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Butterflies and music: An Ordinary Miracle / Butterfly Colors Song 2

Community and ForumBlogButterflies and music: An Ordinary Miracle / Butterfly Colors Song 2

Lev Bely, 27.01.2013 0:01

What would be a pure miracle now? Right, all these magical transformations from the Bear into a beautiful young man and backward, happy accidents and a lovely princess as ready to shoot down any stranger who dares to enter the castle as is to marry him right on the spot. Alas, in the 21st century of technologies no country left for such fairy things, Copperfield is revealed long ago and even most earnest believers put their water jugs off TV screens (see Kashpirovsky). Just it's winter, and freezing cold, all bears are sleeping and butterflies too. Anyway, all this can't hinder you, even isolated in winter amidst napping animals, from dancing along a good song. This one from the 1978 film An Ordinary Miracle is about many things but winter.

Butterfly Colors Song 2 and the video are made to help kids learn the names of the colours in English. I wonder, to have such video in Russian would be a pure wonder, wouldn't? And why there is still no any... Let me guess.

Khorosho, kogda zhenschina yest' (Good there is a woman here) from the film An Ordinary Miracle (Mark Zakharov, 1978)
Butterfly Colors Song 2, A. J. Jenkins (2012)

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