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Photo #11827: Dysgonia fulvotaenia


Dysgonia fulvotaenia

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Base gallery. Upperside. Alive insect.

Photo: Mdsaiful Sakim. Image redone at the website. Identified by: Irina Nikulina

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 2012-01-02 00:00:00, Malaysia,Sarawak,Kuching at Kota Sentosa

Comments on this image

17.02.2014 2:57, Peter Khramov

Removed misleading comments on the topic.
Now in the case, the question of adding / reducing species really matured. The following quote their vision algorithms and approaches, if anyone has other views - inform, discuss, and is as follows:
The only unique identifier of any kind (as well as supraspecific taxa) on the site - it is his number.Number of pages visible in Urla form (web page address to the Swallowtail - http://lepidoptera.ru/taxonomy/8787 - numbers that come after a taxonomy / - this is the number of taxa, ie swallowtail is 8787). In addition, on each page of a species or other taxon has approximately the line of urn: lsid: lepidoptera.pro: taxname: 8787. This stitch is put down for a reason, but just as a unique identifier of a taxon. Therefore, this kind of - at first view of the number 8787, and then later Papilio machaon . And if it turns out that the name for him validly else, then we will not add the form number 79000 with the new name and delete the old form of 8787. We will rename Papilio machaon a new species, but the number he will remain the same - 8787. Similarly - with synonyms.Therefore, when you transfer pictures to the species, we do not actually transfer them to the form, for example, Papilio machaon, we transfer them to the form №8787, which is currently called Papilio machaon.
This implies:
should never be added to the base of the new species or other taxa, if their analogues / synonyms are already on the site .Even if the name of a species from a site three times out of date, it is not necessary to add a new look and ask me to remove the old. We need to throw my info, so I renamed the old look to the new. The old name or a new species at the site has a constant number, and it should not be changed.Algorithm of actions when transferring photons to the species:
If the site is not at all kind and in any way - of course, we start a new kind and drag him.If the views of the site though in what form is (another generic combination as a synonym, or something like that) - move to this type, and if we believe the name of the obsolete system or wrong - we offer it to change, but on the page type, picture all the same It should be moved to a form which is already available on site. The new plant is not necessary.If you find that your site already has several types of doubles, you need to deal with them, moving, if necessary, some of them to others as synonyms.

16.02.2014 23:28, Irina Nikulina

The options do not. But I again do not understand anything. Dear moderators, please explain all the same sequence of actions, it's got to be one ..Why in some cases, we are looking for here on the website, view, synonym, and often find (do not cite examples, a lot of them), and in other cases you make a page with a new species, although the site there are synonymous to it? As in this case Bastilla. After the site has Dysgonia fulvotaenia http://lepidoptera.ru/taxonomy/71560. Why, then, did not create a new kind of Bastilla crameri http: // lepidoptera.ru / gallery / 25721, and just put it in Dysgonia crameri?
(this is a continuation of the discussion here http://lepidoptera.ru/gallery/27138.)

16.02.2014 23:17, Vasiliy Feoktistov Corrected data.

Not identified Dysgonia fulvotaenia / Confidently identified / Irina Nikulina.

16.02.2014 23:03, Vasiliy Feoktistov

P.S. Although it is possible and accurate: options do not.

16.02.2014 22:50, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Just today, the formBastilla fulvotaeniamade to a transfer of neoprene. Is it vary? But really there is no such option. Putting in inaccurate?

16.02.2014 22:44, Irina Nikulina

Dysgonia (Bastilla) fulvotaenia, probably. It was her yellow medial band on the rear cr, unlike other species. See. Diagnosis http://www.mothsofborneo.com/part-15-16/ophiusini/ophiusini_8_10.php

16.02.2014 21:59, Vasiliy Feoktistov

A year later noticed :)
Or Dysgonia sp. about the kind of thoughts would ......

06.01.2013 1:21, Lev Bely

Bastilla sp.?

06.01.2013 0:33, Peter Khramov

Thoughts were absent...

16.07.2012 14:54, Peter Khramov


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