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Tribe Cryptini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea family Ichneumonidae subfamily Cryptinae → tribe Cryptini

Daughter taxa

Genera: 32 (0 illustrated). Species.

Cryptus [genus]

Cryptus albitarsis, Cryptus alpinus, Cryptus andalusiacus, Cryptus anniversarius, Cryptus annulicornis, Cryptus antiquus, Cryptus anzobicus, Cryptus apiculator, Cryptus apparitorius, Cryptus arcticus, Cryptus areolatus, Cryptus aridus, Cryptus armator, Cryptus arundinis, Cryptus atritibialis, Cryptus australis, Cryptus avidus, Cryptus azurescens, Cryptus baeticus, Cryptus brunniventris, Cryptus bucculentus, Cryptus caesitius, Cryptus campactus, Cryptus capitatus, Cryptus carinifrons, Cryptus clavipennis, Cryptus concolor, Cryptus coxalis, Cryptus crassiusculus, Cryptus crassulus, Cryptus delineatus, Cryptus dianae, Cryptus eichwaldi, Cryptus emphytorum, Cryptus euchrous, Cryptus evidens, Cryptus fibulatus, Cryptus filiformis, Cryptus formosellus, Cryptus fortunatus, Cryptus fuliginipennis, Cryptus fuscatus, Cryptus gallarum, Cryptus genalis, Cryptus gogorzae, Cryptus gracillimus, Cryptus graminellae, Cryptus gravenhorstii, Cryptus himalayensis, Cryptus hirtae, Cryptus hissarensis, Cryptus immitis, Cryptus incisus, Cryptus incubator, Cryptus inculcator, Cryptus indicus, Cryptus infimus, Cryptus inquisitor, Cryptus intermedius, Cryptus intricator, Cryptus irroratorius, Cryptus kamtschaticus, Cryptus karakurti, Cryptus kashmirensis, Cryptus konoi, Cryptus krombeini, Cryptus laeviusculus, Cryptus lanceolatus, Cryptus laterimacula, Cryptus latigenalis, Cryptus leechi, Cryptus lentus, Cryptus leucocheir, Cryptus leucotomus, Cryptus libytheae, Cryptus longiterebratus, Cryptus luctuosus, Cryptus lugubris, Cryptus lundbladi, Cryptus macellus, Cryptus madecassus, Cryptus medius, Cryptus melanopus, Cryptus mentigus, Cryptus minator, Cryptus miniatus, Cryptus minimus, Cryptus mirus, Cryptus mongolicus, Cryptus morleyi, Cryptus moschator, Cryptus mundus, Cryptus mutatus, Cryptus nigritarsis, Cryptus nipponensis, Cryptus obscuripes, Cryptus ocellaris, Cryptus ohshimensis, Cryptus persimilis, Cryptus piliceps, Cryptus praefortis, Cryptus problema, Cryptus proximus, Cryptus punctorius, Cryptus pusillus, Cryptus recurvatus, Cryptus rubiginosus, Cryptus rubricans, Cryptus rudowi, Cryptus rufoplagiatus, Cryptus rufovinctus, Cryptus rugifrons, Cryptus ruralis, Cryptus scaber, Cryptus scapulatus, Cryptus scrutator, Cryptus sepultus, Cryptus sibiricola, Cryptus soccatus, Cryptus sodalis, Cryptus sokotranus, Cryptus spinosus, Cryptus spiralis, Cryptus subquadratus, Cryptus subspinosus, Cryptus szulczewskii, Cryptus tibetanus, Cryptus tibialis, Cryptus titubator, Cryptus tjanshanicus, Cryptus triguttatus, Cryptus trochanterator, Cryptus tuberculatus, Cryptus tyrannus, Cryptus ultramondanus, Cryptus unicarinatus, Cryptus uzbekistanicus, Cryptus viduatorius, Cryptus vulgivagus, Cryptus zeravshanicus

Listrognathus [genus]

Listrognathus acheloma, Listrognathus acuminatus, Listrognathus aequabilis, Listrognathus albomaculatus, Listrognathus alticarinatus, Listrognathus annulipes, Listrognathus armatus, Listrognathus assamensis, Listrognathus bicolor, Listrognathus bidentatus, Listrognathus bifidus, Listrognathus brevicornis, Listrognathus compressicornis, Listrognathus confractus, Listrognathus coreensis, Listrognathus ecarinatus, Listrognathus eccopteromus, Listrognathus femoratus, Listrognathus firmator, Listrognathus flavicornis, Listrognathus flavopetiolatus, Listrognathus furax, Listrognathus giganteator, Listrognathus glomeratus, Listrognathus heinrichi, Listrognathus helveticae, Listrognathus hispanicus, Listrognathus keralensis, Listrognathus laevifrons, Listrognathus loisi, Listrognathus mactator, Listrognathus mengersseni, Listrognathus mobilis, Listrognathus multimaculatus, Listrognathus nigrescens, Listrognathus nigriabdominalis, Listrognathus nubilipennis, Listrognathus obnoxius, Listrognathus oculatus, Listrognathus orientalis, Listrognathus pallidinervus, Listrognathus paludatus, Listrognathus philippinensis, Listrognathus pubescens, Listrognathus punctator, Listrognathus rufipes, Listrognathus rufitibialis, Listrognathus rufus, Listrognathus rugifrons, Listrognathus sauteri, Listrognathus sibiricus, Listrognathus spinifrons, Listrognathus tirkyi, Listrognathus townesi, Listrognathus transversus, Listrognathus turkestanicus, Listrognathus victoriensis, Listrognathus yunnanensis


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