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Photo #10953: Polymixis trisignata


Polymixis trisignata

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Base gallery. Upperside. Alive insect.

Photo, and identified by: Sergey Novitckiy. Image redone at the website. Tentative identification

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 2011-10-22 00:00:00, Odessa region, Belyavsky district, a forest belt at a meadow

Photographer's comment: The wingspan is 38mm, hind wings are dark

Comments on this image

29.10.2011 2:49, Alexandr Zhakov

The color of hind wings can vary much from very light to dark grey, and females are colored even darker. I didn't boil females. leuconota is not a synonym to latesco, just before these moths from Ukraine were named such. Now the puzzling thig is what's actually in Ukraine? latesco and/or trisignata. :)

28.10.2011 22:58, Sergey Novitckiy

No, just wide-open. I went by the color of the hind wings when identifying, P.latesco has light ones (at least, by Klyuchko book "Noctuidae of Ukraine", where leuconota also mentioned as a synonym to latesco), and my item does dark ones (I'll upload tomorrow its wide-open photo; I saw dark hind wings at other websites of trisignata). I might have out-of-date info. Besides, latesco seems to be a transcaspian species, and trisignata is a south-eastern European one which lives also in Ukraine. Alexandr, if you are agree, I'll send you the item for identifying. You're most probably right. Just hind wings are not enough, that should be surely boiled!

28.10.2011 20:20, Peter Khramov

Sergey, this item is boiled or not?

28.10.2011 20:19, Peter Khramov

Alexandr, I moved comments to the species there, at the species photo page.

28.10.2011 11:45, Alexandr Zhakov

Yes, I meant the photo, sorry. In fact, that's rather more complicated, three species, trisignata, latesco, leuconota are "genitalia" ones. Lately some experts began to consider doubtful the very latesco species or its European residency.

28.10.2011 1:28, Peter Khramov

Alexandr, you mean the photo?

27.10.2011 23:21, Alexandr Zhakov

May be Polymixis latesco, these are "genitalia" species, I boiled mine.

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