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Tribe Ichneumonini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea family Ichneumonidae subfamily Ichneumoninae → tribe Ichneumonini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 56 (5 illustrated). Species.

Barichneumon [genus]

Barichneumon absolutus, Barichneumon additus, Barichneumon albicaudatus, Barichneumon albignator, Barichneumon albipilosus, Barichneumon amabilis, Barichneumon anator, Barichneumon anatorius, Barichneumon annulicornis, Barichneumon arakawai, Barichneumon archboldi, Barichneumon aztecus, Barichneumon bactricus, Barichneumon bilunulatus, Barichneumon californicus, Barichneumon cameroni, Barichneumon canariensis, Barichneumon carolinensis, Barichneumon castoldii, Barichneumon chionomus, Barichneumon comis, Barichneumon condecoratus, Barichneumon constrictus, Barichneumon coxalis, Barichneumon curticornis, Barichneumon danieli, Barichneumon derogator, Barichneumon dicax, Barichneumon erythropoda, Barichneumon erythrozonus, Barichneumon excelsior, Barichneumon flaviscuta, Barichneumon floridanus, Barichneumon fumipennis, Barichneumon funkikonis, Barichneumon fuscatus, Barichneumon fuscosignatus, Barichneumon gaullei, Barichneumon gemellus, Barichneumon heracliana, Barichneumon hispanator, Barichneumon hozanensis, Barichneumon imitator, Barichneumon iowensis, Barichneumon leucurus, Barichneumon libens, Barichneumon limpidipennis, Barichneumon lituratae, Barichneumon lucipetens, Barichneumon macariae, Barichneumon manni, Barichneumon marginoscutellaris, Barichneumon microcerus, Barichneumon mitra, Barichneumon montgator, Barichneumon muciallae, Barichneumon neosorex, Barichneumon nigrifemur, Barichneumon nigripes, Barichneumon nubilis, Barichneumon obsoletorius, Barichneumon parvulus, Barichneumon peramoenus, Barichneumon peregrinator, Barichneumon perversus, Barichneumon pilosus, Barichneumon plagiarius, Barichneumon praeceptor, Barichneumon procerus, Barichneumon pulchralis, Barichneumon quadriguttatus, Barichneumon queyranus, Barichneumon rhenanus, Barichneumon rufipes, Barichneumon sambonis, Barichneumon scopanator, Barichneumon scopulatus, Barichneumon sedulus, Barichneumon sexalbatus, Barichneumon similis, Barichneumon sorex, Barichneumon soror, Barichneumon sphageti, Barichneumon strymonidiae, Barichneumon submontanus, Barichneumon suisharioensis, Barichneumon syriator, Barichneumon tainanensis, Barichneumon tamahonis, Barichneumon tanakai, Barichneumon teshionis, Barichneumon tibialis, Barichneumon tischbeini, Barichneumon tosaensis, Barichneumon tropicus, Barichneumon varibalteatus, Barichneumon vishnu

Cratichneumon [genus]

