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Tribe Deraeocorini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Paraneoptera order Hemiptera suborder Heteroptera infraorder Cimicomorpha superfamily Miroidea family Miridae subfamily Deraeocorinae → tribe Deraeocorini Douglas & Scott 1865


Daughter taxa

Genera: 8 (1 illustrated). Subgenera: 4 (2 illustrated). Species.

Deraeocoris Kirschbaum, 1856 [genus]

Camptobrochis, Deraeocoris, Knightocapsus, Plexaris,
Deraeocoris albigulus, Deraeocoris alnicola, Deraeocoris apache, Deraeocoris aphidiphagus, Deraeocoris appalachianus, Deraeocoris atriventris, Deraeocoris bakeri, Deraeocoris balli, Deraeocoris barberi, Deraeocoris betulae, Deraeocoris borealis, Deraeocoris brevis, Deraeocoris bullatus, Deraeocoris cerachates, Deraeocoris cochise, Deraeocoris comanche, Deraeocoris convexulus, Deraeocoris davisi, Deraeocoris delicatus, Deraeocoris diveni, Deraeocoris fasciolus, Deraeocoris fenestratus, Deraeocoris franserensis, Deraeocoris fulgidus, Deraeocoris fulvescens, Deraeocoris fulvus, Deraeocoris fusifrons, Deraeocoris gilensis, Deraeocoris grandis, Deraeocoris hesperus, Deraeocoris histrio, Deraeocoris incertus, Deraeocoris kennicotti, Deraeocoris knightonius, Deraeocoris laricicola, Deraeocoris luridipes, Deraeocoris madisonensis, Deraeocoris manitou, Deraeocoris mutatus, Deraeocoris navajo, Deraeocoris nebulosus, Deraeocoris nigrifrons, Deraeocoris nigritulus, Deraeocoris nitenatus, Deraeocoris nubilus, Deraeocoris olivaceus, Deraeocoris ornatus, Deraeocoris piceicola, Deraeocoris picipes, Deraeocoris pinicola, Deraeocoris poecilus, Deraeocoris quercicola, Deraeocoris ruber, Deraeocoris rubripes, Deraeocoris rubroclarus, Deraeocoris rufiventris, Deraeocoris sayi, Deraeocoris schuhi, Deraeocoris schwarzii, Deraeocoris shastan, Deraeocoris tinctus, Deraeocoris triannulipes, Deraeocoris tsugae, Deraeocoris validus, Deraeocoris vanduzeei

Diplozona Van Duzee, 1915 [genus]

Diplozona collaris

Klopicoris Van Duzee, 1915 [genus]

Klopicoris phorodendronae


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