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Genus Carabus

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Adephaga superfamily Caraboidea family Carabidae subfamily Carabinae tribe Carabini subtribe Carabina → genus Carabus Linnaeus 1758


Daughter taxa

Apotomopterus Hope, 1838 [subgenus]

Carabus achilleanus, Carabus adolescens, Carabus aeneocupreus, Carabus ajax, Carabus anlongensis, Carabus antoniettae, Carabus anxiensis, Carabus arrowi, Carabus benardi, Carabus birmanus, Carabus boulbenianus, Carabus bousquetellus, Carabus breuningianus, Carabus cantonensis, Carabus casaleianus, Carabus cavazzutiellus, Carabus cenwangensis, Carabus chadianus, Carabus cheni, Carabus chenianus, Carabus circe, Carabus clermontianus, Carabus cyanipennis, Carabus dabamontanus, Carabus datianshanicus, Carabus davidioides, Carabus davidis, Carabus dechambreianus, Carabus delavayi, Carabus donjuan, Carabus eccoptopteroides, Carabus eccoptopterus, Carabus elektra, Carabus elliptipennis, Carabus fallettiellus, Carabus fanjinensis, Carabus feae, Carabus francottei, Carabus fushuangensis, Carabus gracilithorax, Carabus grossefoveatus, Carabus guangxicus, Carabus guibeicus, Carabus guizhouensis, Carabus guzhangensis, Carabus hera, Carabus hiekeianus, Carabus huangianus, Carabus hubeicus, Carabus ichangensis, Carabus inagakii, Carabus infirmior, Carabus inventoides, Carabus inventus, Carabus jingzhongensis, Carabus kafka, Carabus keithi, Carabus koiwayai, Carabus korellianus, Carabus kouanping, Carabus kouichii, Carabus kryzhanovskianus, Carabus lamarcki, Carabus lambrechti, Carabus laoshanicus, Carabus leda, Carabus lizizhongi, Carabus longeantennatus, Carabus ludivinae, Carabus luschanensis, Carabus madefactus, Carabus malaisei, Carabus maoershanicus, Carabus marcilhacianus, Carabus masuzoi, Carabus mecynodes, Carabus melli, Carabus menelaus, Carabus microtatos, Carabus ngi, Carabus novenumus, Carabus odysseus, Carabus pangi, Carabus patroclus, Carabus penelope, Carabus pineticola, Carabus polemistes, Carabus prattianus, Carabus prodigus, Carabus protenes, Carabus pseudocenwangensis, Carabus pseudoguizhouensis, Carabus pseudotorquatus, Carabus rapuzzi, Carabus roxane, Carabus saga, Carabus sauteri, Carabus schuetzei, Carabus shun, Carabus skyaphilus, Carabus solidior, Carabus songshanicus, Carabus tanakaianus, Carabus tarasovinus, Carabus telemachus, Carabus tengchongicola, Carabus thilliezi, Carabus thoraciculus, Carabus tibeticus, Carabus tientei, Carabus tonkinensis, Carabus torquatus, Carabus toulgoeti, Carabus tuxeni, Carabus vitalisi, Carabus vogtae, Carabus wangziensis, Carabus wumingensis, Carabus xianhensis, Carabus xiaoxiangensis, Carabus yaophilus, Carabus yaorenensis, Carabus yinjiangicus, Carabus yonganensis, Carabus yuae, Carabus yuanbaoensis, Carabus yuanshanensis, Carabus yunanensis, Carabus yundongbeicus, Carabus yunlingensis, Carabus yunnanicola, Carabus zengae

Aristocarabus Semenov, 1896 [subgenus]

Carabus viridifossulatus

Axinocarabus Morawitz, 1886 [subgenus]

Carabus fedtschenkoi

Cathaicus Bates, 1870 [subgenus]

Carabus brandti

Cechenotribax Semenov & Znojko, 1932 [subgenus]

Carabus petri

Cephalornis Semenov, 1889 [subgenus]

Carabus potanini

Chaetocarabus C.G. Thomson, 1875 [subgenus]

Carabus arcadicus, Carabus intricatus

Coptolabrodes Brezina & Imura, 1997 [subgenus]

Carabus haeckeli

Cratocarabus Reitter, 1896 [subgenus]

Carabus gorodinskii, Carabus puer

Cryptocechenus Semenov, 1898 [subgenus]

Carabus kalabi, Carabus sifanicus

Ctenocarabus C.G. Thomson, 1875 [subgenus]

Carabus galicianus, Carabus melancholicus

Eccoptolabrus Semenov, 1898 [subgenus]

Carabus exiguus

Euleptocarabus Nakane, 1956 [subgenus]

Carabus porrecticollis

Eurycarabus Gehin, 1876 [subgenus]

Carabus faminii, Carabus genei

Fulgenticarabus Deuve & Li, 1998 [subgenus]

Carabus flutschi

Gnathocarabus Deuve, 1991 [subgenus]

Carabus kusnetzovi

Heterocarabus Morawitz, 1886 [subgenus]

Carabus mariettii

Homoeocarabus Reitter 1896 [subgenus]

Carabus maeander

Hygrocarabus C.G. Thomson, 1875 [subgenus]

Carabus nodulosus, Carabus variolosus

Lasiocoptolabrus Imura, 1993 [subgenus]

Carabus sunwukong

Lipaster Motschulsky, 1865 [subgenus]

Carabus stjernvalli

Microplectes Reitter, 1896 [subgenus]

Carabus convallium, Carabus riedeli

Oxycarabus Semenov, 1898 [subgenus]

Carabus saphyrinus

Relictocarabus Ledoux, 1984 [subgenus]

Carabus meurguesianus

Shenocoptolabrus Imura, Zhou & Su, 1999 [subgenus]

Carabus osawai

Shunichiocarabus Imura, 1995 [subgenus]

Carabus uenoianus

Stephanocarabus Imura, 1995 [subgenus]

Carabus fraterculoides

Teratocarabus Semenov & Znojko, 1932 [subgenus]

Carabus azrael


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