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Genus Deltocephalus

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Paraneoptera order Hemiptera suborder Auchenorrhyncha infraorder Cicadomorpha superfamily Membracoidea family Cicadellidae → genus Deltocephalus Burmeister, 1838

Daughter taxa

Deltocephalus africanus Naudé 1926 [species]

Deltocephalus alacer Stål 1859 [species]

Deltocephalus alienus Melichar 1899 [species]

Deltocephalus aputelius Fieber 1869 [species]

Deltocephalus aristida Cogan 1916 [species]

Deltocephalus artemisiae Gillette & Baker 1895 [species]

Deltocephalus asemus Fieber 1869 [species]

Deltocephalus atrodentatus Naudé 1926 [species]

Deltocephalus balli Van Duzee 1916 [species]

Deltocephalus bapatlensis S. Jacob & Rao [species]

Deltocephalus barcalus DeLong 1984 [species]

Deltocephalus bavaricus Ribaut 1936 [species]

Deltocephalus beomus Kramer 1971 [species]

Deltocephalus bicolor Singh-Pruthi 1930 [species]

Deltocephalus biermani Blöte 1927 [species]

Deltocephalus bipunctatus Matsumura 1902 [species]

Deltocephalus brachynotus Fieber 1869 [species]

Deltocephalus brunnescens Distant 1908 [species]

Deltocephalus bulgaricus Oshanin 1912 [species]

Deltocephalus butleri Distant 1918 [species]

Deltocephalus buysi Kramer 1965 [species]

Deltocephalus campanus Naudé 1926 [species]

Deltocephalus campbelli Distant 1918 [species]

Deltocephalus castoreus Ball 1899 [species]

Deltocephalus chhota Singh-Pruthi 1930 [species]

Deltocephalus chlorippe Kirkaldy 1907 [species]

Deltocephalus coloratus Distant 1918 [species]

Deltocephalus contrerasi Van Duzee 1923 [species]

Deltocephalus coronatus Melichar 1904 [species]

Deltocephalus costistriatus Matsumura 1915 [species]

Deltocephalus cotula Cogan 1916 [species]

Deltocephalus deletus Baker 1924 [species]

Deltocephalus diagnalis DeLong 1984 [species]

Deltocephalus ecchelii Ferrari, 1892 [species]

Deltocephalus eques Jacobi 1910 [species]

Deltocephalus eurylobus Kirschbaum 1868 [species]

Deltocephalus eurypterus Melichar 1902 [species]

Deltocephalus festivus Melichar 1899 [species]

Deltocephalus flavinervis Kirschbaum 1868 [species]

Deltocephalus flavus Fieber 1869 [species]

Deltocephalus flebilis Fieber 1869 [species]

Deltocephalus fletcheri Singh-Pruthi 1930 [species]

Deltocephalus frionus DeLong 1984 [species]

Deltocephalus furciferus Jacobi 1941 [species]

Deltocephalus fuscinervosus Van Duzee 1894 [species]

Deltocephalus fuscovarius Distant 1918 [species]

Deltocephalus gnarus Ball 1900 [species]

Deltocephalus hamatus Then, 1896 [species]

Deltocephalus hartigi Wagner 1942 [species]

Deltocephalus histrionicus Kirkaldy 1907 [species]

Deltocephalus hoashii Matsumura 1915 [species]

Deltocephalus hospes Kirkaldy, 1904 [species]

Deltocephalus hyalinus Fieber 1869 [species]

Deltocephalus immaculipennis Blanchard 1852 [species]

Deltocephalus incisurus DeLong 1926 [species]

Deltocephalus indicus Singh-Pruthi 1936 [species]

Deltocephalus jacintus DeLong 1984 [species]

Deltocephalus jaraxus Kramer 1965 [species]

Deltocephalus jenjouristi Zachvatkin 1933 [species]

Deltocephalus kalaffoensis Heller & Linnavuori 1968 [species]

Deltocephalus kanoniellus Matsumura 1940 [species]

