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Subtribe Harpalina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Adephaga superfamily Caraboidea family Carabidae subfamily Harpalinae tribe Harpalini → subtribe Harpalina


Daughter taxa

Genera: 69 (6 illustrated). Subgenera: 58 (9 illustrated). Species.

Bradybaenus Dejean, 1829 [genus]

Bradybaenus cephalotes

Coleolissus Bates, 1892 [genus]

Coleolissus, Tenuistilus

Cratacanthus Dejean 1829 [genus]

Cratacanthus dubius

Dioryche W.S. MacLeay, 1825 [genus]

Dioryche braccata

Dregus Motscheisky, 1864 [genus]

Dregus glebalis

Ectinothorax Alluaud, 1941 [genus]

Ectinothorax assimilis

Eriophonus Tschitscherine, 1901 [genus]

Eriophonus grandiceps

Euryderus Leconte 1846 [genus]

Euryderus grossus

Harpalobrachys Tschitschérine 1899 [genus]

Harpalobrachys leiroides

Harpathaumas Basilewsky, 1947 [genus]

Harpathaumas priscus

Harponixus Basilewsky, 1950 [genus]

Harponixus pubescens

Heteracantha Brulle, 1834 [genus]

Heteracantha depressa

Hyphaereon W.S. MacLeay, 1825 [genus]

Calathomimus, Hyphaereon

Indiophonus N.Ito, 1996 [genus]

Indiophonus pilosus

Merklia N. Ito, 2004 [genus]

Merklia pubens

Microderes Faldermann, 1836 [genus]

Microderes, Microharpalus, Neopangus

Nesarpalus Bedel, 1897 [genus]

Nesacinopus, Nesarpalus

Nothodaptus Maindron, 1906 [genus]

Nothodaptus simplex

Oxycentrus Chaudoir, 1854 [genus]

Oxycentrus, Paroxycentrus

Pangus Dejean, 1821 [genus]

Pangus scaritides

Phyrometus Basilewsky, 1946 [genus]

Phyrometus seriepunctatus

Piosoma LeConte, 1847 [genus]

Piosoma setosum

Platymetopsis Ball et Maddison, 1987 [genus]

Platymetopsis overali

Prakasha Andrewes, 1919 [genus]

Prakasha amariformis

Selenophorus Dejean 1829 [genus]

Celiamorphus, Selenophorus

Harpalina photos with superspecies identification

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Harpalina sp. Harpalina sp. Harpalina sp. Harpalina sp. Harpalina sp. Harpalina sp. Harpalina sp. Harpalina sp. Harpalina sp. Harpalina sp.


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