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Subfamily Agathidinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea family Braconidae → subfamily Agathidinae

Daughter taxa

Genera: 7 (0 illustrated). Species.

agathis [genus]

Agathis achterbergi, Agathis aequoreticulata, Agathis albitarsis, Agathis albolineata, Agathis alvarengai, Agathis amboinensis, Agathis amoena, Agathis anceps, Agathis anglica, Agathis areolaris, Agathis areolata, Agathis arida, Agathis assimilis, Agathis asteris, Agathis asternaula, Agathis astioles, Agathis bischoffi, Agathis brevigenis, Agathis brevis, Agathis breviseta, Agathis budha, Agathis burmensis, Agathis cama, Agathis capensis, Agathis carinata, Agathis championi, Agathis confertipunctata, Agathis conformis, Agathis coryphe, Agathis costata, Agathis coxalicus, Agathis coxalis, Agathis curvabilis, Agathis cylasovora, Agathis cymocles, Agathis debilis, Agathis dichroptera, Agathis discolorides, Agathis distincta, Agathis dravida, Agathis duplicata, Agathis dzhulphensis, Agathis erythrogastra, Agathis erythrothorax, Agathis extinctor, Agathis fabiae, Agathis femorata, Agathis ferrugator, Agathis ferulae, Agathis fischeri, Agathis flaccistriata, Agathis flaccisulcata, Agathis flava, Agathis flavipennis, Agathis fulmeki, Agathis fuscipennis, Agathis genalis, Agathis gibbosa, Agathis glaucoptera, Agathis glycinivorellae, Agathis glyphodis, Agathis gracilenta, Agathis gracilipes, Agathis gracilis, Agathis griseifrons, Agathis gussakovskyi, Agathis guyanensis, Agathis hawaiicola, Agathis haywardi, Agathis hemirufa, Agathis hyalinis, Agathis icarus, Agathis indica, Agathis inedia, Agathis insularica, Agathis juvenilis, Agathis kerzhneri, Agathis kozlovi, Agathis kumatai, Agathis laevis, Agathis laevithorax, Agathis latibalteata, Agathis latisulcata, Agathis leucogaster, Agathis levis, Agathis longiabdominalis, Agathis longipalpa, Agathis lugubris, Agathis luzonica, Agathis maetoi, Agathis malayensis, Agathis malvacearum, Agathis mandarina, Agathis martialis, Agathis masoni, Agathis matangensis, Agathis medinai, Agathis melanocephala, Agathis melanopleura, Agathis melpomene, Agathis miocenica, Agathis mongolica, Agathis mongolorum, Agathis montana, Agathis montivaga, Agathis nachitshevanica, Agathis nasicornis, Agathis nepalensis, Agathis nigra, Agathis nigrobalteata, Agathis orchestidis, Agathis ornaticeps, Agathis ornaticornis, Agathis pappei, Agathis pastranai, Agathis pedias, Agathis peronata, Agathis persephone, Agathis philippinensis, Agathis polita, Agathis pubescens, Agathis pumila, Agathis punctatosulcata, Agathis punctatovertex, Agathis purgator, Agathis pygmaea, Agathis quadrangularis, Agathis rostrata, Agathis rubens, Agathis rubricata, Agathis rubripes, Agathis rubriventris, Agathis rufipalpis, Agathis rufithorax, Agathis rufobrunnea, Agathis sabahensis, Agathis saxatilis, Agathis sculpturata, Agathis semiaciculata, Agathis seminigra, Agathis shiva, Agathis sibiricana, Agathis smithii, Agathis syngenesiae, Agathis taeniativentris, Agathis tatarica, Agathis taurica, Agathis tautirae, Agathis thompsoni, Agathis tibialis, Agathis tibiator, Agathis townesi, Agathis trailii, Agathis transcaucasica, Agathis transtriata, Agathis trifasciata, Agathis umbellatarum, Agathis unicincta, Agathis unicolor, Agathis variegata, Agathis varipes, Agathis velata, Agathis verae, Agathis virendrai, Agathis watanabei, Agathis xanthopsis, Agathis yui, Agathis zaisanica

Bassus [genus]

