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Photo #14223: Lepidoptera sp.



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Base gallery. Upperside. Alive insect.

Photo: Andrei Komrakov. Image redone at the website. Identified by: Robot

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 2012-08-11 12:00:00, Moscow region, Lotoshinsky district, near Savostino village.

Comments on this image

04.09.2014 15:36, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I've got two species at the moment one of which http://lepidoptera.pro/gallery/32829 (supposedly oculea male) will be examined. Only mine are from Vladimir region, doesn't matter anyway.

04.09.2014 15:12, Alexandr Zhakov

Basil, when you rack up the material in the Moscow region, or look welded specimens. and some of this genus. then you can say more than a habit prisushit certain types in the Moscow region. and with only the Moscow region. I do not venture to migrate to certain types.1000 kinds of shovel, there are several groups of genital here, because to them and should be treated, sfotografiovannyh in nature, caught, cooked and postaivl in appearance. The others are uncertain or when the determination to sort there. :) Only the rules of the game. if not cooked, but the spec says I know this region, is a strong possibility that it ...... then inaccurate.

04.09.2014 14:32, Vasiliy Feoktistov

No chance for this one to be examined :) Alexandr, decide where to move it. I preferred withdrawal. Still feel this is not oculea :)

04.09.2014 14:21, Alexandr Zhakov

:)) I insist on my first comment, "Noctuidae, Amphipoea genus, species are not discerned by photo." No any certainty before genitalia examination. :))

04.09.2014 13:31, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I just do not know where to put it, Alexander. But there is clearly no oculea; fucosa , or lucens is. A fourth kind of Amphipoea crinanensis (Burrows, 1908) like as there is in the Ministry of Defense is only theoretically and then in the south of the region, and Lotoshinsky area where this shot is on the north-west of Moscow region. Here's about to flourish, you know .....

04.09.2014 10:07, Alexandr Zhakov

You should not have it Basil, threw in vague, Peter the right is no accumulation of photographs on leave, let there be dangling in inaccurate, I repeat, all attempts to determine in appearance (habit) only work on a particular limited area. generally in the area, it's not working. Only cooking. :)

03.09.2014 19:43, Vasiliy Feoktistov Corrected data.

Amphipoea oculea / Tentatively identified / Vasiliy Feoktistov Not identified.

03.09.2014 19:43, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Petr please remove this one, definitely not oculea. I totally failed back then. Withdrawing (

01.09.2014 0:53, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Could be as well lucens (less likely fucosa), still I see it more as oculea. Would be great to see its hindwings to clear that out.

31.08.2014 23:31, Alexandr Zhakov

Alexandr, I said here more than once that the species of this gender could be solely IDed by pics in case phenotypes are known for this area, also sizes needed. Please check European Noctuidae, they do vary in spots.

31.08.2014 17:12, Alexander Boldyrev

I see this is not oculea but some Amphipoea (looking at that specific spot)...
All mine A. oculea have that dark "eye" spot whilst others amidst the species have no any or just some ordinary spot. Anyone please comment that dark "eye" spot in the middle round spot in oculea.

28.08.2012 13:53, Peter Khramov

Yet there is no connection to genera, but species, moved it to A. oculea "uncertain".

28.08.2012 10:59, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Believe Amphipoea oculea, close to...

13.08.2012 15:41, Alexandr Zhakov

Noctuidae, Amphipoea genus, species are not discerned by photo.

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