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Family Dictyopharidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Paraneoptera order Hemiptera suborder Auchenorrhyncha infraorder Fulgoromorpha superfamily Fulgoroidea → family Dictyopharidae Spinola 1839


Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 2 (0 illustrated). Tribes: 2 (0 illustrated). Genera: 163 (2 illustrated). Subgenera: 3 (0 illustrated). Species.

Dictyopharinae [subfamily]

Dictyophara [genus]

Chanitus, Dictyophara,
Dictyophara abrupta, Dictyophara affinis, Dictyophara afghana, Dictyophara albata, Dictyophara amaranthusae, Dictyophara anatina, Dictyophara anwari, Dictyophara asiatica, Dictyophara asperae, Dictyophara australiaca, Dictyophara avocetta, Dictyophara balakotensis, Dictyophara bergevini, Dictyophara borneides, Dictyophara bovina, Dictyophara cephalolineata, Dictyophara cephalorobusta, Dictyophara compacta, Dictyophara concolor, Dictyophara confusa, Dictyophara constricta, Dictyophara cribrata, Dictyophara curvata, Dictyophara cyrnea, Dictyophara distincta, Dictyophara eifeliana, Dictyophara eremica, Dictyophara eugeniae, Dictyophara europaea, Dictyophara exoptata, Dictyophara flavicostata, Dictyophara frontalis, Dictyophara glaucides, Dictyophara greeni, Dictyophara hoberlandti, Dictyophara infumata, Dictyophara inscia, Dictyophara iracina, Dictyophara iranica, Dictyophara karachiensis, Dictyophara kazeruna, Dictyophara koreana, Dictyophara kotoshonis, Dictyophara lacustris, Dictyophara lallemandi, Dictyophara lindbergi, Dictyophara lobosa, Dictyophara lodosi, Dictyophara longirostrata, Dictyophara longirostris, Dictyophara lyallpurensis, Dictyophara macaonica, Dictyophara manchurica, Dictyophara merjensis, Dictyophara mianiensis, Dictyophara minuta, Dictyophara misionensis, Dictyophara multireticulata, Dictyophara nekkana, Dictyophara nereides, Dictyophara nigrimacula, Dictyophara nigromaculata, Dictyophara nigrovittata, Dictyophara nilgiriensis, Dictyophara nizipa, Dictyophara obtusiceps, Dictyophara okinawensis, Dictyophara orangica, Dictyophara pakistana, Dictyophara pales, Dictyophara palisoti, Dictyophara pallida, Dictyophara pannonica, Dictyophara pazukii, Dictyophara peshawarensis, Dictyophara picta, Dictyophara pirawalensis, Dictyophara prasina, Dictyophara qummari, Dictyophara sacchari, Dictyophara sativae, Dictyophara sauropsis, Dictyophara scolopax, Dictyophara seladonica, Dictyophara sindensis, Dictyophara sordida, Dictyophara spinosa, Dictyophara spuria, Dictyophara subsimilis, Dictyophara sumatrana, Dictyophara tanghigaruha, Dictyophara xiphias, Dictyophara zeae


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