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Family Chrysididae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Aculeata superfamily Chrysidoidea → family Chrysididae


Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 2 (1 illustrated). Tribes: 3 (2 illustrated). Genera: 21 (4 illustrated). Subgenera: 1 (0 illustrated). Species.

Cleptinae [subfamily]


Chrysis Linnaeus 1761 [genus]

Chrysis adipata, Chrysis aestiva, Chrysis albanica, Chrysis alcudiae, Chrysis amasina, Chrysis ambigua, Chrysis analis, Chrysis andradei, Chrysis angolensis, Chrysis angustifrons, Chrysis angustula, Chrysis annulata, Chrysis anoma, Chrysis atraclypeata, Chrysis atriventra, Chrysis atrocomitata, Chrysis auriceps, Chrysis aurotecta, Chrysis balearica, Chrysis bergi, Chrysis berlandi, Chrysis bicolor, Chrysis blanchardi, Chrysis brevicollis, Chrysis breviradialis, Chrysis brevitarsis, Chrysis bytinskii, Chrysis caeruliventris, Chrysis calimorpha, Chrysis calpensis, Chrysis canaria, Chrysis caspiensis, Chrysis castiliana, Chrysis castillana, Chrysis cerastes, Chrysis chalcea, Chrysis chinensis, Chrysis chlorospila, Chrysis chrysoprasina, Chrysis chrysoscutella, Chrysis chrysostigma, Chrysis chrysoviolacea, Chrysis cingulicornis, Chrysis circe, Chrysis clarinicollis, Chrysis clivosa, Chrysis coa, Chrysis coerulans, Chrysis cohaerea, Chrysis comitata, Chrysis comparata, Chrysis comta, Chrysis consanguinea, Chrysis continentalis, Chrysis corsica, Chrysis cortii, Chrysis corusca, Chrysis cylindrica, Chrysis cypruscula, Chrysis daphnis, Chrysis diacantha, Chrysis distincta, Chrysis duplogermari, Chrysis dusmetina, Chrysis elegans, Chrysis emarginatula, Chrysis equestris, Chrysis exsulans, Chrysis fasciata, Chrysis frankenbergeri, Chrysis friesei, Chrysis frivaldszkyi, Chrysis fugax, Chrysis fulgida, Chrysis fulvicornis, Chrysis germari, Chrysis glasunovi, Chrysis globuliscutella, Chrysis gracillima, Chrysis graelsii, Chrysis gribodoi, Chrysis grohmanni, Chrysis grumorum, Chrysis handlirschi, Chrysis heraklionica, Chrysis hohmanni, Chrysis hydropica, Chrysis ignescoa, Chrysis ignicollis, Chrysis ignifacies, Chrysis ignigena, Chrysis ignita, Chrysis illigeri, Chrysis immaculata, Chrysis impressa, Chrysis inaequalis, Chrysis inclinata, Chrysis indigotea, Chrysis insperata, Chrysis integra, Chrysis interjecta, Chrysis io, Chrysis iris, Chrysis irreperta, Chrysis iucunda, Chrysis jaxartis, Chrysis judaica, Chrysis kolazyi, Chrysis lanceolata, Chrysis larochei, Chrysis leachii, Chrysis leptomandibularis, Chrysis lincea, Chrysis longula, Chrysis lucida, Chrysis lusitanica, Chrysis maderi, Chrysis magnidens, Chrysis magnifacialis, Chrysis manicata, Chrysis marginata, Chrysis maroccana, Chrysis martinella, Chrysis mavromoustakisi, Chrysis mediadentata, Chrysis mediata, Chrysis merceti, Chrysis millenaris, Chrysis mirabilis, Chrysis misella, Chrysis mixta, Chrysis mocquerysi, Chrysis mutabilis, Chrysis mysticalis, Chrysis nitidula, Chrysis obtusidens, Chrysis paglianoi, Chrysis pellucidula, Chrysis peninsularis, Chrysis perexigua, Chrysis perpulchra, Chrysis perrisi, Chrysis phryne, Chrysis placida, Chrysis portugalia, Chrysis provancheri, Chrysis provenceana, Chrysis pseudobrevitarsis, Chrysis pseudogribodoi, Chrysis pseudoincisa, Chrysis pseudoscutellaris, Chrysis pulchella, Chrysis pulcherrima, Chrysis pyrophana, Chrysis pyrrhina, Chrysis ragusae, Chrysis ramburi, Chrysis rectianalis, Chrysis rubrocoerulea, Chrysis ruddii, Chrysis rufitarsis, Chrysis rutilans, Chrysis rutiliventris, Chrysis schencki, Chrysis schousboei, Chrysis sculpturata, Chrysis scutellaris, Chrysis sehestedti, Chrysis semicincta, Chrysis semistriata, Chrysis separata, Chrysis sexdentata, Chrysis simplonica, Chrysis solida, Chrysis soror, Chrysis splendidula, Chrysis subanalis, Chrysis subaurotecta, Chrysis subcoriacea, Chrysis subsinuata, Chrysis succincta, Chrysis sucincta, Chrysis taczanovskii, Chrysis taurica, Chrysis tridens, Chrysis umbofacialis, Chrysis valesiana, Chrysis valida, Chrysis varidens, Chrysis verhoeffi, Chrysis verna, Chrysis viridula, Chrysis westerlundi

Mesitiopterus Ashmead 1902 [genus]

Chrysididae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Chrysididae sp. (large size).

Chrysididae sp. Chrysididae sp. Chrysididae sp. Chrysididae sp. Chrysididae sp. Chrysididae sp. Chrysididae sp. Chrysididae sp. Chrysididae sp. Chrysididae sp. Chrysididae sp. Chrysididae sp. Chrysididae sp. Chrysididae sp. Chrysididae sp. Chrysididae sp. Chrysididae sp.


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