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Tribe Anomalonini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea family Ichneumonidae subfamily Anomaloninae → tribe Anomalonini

Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (0 illustrated). Species.

Anomalon [genus]

Anomalon acevedoi, Anomalon afflictum, Anomalon ambonense, Anomalon amseli, Anomalon anae, Anomalon arcuatum, Anomalon arizonicum, Anomalon ashmeadi, Anomalon australense, Anomalon avanzoi, Anomalon californicum, Anomalon canadense, Anomalon canoae, Anomalon cerdasi, Anomalon chinense, Anomalon concolor, Anomalon confertum, Anomalon constrictum, Anomalon coreanum, Anomalon cotoi, Anomalon cruentatum, Anomalon cuetoi, Anomalon curvatum, Anomalon deletum, Anomalon duniae, Anomalon ejuncidum, Anomalon excisum, Anomalon extenuator, Anomalon fermini, Anomalon flavolabes, Anomalon flavomaculatum, Anomalon floridanum, Anomalon flosmaculum, Anomalon formosanum, Anomalon frontale, Anomalon fulvomaculum, Anomalon fulvopedes, Anomalon fuscatum, Anomalon fuscipenne, Anomalon fuscipes, Anomalon glabrum, Anomalon guisellea, Anomalon hengduanense, Anomalon intermedium, Anomalon japonicum, Anomalon karlae, Anomalon kozlovi, Anomalon kurumense, Anomalon kusigematii, Anomalon laticeps, Anomalon levipectus, Anomalon luteum, Anomalon menlongelum, Anomalon menlongus, Anomalon minimum, Anomalon miocenicum, Anomalon montanum, Anomalon morleyi, Anomalon nepalense, Anomalon nigribase, Anomalon nigrum, Anomalon nirvanum, Anomalon novemmaculatum, Anomalon novoguineense, Anomalon ocellatum, Anomalon ohharai, Anomalon ovandoi, Anomalon pabloi, Anomalon palaeon, Anomalon pardalus, Anomalon petronae, Anomalon picticorne, Anomalon planobucca, Anomalon primum, Anomalon protogaeum, Anomalon punctatulum, Anomalon reticulatum, Anomalon rufipes, Anomalon rufiventris, Anomalon rufopetiolatum, Anomalon secernendum, Anomalon sinuatum, Anomalon subxishuangum, Anomalon teresscutella, Anomalon texanum, Anomalon tisisthenes, Anomalon ugaldei, Anomalon variistriatum, Anomalon venustulum, Anomalon victorovi, Anomalon villegasi, Anomalon vivum, Anomalon xishuangus, Anomalon yescai, Anomalon yoshiyasui


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