Cratichneumon ablutus, Cratichneumon acronictae, Cratichneumon albifrons, Cratichneumon alternans, Cratichneumon amamioshimensis, Cratichneumon amecus, Cratichneumon amoenus, Cratichneumon anisotae, Cratichneumon annulatipes, Cratichneumon annulatus, Cratichneumon anotylus, Cratichneumon argemus, Cratichneumon arizonensis, Cratichneumon armillatops, Cratichneumon ashmeadi, Cratichneumon aspratilis, Cratichneumon astutus, Cratichneumon austropiceipes, Cratichneumon bifasciatus, Cratichneumon boreoalpinus, Cratichneumon boreovagans, Cratichneumon brevipennis, Cratichneumon broweri, Cratichneumon carolinae, Cratichneumon causticus, Cratichneumon chishimanus, Cratichneumon citrinus, Cratichneumon coruscator, Cratichneumon culex, Cratichneumon davisi, Cratichneumon declinans, Cratichneumon demissus, Cratichneumon dissimilis, Cratichneumon doliturus, Cratichneumon duplicatus, Cratichneumon erythroscuta, Cratichneumon excors, Cratichneumon facetus, Cratichneumon ferrugops, Cratichneumon flaschkai, Cratichneumon flavifrons, Cratichneumon flavipectus, Cratichneumon flavomaculatus, Cratichneumon floridensis, Cratichneumon fugitivus, Cratichneumon georgius, Cratichneumon hongawaensis, Cratichneumon horani, Cratichneumon howdeni, Cratichneumon infidus, Cratichneumon insignitus, Cratichneumon insolitus, Cratichneumon insulae, Cratichneumon interfector, Cratichneumon involutus, Cratichneumon japonicus, Cratichneumon jocularis, Cratichneumon jozanensis, Cratichneumon kochiensis, Cratichneumon labiatus, Cratichneumon laevidorsis, Cratichneumon lancea, Cratichneumon leptocerus, Cratichneumon lesnei, Cratichneumon levis, Cratichneumon louisianae, Cratichneumon luteiventris, Cratichneumon melanosomus, Cratichneumon merucapitis, Cratichneumon naumanni, Cratichneumon nikkoensis, Cratichneumon okamotoi, Cratichneumon orientalis, Cratichneumon pallitarsis, Cratichneumon papilionariae, Cratichneumon paraparatus, Cratichneumon parata, Cratichneumon parvulus, Cratichneumon pectoralis, Cratichneumon pertenuis, Cratichneumon petulcus, Cratichneumon piceipes, Cratichneumon pigeoti, Cratichneumon pilosulus, Cratichneumon popofensis, Cratichneumon pratincola, Cratichneumon promptus, Cratichneumon proximus, Cratichneumon pseudanisotae, Cratichneumon pteridis, Cratichneumon pulcherrimus, Cratichneumon puncticoxa, Cratichneumon pygmaeus, Cratichneumon remanens, Cratichneumon ritus, Cratichneumon rubricoides, Cratichneumon rubricops, Cratichneumon rubricus, Cratichneumon rufifrons, Cratichneumon rufomaculatus, Cratichneumon russatus, Cratichneumon sahlbergi, Cratichneumon sanguineoplagiatus, Cratichneumon scitulus, Cratichneumon semirufus, Cratichneumon sexarmillatus, Cratichneumon sicarius, Cratichneumon signatipes, Cratichneumon spilomerus, Cratichneumon stenocarus, Cratichneumon suadus, Cratichneumon subfilatus, Cratichneumon sublatus, Cratichneumon takomae, Cratichneumon tibialis, Cratichneumon tyloidifer, Cratichneumon unifasciatorius, Cratichneumon unificatus, Cratichneumon vaccinii, Cratichneumon variegatus, Cratichneumon veraepacis, Cratichneumon versator, Cratichneumon vescus, Cratichneumon viator, Cratichneumon vinnulus, Cratichneumon vockerothi, Cratichneumon vulpecula, Cratichneumon w-album, Cratichneumon yakutatensis

Diphyus [genus]

