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Tribe Moriomorphini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Adephaga superfamily Caraboidea family Carabidae subfamily Psydrinae → tribe Moriomorphini Sloane, 1890

Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (0 illustrated). Species.

Mecyclothorax Sharp 1903 [genus]

Mecyclothorax aeneus, Mecyclothorax amaroides, Mecyclothorax angusticollis, Mecyclothorax apicalis, Mecyclothorax argutor, Mecyclothorax ater, Mecyclothorax bembidicus, Mecyclothorax bembidioides, Mecyclothorax bicolor, Mecyclothorax bradycellinus, Mecyclothorax bradyderus, Mecyclothorax brevis, Mecyclothorax carteri, Mecyclothorax chalcosus, Mecyclothorax cognatus, Mecyclothorax constrictus, Mecyclothorax cordaticollis, Mecyclothorax crassus, Mecyclothorax curtipes, Mecyclothorax cymindicus, Mecyclothorax daptinus, Mecyclothorax debilis, Mecyclothorax deverilli, Mecyclothorax discedens, Mecyclothorax ducalis, Mecyclothorax exilis, Mecyclothorax filipes, Mecyclothorax flavomarginatus, Mecyclothorax gracilis, Mecyclothorax haleakalae, Mecyclothorax heleakalae, Mecyclothorax inaequalis, Mecyclothorax incompositus, Mecyclothorax insolitus, Mecyclothorax interruptus, Mecyclothorax irregularis, Mecyclothorax iteratus, Mecyclothorax karschi, Mecyclothorax konanus, Mecyclothorax laetus, Mecyclothorax lahainae, Mecyclothorax longulus, Mecyclothorax macrops, Mecyclothorax micans, Mecyclothorax microps, Mecyclothorax minor, Mecyclothorax molokaiae, Mecyclothorax molops, Mecyclothorax montivagus, Mecyclothorax multipunctatus, Mecyclothorax mundanus, Mecyclothorax munroi, Mecyclothorax nubicola, Mecyclothorax oahuensis, Mecyclothorax obscuricolor, Mecyclothorax obscuricornis, Mecyclothorax occultus, Mecyclothorax oculatus, Mecyclothorax ohuensis, Mecyclothorax ovipennis, Mecyclothorax palustris, Mecyclothorax paradoxus, Mecyclothorax paravus, Mecyclothorax parvus, Mecyclothorax pele, Mecyclothorax perkinsi, Mecyclothorax perkinsianus, Mecyclothorax perpolitus, Mecyclothorax perstriatus, Mecyclothorax platysminis, Mecyclothorax platysminus, Mecyclothorax proximus, Mecyclothorax pusillus, Mecyclothorax quadratus, Mecyclothorax robustus, Mecyclothorax rotundicollis, Mecyclothorax rusticus, Mecyclothorax scaritoides, Mecyclothorax sharpi, Mecyclothorax simiolus, Mecyclothorax sobrinus, Mecyclothorax subconstrictus, Mecyclothorax subunctus, Mecyclothorax tantalus, Mecyclothorax terminalis, Mecyclothorax unctus, Mecyclothorax variipes, Mecyclothorax varipes, Mecyclothorax vitreus, Mecyclothorax vulcanus


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16.10.2015 15:48, Evgeny Komarov Parent taxon has been changed.

Moriomorphinae → Psydrinae.

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