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Photo #2539: Scopula tessellaria


Scopula tessellaria

Base gallery. Upperside. Alive insect.

Photo: Sergey Novitckiy. Image redone at the website. Identified by: Tatyana Gordeeva

Comments on this image

10.01.2014 18:57, Alexandr Zhakov Corrected data.

Scopula immorata / Tentatively identified / Sergey Novitckiy Scopula tessellaria / Confidently identified / Tatyana Gordeeva.

01.03.2011 22:56, Peter Khramov

"Uncertain" still.

26.02.2011 13:16, Sergey Novitckiy

Yes. If doubtful, then "uncertain"!

26.02.2011 13:02, Peter Khramov

"Uncertain", maybe?

26.02.2011 7:44, Tatyana Gordeeva

Give up, let it be like you said. Anyway, we can't boil photo. Prout (1912) described also "transitional" species, after that Sc.t.proutiana was described.

25.02.2011 13:49, Sergey Novitckiy

This was shot 2008/06/08 13:34 in Odessa region, Belyavsky hood, in the outskirts of Gradenicy village, in a godforsaken basin overrun with ruderals. According to the List of Geometridae of Ukraine (Kostyuk, 2004), both immorata and tessellaria can be in steppe areas. There: http://babochki-kryma.narod.ru/0_Geometridae/Scopula_immorata.htm and ttp://www.leps.it/indexjs.htm?Home.htm you can see pictures very similar to mine.

25.02.2011 9:41, Tatyana Gordeeva

The pattern contrasts too much in comparison to immorata which has white only submarginal band and the rest is all dusted with grey (especially the root), and discal spots are hardly seen. Sooner spotty tessellaria with a light basal field and clear disks. Better to know the caught location... Sc. immorata is a temperant Eurosiberian species expanded from the forest steppe to the low-latitude taiga, from Europe to Siberia and Priamurye Region. And Sc.tessellaria is a "south" steppe species expanded from Mediterranean region to South Ural and Issyk Kul region.

10.02.2011 9:31, Evgeny Komarov

Meh! This is not mine ;)! Tatyana, sorry, I've just got similar shot there, so commented this one automatically.

10.02.2011 9:29, Evgeny Komarov

Tatyana! I also as a rookie in Geometridae considered this like Scopula, but Evgeny Tsevtkov (Saint Petersburg) identified it right. He always checks all my photos.

10.02.2011 9:09, Tatyana Gordeeva

I'm sorry, still rather Scopula tessellaria...

19.01.2011 8:04, Tatyana Gordeeva This species is identified correctly.

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