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Subfamily Melanoplinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Polyneoptera order Orthoptera suborder Caelifera infraorder Acrididea superfamily Acridoidea family Acrididae → subfamily Melanoplinae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 30 (1 illustrated). Species.

Agnostokasia Gurney & Rentz 1964 [genus]

Agnostokasia sublima

Agroecotettix Bruner, 1908 [genus]

Agroecotettix modestus

Chloroplus Hebard 1918 [genus]

Chloroplus cactocaetes

Hypochlora Brunner, 1863 [genus]

Hypochlora alba

Melanoplus Stål 1873 [genus]

Melanoplus ablutus, Melanoplus acidocercus, Melanoplus acrophilus, Melanoplus adelogyrus, Melanoplus alabamae, Melanoplus alexanderi, Melanoplus alpinus, Melanoplus angularis, Melanoplus angustipennis, Melanoplus apalachicolae, Melanoplus aridus, Melanoplus arizonae, Melanoplus artemesiae, Melanoplus artemisiae, Melanoplus ascensor, Melanoplus ascensus, Melanoplus aspasmus, Melanoplus attenuatus, Melanoplus bakeri, Melanoplus beameri, Melanoplus benni, Melanoplus bernardinae, Melanoplus birchimi, Melanoplus bispinosus, Melanoplus bivittatus, Melanoplus borealis, Melanoplus bowditchi, Melanoplus bruneri, Melanoplus buxtoni, Melanoplus calidus, Melanoplus cameronis, Melanoplus cancri, Melanoplus cantralli, Melanoplus carnegiei, Melanoplus caroli, Melanoplus celatus, Melanoplus cherokee, Melanoplus chichimecus, Melanoplus chimariki, Melanoplus chiricahuae, Melanoplus chumash, Melanoplus cimatario, Melanoplus cinereus, Melanoplus clypeatus, Melanoplus complanatipes, Melanoplus confusus, Melanoplus cuneatus, Melanoplus daemon, Melanoplus dakini, Melanoplus dawsoni, Melanoplus dealbatus, Melanoplus debilis, Melanoplus deceptus, Melanoplus decoratus, Melanoplus decorus, Melanoplus deletor, Melanoplus desultorius, Melanoplus devastator, Melanoplus devius, Melanoplus diablo, Melanoplus differentialis, Melanoplus digitifer, Melanoplus dimidipennis, Melanoplus diminutus, Melanoplus discolor, Melanoplus divergens, Melanoplus dodgei, Melanoplus edeva, Melanoplus elaphrus, Melanoplus elater, Melanoplus eremitus, Melanoplus eumera, Melanoplus eurycercus, Melanoplus fasciatus, Melanoplus femurnigrum, Melanoplus femurrubrum, Melanoplus flabellatus, Melanoplus flavidus, Melanoplus foedus, Melanoplus forcipatus, Melanoplus foxi, Melanoplus franciscanus, Melanoplus fricki, Melanoplus frigidus, Melanoplus fultoni, Melanoplus furcatus, Melanoplus gaspesiensis, Melanoplus geniculatus, Melanoplus gladstoni, Melanoplus glaucipes, Melanoplus goedeni, Melanoplus gordonae, Melanoplus gracilipes, Melanoplus gracilis, Melanoplus gurneyi, Melanoplus haigi, Melanoplus harperi, Melanoplus harrisi, Melanoplus herbaceus, Melanoplus hesperus, Melanoplus hinei, Melanoplus hubbelli, Melanoplus hupah, Melanoplus huporeus, Melanoplus huroni, Melanoplus idaho, Melanoplus immunis, Melanoplus impudicus, Melanoplus inconspicuus, Melanoplus indicifer, Melanoplus indigens, Melanoplus infantilis, Melanoplus ingrami, Melanoplus islandicus, Melanoplus jucundus, Melanoplus juvencus, Melanoplus kasadi, Melanoplus keeleri, Melanoplus keiferi, Melanoplus kennicotti, Melanoplus lakinus, Melanoplus