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Subfamily Vespinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Aculeata superfamily Vespoidea family Vespidae → subfamily Vespinae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (1 illustrated). Species.

Vespa Linnaeus 1758 [genus]

Vespa aethale, Vespa affinis, Vespa albofasciata, Vespa alsatica, Vespa anglica, Vespa arabica, Vespa barbouri, Vespa basalis, Vespa bellicosa, Vespa bicincta, Vespa bicolor, Vespa bilineata, Vespa bimaculata, Vespa binghami, Vespa bipustulata, Vespa biroi, Vespa borealis, Vespa capitata, Vespa carbonaria, Vespa cayana, Vespa chinensis, Vespa chrysoptera, Vespa chrysopteraarmata, Vespa coarctata, Vespa communis, Vespa concinna, Vespa condigna, Vespa conica, Vespa conifera, Vespa consimilis, Vespa cordifera, Vespa crabro, Vespa crabronioformis, Vespa crassipes, Vespa cratiata, Vespa cribriformis, Vespa crucigera, Vespa curvipes, Vespa daedala, Vespa daedalea, Vespa dantici, Vespa dentata, Vespa diadema, Vespa discincta, Vespa dominicensis, Vespa ducalis, Vespa dybowskii, Vespa erythrocephala, Vespa exotica, Vespa ferruginata, Vespa ferruginea, Vespa fervida, Vespa flavescens, Vespa flavicincta, Vespa flavofasciatus, Vespa florisequa, Vespa fulva, Vespa fulvipes, Vespa fusus, Vespa galbula, Vespa geniculata, Vespa globulosa, Vespa guttata, Vespa hirsutissima, Vespa histrio, Vespa horticola, Vespa infundibuliformis, Vespa intersecta, Vespa italica, Vespa iunceus, Vespa kuangsiana, Vespa ligata, Vespa longicornis, Vespa luctuosa, Vespa lunulata, Vespa macrocephala, Vespa maculata, Vespa mandarinia, Vespa megei, Vespa menstrua, Vespa minima, Vespa minuta, Vespa mocsaryana, Vespa mucronata, Vespa multimaculata, Vespa muraria, Vespa nigra, Vespa nigripennis, Vespa ochreata, Vespa ochropygos, Vespa ochrosticta, Vespa ocreata, Vespa ordinata, Vespa orientalis, Vespa pacicephala, Vespa parietum, Vespa petiolata, Vespa phalerata, Vespa philippinensis, Vespa picipes, Vespa pilosella, Vespa pratensis, Vespa pteropoda, Vespa quadricincta, Vespa quadripunctata, Vespa quinquefasciata, Vespa rubricans, Vespa rubricornis, Vespa scutellata, Vespa scutellatus, Vespa sepulchralis, Vespa sericea, Vespa serripes, Vespa sessilis, Vespa sexcincta, Vespa sexmaculata, Vespa sexpustulata, Vespa simillima, Vespa sinuata, Vespa soror, Vespa sphaerogaster, Vespa spinipes, Vespa taenia, Vespa tahitensis, Vespa tenebricosa, Vespa tesserazonia, Vespa tibialis, Vespa tripunctata, Vespa trizonata, Vespa tropica, Vespa unicolor, Vespa unifasciata, Vespa usta, Vespa variabilis, Vespa velox, Vespa velutina, Vespa vivax, Vespa vulgata, Vespa walkeri


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