 [genus]

Ecitonetes subapterus

Elysoceraphron Szelenyi, 1936 [genus]

Elysoceraphron hungaricus

Retasus Dessart, 1984 [genus]

Retasus ater


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