lanthanus, Melanoplus latifercula, Melanoplus lemhiensis, Melanoplus lepidus, Melanoplus ligneolus, Melanoplus lilianae, Melanoplus lithophilus, Melanoplus littoralis, Melanoplus longicornis, Melanoplus longipsolus, Melanoplus lovetti, Melanoplus ludivinae, Melanoplus macclungi, Melanoplus madeleineae, Melanoplus magdalenae, Melanoplus mancus, Melanoplus marginatus, Melanoplus marshallii, Melanoplus mastigiphallus, Melanoplus meridae, Melanoplus meridionalis, Melanoplus mexicanus, Melanoplus microtatus, Melanoplus middlekauffi, Melanoplus militaris, Melanoplus mirus, Melanoplus missoulae, Melanoplus mixes, Melanoplus montanus, Melanoplus morsei, Melanoplus muricolor, Melanoplus murieta, Melanoplus nanciae, Melanoplus nanus, Melanoplus neomexicanus, Melanoplus nigrescens, Melanoplus nitidus, Melanoplus novato, Melanoplus nubilus, Melanoplus oaxacae, Melanoplus obespsolus, Melanoplus occidentalis, Melanoplus oklahomae, Melanoplus olamentke, Melanoplus ordwayae, Melanoplus oregonensis, Melanoplus oreophilus, Melanoplus ostentus, Melanoplus pachycercus, Melanoplus packardii, Melanoplus papyraedus, Melanoplus payettei, Melanoplus pegasus, Melanoplus peninsularis, Melanoplus picropidzae, Melanoplus pictus, Melanoplus pinaleno, Melanoplus pinctus, Melanoplus pinicola, Melanoplus platycercus, Melanoplus plebejus, Melanoplus ponderosus, Melanoplus primaestivus, Melanoplus propinquus, Melanoplus puer, Melanoplus punctulatus, Melanoplus pygmaeus, Melanoplus quercicola, Melanoplus querneus, Melanoplus reflexus, Melanoplus regalis, Melanoplus rehni, Melanoplus rentzi, Melanoplus repetinus, Melanoplus reyesensis, Melanoplus rileyanus, Melanoplus rotundipennis, Melanoplus rugglesi, Melanoplus rusticus, Melanoplus salmonis, Melanoplus saltator, Melanoplus sanguinipes, Melanoplus scapularis, Melanoplus scitulus, Melanoplus scudderi, Melanoplus seminole, Melanoplus serrulatus, Melanoplus similis, Melanoplus siskiyou, Melanoplus snowii, Melanoplus solitarius, Melanoplus solitudinis, Melanoplus sonomaensis, Melanoplus splendidus, Melanoplus spretus, Melanoplus stegocercus, Melanoplus stonei, Melanoplus strumosus, Melanoplus sumichrasti, Melanoplus sylvaticus, Melanoplus sylvestris, Melanoplus symmetricus, Melanoplus tepidus, Melanoplus tequestae, Melanoplus terminalis, Melanoplus texanus, Melanoplus thomasi, Melanoplus torridus, Melanoplus tribuloides, Melanoplus tribulus, Melanoplus trigeminus, Melanoplus tristis, Melanoplus truncatus, Melanoplus tuberculatus, Melanoplus tumidicercus, Melanoplus tunicae, Melanoplus validus, Melanoplus variegatus, Melanoplus virgatus, Melanoplus viridipes, Melanoplus vulnus, Melanoplus walshii, Melanoplus wappo, Melanoplus warneri, Melanoplus washingtonius, Melanoplus wilsoni, Melanoplus wintunus, Melanoplus withlacoocheensis, Melanoplus yarrowii

Nisquallia Rehn 1952 [genus]

Nisquallia olympica

Prumnacris Rehn & Rehn 1944 [genus]

Prumnacris rainierensis

Psilotettix Bruner, 1908 [genus]

Psilotettix obesus

Rhabdotettix Scudder 1897 [genus]

Rhabdotettix concinnus

Melanoplinae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Melanoplinae sp. (large size).

Melanoplinae sp.


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