Bassus abdominalis, Bassus aciculatus, Bassus acrobasidis, Bassus agathoides, Bassus agilis, Bassus albifasciatus, Bassus albipennis, Bassus annulipes, Bassus annulus, Bassus antefurcalis, Bassus antigastrae, Bassus arcuatus, Bassus armeniacus, Bassus arthurellus, Bassus asper, Bassus atripes, Bassus azygos, Bassus babiyi, Bassus bakeri, Bassus barbieri, Bassus belokobylskiji, Bassus beyarslani, Bassus bicristatus, Bassus binominatus, Bassus bishopi, Bassus boliviensis, Bassus brevicauda, Bassus brevicaudis, Bassus brooksi, Bassus bruesi, Bassus brullei, Bassus buttricki, Bassus calcaratus, Bassus calculator, Bassus californicus, Bassus canariensis, Bassus cancellatus, Bassus chibcha, Bassus cinctus, Bassus cingulipes, Bassus clausiellus, Bassus clausthalianus, Bassus coleophorae, Bassus columbianus, Bassus conspicuus, Bassus coriarius, Bassus cornutus, Bassus costalis, Bassus crassicornis, Bassus cryptophlebiae, Bassus cupressi, Bassus curticornis, Bassus depressus, Bassus difficilis, Bassus dimidiator, Bassus discolor, Bassus dravida, Bassus epinotiae, Bassus eriphyle, Bassus erythrogaster, Bassus facetus, Bassus festinatus, Bassus festivoides, Bassus festivus, Bassus filipalpis, Bassus flavidus, Bassus formosanus, Bassus fortipes, Bassus furtificus, Bassus gossypiella, Bassus gracilis, Bassus graecus, Bassus helvenacus, Bassus immaculatus, Bassus incompletus, Bassus infumatus, Bassus inopinatae, Bassus javanus, Bassus laevis, Bassus lamelliger, Bassus lanyuensis, Bassus laticeps, Bassus leucotretae, Bassus lienhuachihensis, Bassus lineaticollis, Bassus linguarius, Bassus lini, Bassus liogaster, Bassus lucidus, Bassus luzonicus, Bassus macadamiae, Bassus macrocentroides, Bassus macronura, Bassus malignus, Bassus marshi, Bassus mediator, Bassus melleus, Bassus meridionalis, Bassus merkli, Bassus mesoxantha, Bassus minimus, Bassus minor, Bassus mongolicus, Bassus muesebecki, Bassus niger, Bassus nigricoxus, Bassus nigripes, Bassus nigrisoma, Bassus nigriventris, Bassus ninanae, Bassus nucicola, Bassus nugax, Bassus ochrosus, Bassus parallelus, Bassus pedunculatus, Bassus peniculus, Bassus perforator, Bassus perula, Bassus petiolatus, Bassus philippinensis, Bassus pilosus, Bassus pini, Bassus postfurcalis, Bassus pulcher, Bassus pumilus, Bassus punctiventris, Bassus quebecensis, Bassus reductus, Bassus relativus, Bassus reticulatus, Bassus romani, Bassus rudimentarius, Bassus ruficeps, Bassus ruficornis, Bassus rufipes, Bassus rufithorax, Bassus rufus, Bassus rugareolatus, Bassus rugosus, Bassus rugulosus, Bassus sculptilis, Bassus semiruber, Bassus semistriatus, Bassus seyrigi, Bassus similis, Bassus simillimus, Bassus speciosicornis, Bassus spinosus, Bassus spinulatus, Bassus spiracularis, Bassus stenoradialis, Bassus strigatus, Bassus striogranulatus, Bassus sublevis, Bassus sulcatus, Bassus sungkangensis, Bassus szepligetii, Bassus taichungensis, Bassus tayrona, Bassus tayulingensis, Bassus tegularis, Bassus tenuiceps, Bassus tenuissimus, Bassus tergalis, Bassus terminatus, Bassus tobiasi, Bassus transversus, Bassus triangularis, Bassus triangulus, Bassus tricolor, Bassus tsuifengensis, Bassus tumidulus, Bassus unimaculatus, Bassus usitatus, Bassus ussuriensis, Bassus verticalis, Bassus wufengensis, Bassus zaykovi

Cremnops [genus]

