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Tribe Ipini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Curculionoidea family Curculionidae subfamily Scolytinae → tribe Ipini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (1 illustrated). Species.

Ips De Geer, 1775 [genus]

Ips abbreviata, Ips acuminatus, Ips aenea, Ips alternans, Ips amiskwiensis, Ips amitinus, Ips antheus, Ips anthracina, Ips apache, Ips apicalis, Ips arcuatus, Ips artocarpi, Ips ater, Ips atomaria, Ips atra, Ips atripennis, Ips attenuata, Ips australis, Ips avulsus, Ips bicaudatus, Ips bicolor, Ips bifasciata, Ips bifasciatus, Ips bimaculata, Ips biplagiata, Ips bipunctata, Ips bipustulata, Ips bipustulatus, Ips bispinosus, Ips boleti, Ips bonanseai, Ips borealis, Ips calligraphus, Ips canaliculata, Ips caricis, Ips caudatulus, Ips cellaris, Ips celtis, Ips cembrae, Ips chagnoni, Ips chamberlini, Ips chinensis, Ips cimeterius, Ips cinnamomea, Ips cloudcrofti, Ips coadunatus, Ips collaris, Ips concinnus, Ips confusus, Ips contracta, Ips crenata, Ips cylindrica, Ips decemguttata, Ips dejeanii, Ips dentatus, Ips denticulus, Ips desbassinii, Ips dimidiata, Ips dispar, Ips domesticus, Ips dorsalis, Ips dubius, Ips duplicatus, Ips ebenina, Ips elongatus, Ips emarginatus, Ips engadinensis, Ips engelmanni, Ips erosus, Ips eustatius, Ips eximius, Ips fallax, Ips fasciata, Ips fasciatus, Ips fejferi, Ips ferruginea, Ips frumentaria, Ips fumatus, Ips fungorum, Ips furcatus, Ips fusca, Ips fuscipennis, Ips fuscus, Ips geminatus, Ips gigas, Ips grandicollis, Ips grandis, Ips griseus, Ips guildi, Ips guttata, Ips haemorrhoidalis, Ips harongae, Ips hauseri, Ips hemiptera, Ips hoppingi, Ips humeralis, Ips hungarus, Ips hunteri, Ips impressa, Ips inclinans, Ips inermis, Ips insularis, Ips integer, Ips japonicus, Ips junnanicus, Ips kelantanensis, Ips kepongi, Ips knausi, Ips kuniyoshii, Ips lanieri, Ips latedeclivis, Ips laticollis, Ips latidens, Ips lecontei, Ips linearis, Ips lineola, Ips longidens, Ips longifolia, Ips lunata, Ips maculosus, Ips mannsfeldi, Ips marginalis, Ips maritimus, Ips melanurus, Ips mexicanus, Ips micrographus, Ips minuta, Ips monilis, Ips montanus, Ips multidentatus, Ips multistriatus, Ips niger, Ips nigra, Ips nigricornis, Ips nigripennis, Ips nitidus, Ips nobilis, Ips novemmaculata, Ips oblonga, Ips obscurus, Ips obtusa, Ips onerosus, Ips orientalis, Ips pallida, Ips pallipes, Ips paraconfusus, Ips parcius, Ips peregrinus, Ips perroti, Ips perturbatus, Ips philippinensis, Ips picea, Ips piceus, Ips picipes, Ips pilifrons, Ips pilosus, Ips pini, Ips piniperda, Ips plastographus, Ips platycephalus, Ips plumigerus, Ips polygraphus, Ips ponderosae, Ips pubescens, Ips punctata, Ips pustulata, Ips quadrimaculata, Ips quadrimaculosa, Ips quadrinotata, Ips quadripunctata, Ips quadrisignata, Ips quinquemaculata, Ips rhododactylus, Ips robustus, Ips rubripennis, Ips rufescens, Ips ruficornis, Ips rufifrons, Ips rufipes, Ips rufus, Ips rugicollis, Ips sanguinicollis, Ips sanguinolentus, Ips scaber, Ips schmutzenhoferi, Ips scolytus, Ips semirostris, Ips sepulcralis, Ips sericeus, Ips sexdentata, Ips sexdentatus, Ips sexpunctata, Ips sexpustulata, Ips sexspinosus, Ips shinanoensis, Ips silacea, Ips sinuata, Ips spinidens, Ips spinifer, Ips spinosus, Ips stebbingi, Ips subelongatus, Ips subterranea, Ips sulcata, Ips sulcatus, Ips sulcifrons, Ips swainei, Ips tanganyikaensis, Ips taxicornis, Ips terebrans, Ips testacea, Ips thatcheri, Ips thomasi, Ips tosaensis, Ips transversa, Ips transversalis, Ips tridens, Ips tridentatus, Ips tuberculatus, Ips typographus, Ips uncus, Ips undata, Ips unicolor, Ips unidentata, Ips ussuriensis, Ips utahensis, Ips vancouveri, Ips varius, Ips villosa, Ips vittata, Ips woodi, Ips yohoensis


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