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Subtribe Cicindelina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Adephaga superfamily Caraboidea family Carabidae subfamily Cicindelinae tribe Cicindelini → subtribe Cicindelina


Daughter taxa

Genera: 46 (6 illustrated). Subgenera: 13 (7 illustrated). Species.

Abroscelis Hope, 1838 [genus]

Antennaria Dokhtouroff, 1883 [genus]

Apteroessa Hope, 1838 [genus]

Archidela Rivalier, 1963 [genus]

Bennigsenium W.Horn, 1897 [genus]

Callytron Gistl, 1848 [genus]

Cephalota Dokhtouroff, 1883 [genus]

Cephalota, Taenidia

Chaetodera Jeannel, 1946 [genus]

Chaetodera laetescripta

Cratohaerea Chaudoir, 1850 [genus]

Dromicoida Werner, 1995 [genus]

Enantiola Rivalier, 1961 [genus]

Eunota Rivalier 1954 [genus]

Eunota togata

Eurymorpha Hope, 1838 [genus]

Euzona Rivalier, 1963 [genus]

Grandopronotalia W.Horn, 1936 [genus]

Guineica Rivalier, 1963 [genus]

Habrodera Motschulsky, 1862 [genus]

Habrodera nilotica

Hypaetha Leconte, 1860 [genus]

Jansenia Chaudoir, 1865 [genus]

Leptognatha Rivalier, 1963 [genus]

Lophyra Motschulsky, 1859 [genus]


Macfarlandia Sumlin, 1981 [genus]

Manautea Deuve, 2006 [genus]

Micromentignatha Sumlin, 1981 [genus]

Microthylax Rivalier 1954 [genus]

Microthylax olivaceus

Myriochila Motschulsky, 1857 [genus]

Monelica, Myriochila

Naviauxella Cassola, 1988 [genus]

Neocicindela Rivalier, 1963 [genus]

Neolaphyra Bedel, 1895 [genus]

Notospira Rivalier, 1961 [genus]

Opilidia Rivalier 1954 [genus]

Opilidia chlorocephala

Orthocindela Rivalier, 1972 [genus]

Polyrhanis Rivalier, 1963 [genus]

Prothymidia Rivalier, 1957 [genus]

Rivacindela Nidek, 1973 [genus]

Salpingophora Rivalier, 1950 [genus]

Sumlinia Cassola & Werner, 2001 [genus]

Thopeutica Schaum, 1861 [genus]

Zecicindela Larochelle & Lariviere, 2013 [genus]


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