Cremnops apicalipennis, Cremnops ashmeadi, Cremnops atripennis, Cremnops bicolor, Cremnops bispinosus, Cremnops boliviensis, Cremnops borealis, Cremnops borneanus, Cremnops californicus, Cremnops cameronii, Cremnops caribensis, Cremnops collaris, Cremnops commutator, Cremnops comstocki, Cremnops crassifemur, Cremnops cubensis, Cremnops desertor, Cremnops dissimilis, Cremnops elegantissimus, Cremnops ferrugineus, Cremnops florissanticola, Cremnops frustalis, Cremnops fulgidipennis, Cremnops fuscipennis, Cremnops guanicanus, Cremnops haematodes, Cremnops hedini, Cremnops indicus, Cremnops insulcatus, Cremnops kapilli, Cremnops kelloggii, Cremnops malayensis, Cremnops marginipennis, Cremnops marshi, Cremnops mekongensis, Cremnops melamopterus, Cremnops melanoptera, Cremnops misionensis, Cremnops monochroa, Cremnops montrealensis, Cremnops nigrosternum, Cremnops obsolescens, Cremnops papuanus, Cremnops pectoralis, Cremnops philippinensis, Cremnops plesiopectoralis, Cremnops posticeniger, Cremnops pulchripennis, Cremnops punctatus, Cremnops richteri, Cremnops rubrigaster, Cremnops ruficeps, Cremnops rufitarsis, Cremnops salomonis, Cremnops schubotzi, Cremnops sculpturalis, Cremnops sharkei, Cremnops shenefelti, Cremnops similis, Cremnops slossonae, Cremnops testaceus, Cremnops tibiomaculatus, Cremnops turrialbae, Cremnops variceps, Cremnops varipilosella, Cremnops violaceipennis, Cremnops virginiensis, Cremnops vulgaris, Cremnops washingtonensis, Cremnops willinki, Cremnops xanthostigma, Cremnops yucatanus, Cremnops zululandensis

Disophrys [genus]

Disophrys albopilosella, Disophrys anthracina, Disophrys atripennis, Disophrys atrocarpa, Disophrys atrocephala, Disophrys blandula, Disophrys caesa, Disophrys calabarica, Disophrys calcaratrix, Disophrys capensis, Disophrys ceylonica, Disophrys chinensis, Disophrys coelaspis, Disophrys conjungens, Disophrys conspicua, Disophrys cramptoni, Disophrys cucullifera, Disophrys dehraensis, Disophrys dichroa, Disophrys diluta, Disophrys dissors, Disophrys diversipes, Disophrys elegans, Disophrys erythrocephala, Disophrys erythropa, Disophrys evanescens, Disophrys exilis, Disophrys exornata, Disophrys flaviceps, Disophrys flavifemur, Disophrys flavipes, Disophrys fumipennis, Disophrys guineensis, Disophrys hyalipennis, Disophrys imperfecta, Disophrys inculcatrix, Disophrys indica, Disophrys initiator, Disophrys insidiator, Disophrys insidiosa, Disophrys insignis, Disophrys intermedia, Disophrys kandyensis, Disophrys latiabdominalis, Disophrys laticeps, Disophrys lutea, Disophrys madagascariensis, Disophrys major, Disophrys melanogaster, Disophrys mellea, Disophrys minor, Disophrys mitra, Disophrys molukkensis, Disophrys natalensis, Disophrys nigra, Disophrys nigriceps, Disophrys nigricepsibol, Disophrys nigricornis, Disophrys nigrivertex, Disophrys nigronotata, Disophrys nigropectus, Disophrys oculata, Disophrys ophthalmica, Disophrys ornatipennis, Disophrys pedalis, Disophrys philippensis, Disophrys picturata, Disophrys pilipes, Disophrys pulchricornis, Disophrys punctata, Disophrys quadrifossulata, Disophrys ruberrima, Disophrys rufa, Disophrys rufifrons, Disophrys rufoplagiata, Disophrys scita, Disophrys sculpturalis, Disophrys seminigra, Disophrys severini, Disophrys signatipennis, Disophrys similipicta, Disophrys sissoo, Disophrys sogdiana, Disophrys speciosissima, Disophrys striata, Disophrys strigata, Disophrys subfasciata, Disophrys testacea, Disophrys tinctipennis, Disophrys tristis, Disophrys variegata, Disophrys variegatenda, Disophrys xanthocephala, Disophrys xanthostigma


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