Diphyus adventor, Diphyus akaashii, Diphyus albicoxalis, Diphyus albomarginatus, Diphyus allapsus, Diphyus altissimus, Diphyus amatorius, Diphyus amoenipes, Diphyus aneides, Diphyus animosus, Diphyus apiculatus, Diphyus arduus, Diphyus ater, Diphyus bagdadensis, Diphyus bicingulatus, Diphyus biluteonotatus, Diphyus bipunctatus, Diphyus carbo, Diphyus castaniventris, Diphyus castanopyga, Diphyus catagraphus, Diphyus celatus, Diphyus celsus, Diphyus charlottae, Diphyus cockerelli, Diphyus comes, Diphyus costaricensis, Diphyus curtituberculatus, Diphyus cyanimontis, Diphyus dakota, Diphyus delicatus, Diphyus dictiosus, Diphyus discus, Diphyus distinctipes, Diphyus duodecimguttorius, Diphyus efferus, Diphyus effigialis, Diphyus elbursicus, Diphyus euxoae, Diphyus excarptus, Diphyus excultorius, Diphyus fennicae, Diphyus ferrugator, Diphyus flavicornis, Diphyus flebilis, Diphyus fossorius, Diphyus fulvocaudatus, Diphyus fuscatorius, Diphyus gibbosus, Diphyus gradatorius, Diphyus higebutonis, Diphyus hudsonicus, Diphyus humphreyi, Diphyus impudicatus, Diphyus inflatus, Diphyus inopinus, Diphyus integratus, Diphyus interstinctus, Diphyus iwatai, Diphyus japonicus, Diphyus koebelei, Diphyus lalandei, Diphyus latebricola, Diphyus ligatorius, Diphyus longigena, Diphyus longimanus, Diphyus luctatorius, Diphyus lusitanus, Diphyus lustratorius, Diphyus macilentus, Diphyus malaisei, Diphyus mauritanicus, Diphyus mercatorius, Diphyus meruensis, Diphyus micramoenus, Diphyus monitorius, Diphyus montivagans, Diphyus nigrotergops, Diphyus niikunii, Diphyus numericus, Diphyus nuncius, Diphyus ochromelas, Diphyus omori, Diphyus ontariensis, Diphyus orbitalis, Diphyus ormenus, Diphyus palliatorius, Diphyus pedatus, Diphyus peringueyi, Diphyus plagatorius, Diphyus platyaspis, Diphyus pleuratorius, Diphyus politus, Diphyus populorum, Diphyus provancheri, Diphyus proximus, Diphyus pseudocastigator, Diphyus pseudomercator, Diphyus quadripunctorius, Diphyus quinquecinctus, Diphyus raptorius, Diphyus restitutor, Diphyus robustus, Diphyus rubellus, Diphyus ruficoxis, Diphyus rungwemontis, Diphyus rusticus, Diphyus salicatorius, Diphyus sallaei, Diphyus sedatus, Diphyus semissis, Diphyus septemguttatus, Diphyus sequax, Diphyus sexzonatus, Diphyus sibiricus, Diphyus subfuscus, Diphyus suigensis, Diphyus sycophantus, Diphyus taylorii, Diphyus temmazanensis, Diphyus tepidus, Diphyus tricolor, Diphyus trifasciatus, Diphyus turcomanus, Diphyus turpiculus, Diphyus ventralis, Diphyus victoriae, Diphyus walleyi, Diphyus zebraticolor

Ichneumon [genus]

