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Subfamily Thripinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Paraneoptera order Thysanoptera suborder Terebrantia family Thripidae → subfamily Thripinae Karny, 1921


Daughter taxa

Genera: 76 (5 illustrated). Subgenera: 3 (1 illustrated). Species.

Asprothrips J. C. Crawford, 1938 [genus]

Asprothrips seminigricornis

Baliothrips Uzel 1895 [genus]

Baliothrips dispar

Bravothrips Johansen, 1966 [genus]

Bravothrips mexicanus

Ceratothrips Reuter 1899 [genus]

Ceratothrips ericae

Danothrips Bhatti 1971 [genus]

Danothrips trifasciatus

Firmothrips Schliephake 1972 [genus]

Firmothrips firmus

Glaucothrips Karny 1921 [genus]

Glaucothrips glaucus

Tameothrips Bhatti 1978 [genus]

Tameothrips tamicola

Thrips Linnaeus 1758 [genus]

Thrips acaciae, Thrips albogilvus, Thrips albopilosus, Thrips alni, Thrips alysii, Thrips angusticeps, Thrips asparagi, Thrips atratus, Thrips aureolariae, Thrips aureus, Thrips aurulentus, Thrips australis, Thrips brevialatus, Thrips brevicornis, Thrips brevipilosus, Thrips buxi, Thrips calcaratus, Thrips conferticornis, Thrips crassicornis, Thrips crawfordi, Thrips difficilis, Thrips dilatatus, Thrips discolor, Thrips distinctus, Thrips dubius, Thrips euphorbiae, Thrips euphorbiicola, Thrips fallaciosus, Thrips fedorovi, Thrips flavus, Thrips floricola, Thrips florum, Thrips frosti, Thrips fulvipes, Thrips funebris, Thrips fuscipennis, Thrips gentluteae, Thrips gracilis, Thrips gramineae, Thrips hawaiiensis, Thrips helianthi, Thrips helvolus, Thrips heraclei, Thrips herricki, Thrips idahoensis, Thrips imaginis, Thrips impar, Thrips incognitus, Thrips inopinatus, Thrips intricatus, Thrips italicus, Thrips juniperinus, Thrips klapaleki, Thrips konoi, Thrips linariae, Thrips linarius, Thrips madronii, Thrips magnus, Thrips major, Thrips mancosetosus, Thrips mareoticus, Thrips mediterraneus, Thrips menyanthidis, Thrips meridionalis, Thrips microchaetus, Thrips minutissimus, Thrips monotropae, Thrips mucidus, Thrips nelsoni, Thrips nigropilosus, Thrips oneillae, Thrips orientalis, Thrips origani, Thrips pallicornis, Thrips pallidicollis, Thrips palmi, Thrips palustris, Thrips paramadronii, Thrips pauciporus, Thrips pectinatus, Thrips pelikani, Thrips pennatus, Thrips physapus, Thrips pillichi, Thrips pini, Thrips poultoni, Thrips praetermissus, Thrips pruni, Thrips pseudoflavus, Thrips quinciensis, Thrips robustus, Thrips roepkei, Thrips sambuci, Thrips sierrensis, Thrips sieversiae, Thrips simplex, Thrips simulator, Thrips spadix, Thrips spinosus, Thrips stannardi, Thrips sylvanus, Thrips tabaci, Thrips tenellus, Thrips thalictri, Thrips timidus, Thrips trehernei, Thrips tripartitus, Thrips trybomi, Thrips urticae, Thrips validus, Thrips varipes, Thrips verbasci, Thrips viminalis, Thrips vuilleti, Thrips vulgatissimus, Thrips winnemanae

Tmetothrips Amyot & Serville 1843 [genus]

Tmetothrips subapterus

Toxonothrips Moulton 1927 [genus]

Toxonothrips gramineae

Xerothrips Nakahara 1996 [genus]

Xerothrips dissimilis

Zonothrips Priesner 1926 [genus]

Zonothrips osmundae


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