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Subfamily Orthocentrinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea family Ichneumonidae → subfamily Orthocentrinae

Daughter taxa

Genera: 24 (0 illustrated). Subgenera: 8 (0 illustrated). Species.

Orthocentrus [genus]

Orthocentrus ambiguus, Orthocentrus anomalus, Orthocentrus asper, Orthocentrus attenuatus, Orthocentrus bilineator, Orthocentrus canariensis, Orthocentrus castellanus, Orthocentrus compressicoxis, Orthocentrus corrugatus, Orthocentrus daucus, Orthocentrus decoratus, Orthocentrus defossus, Orthocentrus deletus, Orthocentrus elongaticornis, Orthocentrus excalibur, Orthocentrus facialis, Orthocentrus frontator, Orthocentrus fulvipes, Orthocentrus hirsutor, Orthocentrus hirtus, Orthocentrus immundus, Orthocentrus indistinctus, Orthocentrus insularis, Orthocentrus intermedius, Orthocentrus lativalvis, Orthocentrus limpidus, Orthocentrus lineatus, Orthocentrus longiceps, Orthocentrus longicornis, Orthocentrus lucens, Orthocentrus macrocerus, Orthocentrus marginatus, Orthocentrus mediocris, Orthocentrus monilicornis, Orthocentrus neglectus, Orthocentrus nigricornis, Orthocentrus nigristernus, Orthocentrus orbitator, Orthocentrus pallidifrons, Orthocentrus palpalis, Orthocentrus patulus, Orthocentrus petiolaris, Orthocentrus primus, Orthocentrus protervus, Orthocentrus pulcher, Orthocentrus punctatissimus, Orthocentrus radialis, Orthocentrus rovensis, Orthocentrus rufescens, Orthocentrus rufipes, Orthocentrus rugulosus, Orthocentrus sannio, Orthocentrus semiflavus, Orthocentrus spurius, Orthocentrus strigatus, Orthocentrus testaceipes, Orthocentrus tetrazonatus, Orthocentrus thomsoni, Orthocentrus trichomma, Orthocentrus trifasciatus, Orthocentrus tuberculatus, Orthocentrus urbanus, Orthocentrus winnertzii

Plectiscidea [genus]

Fugatrix, Plectiscidea,
Plectiscidea abdita, Plectiscidea agitator, Plectiscidea ambiens, Plectiscidea amicalis, Plectiscidea aquilonia, Plectiscidea arctica, Plectiscidea arida, Plectiscidea balteata, Plectiscidea bidentula, Plectiscidea bistriata, Plectiscidea blandita, Plectiscidea brevicaudata, Plectiscidea canaliculata, Plectiscidea capitosa, Plectiscidea cinctula, Plectiscidea collaris, Plectiscidea conjuncta, Plectiscidea connexa, Plectiscidea cooperator, Plectiscidea crassicornis, Plectiscidea decepta, Plectiscidea dentata, Plectiscidea deterior, Plectiscidea discolor, Plectiscidea disjuncta, Plectiscidea enixa, Plectiscidea erythropyga, Plectiscidea eurystigma, Plectiscidea filiformis, Plectiscidea flavicentrata, Plectiscidea foersteri, Plectiscidea formosa, Plectiscidea fraterna, Plectiscidea fuscicornis, Plectiscidea fuscifemur, Plectiscidea grahamica, Plectiscidea grossepunctata, Plectiscidea helleni, Plectiscidea helvola, Plectiscidea hirsuta, Plectiscidea humeralis, Plectiscidea hyperborea, Plectiscidea inanis, Plectiscidea indomita, Plectiscidea inflata, Plectiscidea iniqua, Plectiscidea integer, Plectiscidea jejuna, Plectiscidea koponeni, Plectiscidea lanhami, Plectiscidea longicornis, Plectiscidea melanocera, Plectiscidea melanostoma, Plectiscidea mendica, Plectiscidea mesoxantha, Plectiscidea moerens, Plectiscidea monochrocera, Plectiscidea monticola, Plectiscidea nava, Plectiscidea nemorensis, Plectiscidea obscura, Plectiscidea oceanica, Plectiscidea ohioensis, Plectiscidea parvula, Plectiscidea peregrina, Plectiscidea petiolifer, Plectiscidea picta, Plectiscidea posticata, Plectiscidea praedatoria, Plectiscidea procera, Plectiscidea prognathor, Plectiscidea prolata, Plectiscidea prolixa, Plectiscidea pseudoproxima, Plectiscidea pudica, Plectiscidea quadrierosa, Plectiscidea separata, Plectiscidea spilota, Plectiscidea spuria, Plectiscidea subangulata, Plectiscidea subcompleta, Plectiscidea substantiva, Plectiscidea subteres, Plectiscidea subtilicornis, Plectiscidea tener, Plectiscidea tenuecincta, Plectiscidea tenuicornis, Plectiscidea terebrator, Plectiscidea tumida, Plectiscidea undulata, Plectiscidea vagator, Plectiscidea ventosa, Plectiscidea venusta, Plectiscidea verecunda, Plectiscidea vetusta, Plectiscidea zonata

Stenomacrus [genus]

Stenomacrus affinator, Stenomacrus affinitor, Stenomacrus americanus, Stenomacrus anceps, Stenomacrus atratus, Stenomacrus binotatus, Stenomacrus bispinus, Stenomacrus brevicubitus, Stenomacrus brevipennis, Stenomacrus californicus, Stenomacrus carbonariae, Stenomacrus caudatus, Stenomacrus celer, Stenomacrus cephalotes, Stenomacrus cognatus, Stenomacrus columbianus, Stenomacrus cubiceps, Stenomacrus curvicaudatus, Stenomacrus curvulus, Stenomacrus deletus, Stenomacrus dendrolimi, Stenomacrus difficilis, Stenomacrus dubiosus, Stenomacrus exserens, Stenomacrus exsertor, Stenomacrus flaviceps, Stenomacrus groenlandicus, Stenomacrus hastatus, Stenomacrus hilaris, Stenomacrus holmgreni, Stenomacrus incisus, Stenomacrus inferior, Stenomacrus innotatus, Stenomacrus kincaidi, Stenomacrus laminatus, Stenomacrus laricis, Stenomacrus laticollis, Stenomacrus longipes, Stenomacrus mellipes, Stenomacrus merula, Stenomacrus micropennis, Stenomacrus minutissimus, Stenomacrus minutor, Stenomacrus molestus, Stenomacrus monticola, Stenomacrus nemoralis, Stenomacrus obliquus, Stenomacrus ochripes, Stenomacrus pallipes, Stenomacrus palustris, Stenomacrus pedestris, Stenomacrus pexatus, Stenomacrus premitus, Stenomacrus pusillator, Stenomacrus pygmaeus, Stenomacrus rivosus, Stenomacrus silvaticus, Stenomacrus solidatus, Stenomacrus solitarius, Stenomacrus superus, Stenomacrus terebrator, Stenomacrus terrestris, Stenomacrus tuberculatus, Stenomacrus ulmicola, Stenomacrus undulatus, Stenomacrus ungula, Stenomacrus vafer, Stenomacrus validicornis, Stenomacrus variabilis, Stenomacrus varius, Stenomacrus vitripennis, Stenomacrus zaykovi


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