Ichneumon acosmus, Ichneumon acuticornis, Ichneumon admontis, Ichneumon aequicalcar, Ichneumon affector, Ichneumon albiger, Ichneumon albiornatus, Ichneumon alius, Ichneumon almeriae, Ichneumon alpestriops, Ichneumon alpestris, Ichneumon alpinator, Ichneumon altaicola, Ichneumon amphibolus, Ichneumon ampliventris, Ichneumon analis, Ichneumon analisorius, Ichneumon appetens, Ichneumon aquilonius, Ichneumon aranearum, Ichneumon arvernicus, Ichneumon balteatus, Ichneumon bavaricus, Ichneumon bellipes, Ichneumon berninae, Ichneumon bicinctus, Ichneumon bicingulus, Ichneumon bifasciatus, Ichneumon boreellus, Ichneumon brevis, Ichneumon bucculentus, Ichneumon buryas, Ichneumon caedator, Ichneumon caloscelis, Ichneumon capriolus, Ichneumon captorius, Ichneumon carinator, Ichneumon cavator, Ichneumon cerebrosus, Ichneumon cerinthius, Ichneumon cessator, Ichneumon cinxiae, Ichneumon computatorius, Ichneumon confusor, Ichneumon coniger, Ichneumon connectens, Ichneumon contrarius, Ichneumon crassifemur, Ichneumon cupidus, Ichneumon curtulus, Ichneumon cynthiae, Ichneumon decurtatus, Ichneumon delator, Ichneumon denticulator, Ichneumon didymus, Ichneumon dilleri, Ichneumon diversor, Ichneumon dolosus, Ichneumon emancipatops, Ichneumon emancipatus, Ichneumon enervator, Ichneumon eremitatorius, Ichneumon erythromerus, Ichneumon eumerus, Ichneumon exilicornis, Ichneumon extensorius, Ichneumon factor, Ichneumon ferrandi, Ichneumon filatus, Ichneumon flavoclypeatus, Ichneumon formosus, Ichneumon freyi, Ichneumon fuliginosus, Ichneumon fulvicornis, Ichneumon gibbosus, Ichneumon gibbulus, Ichneumon gracilentus, Ichneumon gracilicornis, Ichneumon grandicornis, Ichneumon gratus, Ichneumon haematofemur, Ichneumon haematonotus, Ichneumon haemorrhoicus, Ichneumon haeselbarthi, Ichneumon haglundi, Ichneumon helleni, Ichneumon helveticus, Ichneumon hinzi, Ichneumon hypolius, Ichneumon ignobilis, Ichneumon ingae, Ichneumon ingratus, Ichneumon inops, Ichneumon inquinatus, Ichneumon insidiosus, Ichneumon intermedius, Ichneumon intricator, Ichneumon inutilis, Ichneumon jugicola, Ichneumon karpaticus, Ichneumon labyrinthellae, Ichneumon laevibasis, Ichneumon languidus, Ichneumon lapponicus, Ichneumon latecinctus, Ichneumon lateralis, Ichneumon lautatorius, Ichneumon lectus, Ichneumon leptostigma, Ichneumon leucopeltis, Ichneumon ligatorius, Ichneumon luteipes, Ichneumon macilentus, Ichneumon manicatus, Ichneumon marmotus, Ichneumon megapodius, Ichneumon melanobatus, Ichneumon melanoceras, Ichneumon melanoleucos, Ichneumon melanophthalmus, Ichneumon melanopygus, Ichneumon melanosomus, Ichneumon melanotis, Ichneumon memorator, Ichneumon micropnygus, Ichneumon minutorius, Ichneumon mixtus, Ichneumon moelleri, Ichneumon molitorius, Ichneumon monospilus, Ichneumon mordax, Ichneumon multipictus, Ichneumon nebulosae, Ichneumon nigroscutellatus, Ichneumon norvegicus, Ichneumon novemalbatus, Ichneumon nubigenus, Ichneumon nyssaeus, Ichneumon obliteratus, Ichneumon oblongus, Ichneumon obscuritarsis, Ichneumon obscurus, Ichneumon observandus, Ichneumon occidentis, Ichneumon opacus, Ichneumon ostentator, Ichneumon oviventroides, Ichneumon palugracilicornis, Ichneumon parengensis, Ichneumon peloponnesus, Ichneumon phaeostigmus, Ichneumon piceatorius, Ichneumon pictus, Ichneumon pinquicornis, Ichneumon plautus, Ichneumon polyxanthus, Ichneumon porcellus, Ichneumon posticus, Ichneumon primatorius, Ichneumon proletarius, Ichneumon propinquus, Ichneumon pseudocaloscelis, Ichneumon pulvinatus, Ichneumon pygolissus, Ichneumon quadrialbatus, Ichneumon quadriannellatus, Ichneumon quaesitorius, Ichneumon quinquealbatus, Ichneumon rogenhoferops, Ichneumon rudolphi, Ichneumon rufidorsatus, Ichneumon rufigena, Ichneumon ruttneri, Ichneumon sarcitorius, Ichneumon saxifragator, Ichneumon scopulator, Ichneumon sculpturatus, Ichneumon seisensis, Ichneumon semiorbitalis, Ichneumon sexcinctus, Ichneumon signaticornis, Ichneumon silaceus, Ichneumon similaris, Ichneumon simulans, Ichneumon spurius, Ichneumon stenocerus, Ichneumon stigmatorius, Ichneumon stramentarius, Ichneumon stramentor, Ichneumon subalpinus, Ichneumon subannulatus, Ichneumon submarginatus, Ichneumon subsolis, Ichneumon sulcatoriops, Ichneumon suspiciosus, Ichneumon suturalis, Ichneumon terminatorius, Ichneumon thomsoni, Ichneumon trialbatus, Ichneumon tuberculipes, Ichneumon vafer, Ichneumon validicornis, Ichneumon ventus, Ichneumon veressi, Ichneumon vorax, Ichneumon vulneratorius, Ichneumon xanthorius


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