Deltocephalus kilimanus Jacobi 1910 [species]

Deltocephalus kolenatyi Fieber 1869 [species]

Deltocephalus leucophaeus Kirschbaum 1868 [species]

Deltocephalus lineatifrons Oman 1931 [species]

Deltocephalus lobatus Linnavuori 1961 [species]

Deltocephalus lucindae Kirkaldy 1907 [species]

Deltocephalus luteus Mulsant & Rey 1855 [species]

Deltocephalus maculatus Singh-Pruthi 1930 [species]

Deltocephalus maculiceps Boheman, 1847 [species]

Deltocephalus malaiasiae Jacobi 1941 [species]

Deltocephalus marginivalvis Lethierry 1889 [species]

Deltocephalus matsumuri Baker 1925 [species]

Deltocephalus megalurus Puton 1898 [species]

Deltocephalus melichari Distant 1913 [species]

Deltocephalus mellae Ferrari, 1882 [species]

Deltocephalus menoni Rama Subba Rao & Ramakrishnan 1990 [species]

Deltocephalus metcalfi Kramer 1965 [species]

Deltocephalus minutulus Förster 1891 [species]

Deltocephalus minutus Van Duzee 1890 [species]

Deltocephalus mystax Hamilton & Ross 1975 [species]

Deltocephalus nakaharae Matsumura 1914 [species]

Deltocephalus nana Van Duzee 1923 [species]

Deltocephalus nigrinota DeLong & Mohr 1937 [species]

Deltocephalus nigriventer Sanders & DeLong 1917 [species]

Deltocephalus nigriventris Kuoh 1985 [species]

Deltocephalus obliteratus Fieber 1869 [species]

Deltocephalus ogumae Matsumura 1914 [species]

Deltocephalus oranensis Matsumura 1908 [species]

Deltocephalus ornatulus Melichar 1911 [species]

Deltocephalus pauxillus Fieber 1869 [species]

Deltocephalus penonus DeLong 1980 [species]

Deltocephalus porticus [species]

D. p. immaculatus

Deltocephalus posadai Kramer 1965 [species]

Deltocephalus problematicus Linnavuori 1960 [species]

Deltocephalus pruthii Metcalf 1967 [species]

Deltocephalus pulicaris Fallén 1806 [species]

Deltocephalus pulvisculus Distant 1908 [species]

Deltocephalus puncticeps Jacobi 1941 [species]

Deltocephalus quadriplagiatus Jacobi 1941 [species]

Deltocephalus replicatus DeLong 1984 [species]

Deltocephalus rufolineatus Melichar 1903 [species]

Deltocephalus saladurus Ball & DeLong 1926 [species]

Deltocephalus samuelsoni Knight 1976 [species]

Deltocephalus sapporonis Matsumura 1914 [species]

Deltocephalus scriptus Distant 1908 [species]

Deltocephalus scuticus DeLong 1984 [species]

Deltocephalus serpentinus Hamilton & Ross 1975 [species]

Deltocephalus sonorus Ball, 1900 [species]

Deltocephalus stigma Rey 1892 [species]

Deltocephalus taedius Kirkaldy 1906 [species]

Deltocephalus tobae Matsumura 1901 [species]

Deltocephalus transparipennis Motschulsky, 1863 [species]

Deltocephalus trifax Kramer 1963 [species]

Deltocephalus triinfulatus Breddin 1897 [species]

Deltocephalus vanduzei Gillette & Baker 1895 [species]

Deltocephalus vanfus Kramer 1971 [species]

Deltocephalus variegatus Motschulsky 1859 [species]

Deltocephalus velox Matsumura 1908 [species]

Deltocephalus viridellus Evans 1966 [species]

Deltocephalus vulgaris Dash & Viraktamath 1998 [species]

Deltocephalus xipei Kramer 1963 [species]

Deltocephalus youngi Kramer 1965 [species]

Deltocephalus zephyrius Van Duzee 1925 [species]


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