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Tribe Platylabini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea family Ichneumonidae subfamily Ichneumoninae → tribe Platylabini

Daughter taxa

Genera: 15 (0 illustrated). Species.

Platylabus [genus]

Platylabus abbreviatus, Platylabus alaskae, Platylabus alboannulatus, Platylabus altaicus, Platylabus altitudinis, Platylabus arcticus, Platylabus arizonae, Platylabus atricornis, Platylabus auriculatus, Platylabus balearicus, Platylabus basicinctus, Platylabus berndi, Platylabus bicinctus, Platylabus bobadillai, Platylabus borealis, Platylabus breviscutellatus, Platylabus brilliantus, Platylabus cabrerai, Platylabus caeruleus, Platylabus calidus, Platylabus captiosus, Platylabus cariniscutis, Platylabus charlottae, Platylabus chiapus, Platylabus clarus, Platylabus columbiae, Platylabus concinnus, Platylabus curtorius, Platylabus decipiens, Platylabus dilleri, Platylabus divinus, Platylabus divisatae, Platylabus dolorosus, Platylabus dubitator, Platylabus duplificans, Platylabus eros, Platylabus erythrocoxa, Platylabus eurygaster, Platylabus ferrugineus, Platylabus flavidoclarus, Platylabus foxleei, Platylabus fugator, Platylabus fuscinerva, Platylabus gigas, Platylabus goliath, Platylabus gracilicornis, Platylabus histrio, Platylabus hyperetis, Platylabus imitans, Platylabus incabus, Platylabus infirmus, Platylabus intermedius, Platylabus iridipennis, Platylabus judaicus, Platylabus lieftincki, Platylabus lissosculptus, Platylabus longicornis, Platylabus luteatae, Platylabus massajae, Platylabus melanocoxa, Platylabus metallicus, Platylabus micheneri, Platylabus moestificus, Platylabus monitus, Platylabus monotonops, Platylabus monotonus, Platylabus montanus, Platylabus muticus, Platylabus neglectus, Platylabus nigricornis, Platylabus nigrocyaneus, Platylabus obator, Platylabus odiosus, Platylabus oehlkei, Platylabus okui, Platylabus opaculus, Platylabus opiparus, Platylabus ornatus, Platylabus pallidens, Platylabus parvimaculatus, Platylabus parvulus, Platylabus perexiguus, Platylabus permodestus, Platylabus polymelas, Platylabus pseudhistrio, Platylabus pseudogoliath, Platylabus pulcher, Platylabus pullus, Platylabus pumilio, Platylabus punctifrons, Platylabus rubeus, Platylabus rubricapensis, Platylabus rubristernatus, Platylabus rufus, Platylabus semiopacus, Platylabus septemcingulatus, Platylabus serratae, Platylabus sexmaculatae, Platylabus shanicus, Platylabus sphageti, Platylabus spiraculus, Platylabus stolidus, Platylabus submarginatus, Platylabus subpinguis, Platylabus subrubricus, Platylabus sulci, Platylabus taiwanus, Platylabus takeuchii, Platylabus tenuicornis, Platylabus tenuiformis, Platylabus thalhammeri, Platylabus theresae, Platylabus tibialis, Platylabus transversus, Platylabus tricingulatus, Platylabus uranius, Platylabus vaferops, Platylabus vibicariae, Platylabus vibratorius, Platylabus victorianus, Platylabus virescens, Platylabus volubilis, Platylabus wienkeri, Platylabus zagoriensis


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