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Photo #4544: Troides helena


Troides helena

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Base gallery. Upperside. Pinned specimen.

Photo, and identified by: Vasiliy Feoktistov. Image redone at the website

Place of shooting/catching: Java island

Comments on this image

10.04.2014 11:21, Peter Khramov

Firstly, there is no logic in the Russian names to look for are not worth it. We present them for the sake of curiosity, as well as to people who know / remember only the name of the Russian could find their views. With this TZ The common name (ornithopter Elena) must be present.Secondly, ptitsekryl - it's just not very good translation ornithopters. Ie everything that in Russian is called an ornithopter, can be called and ptitsekrylami.
Thirdly, a more correct translation would not ptitsekryl and ptitsekrylka.
Fourth, we should not confuse the assignment algorithms Russian and Latin names.Yes, there are attempts to recommendations for Russian names, proposals for the binomial, but at least at this stage, there is no general scheme no. And rightly so. Haha do not need it. For Latin and involved not to fence the local garbage heap.
Fifth, back to where we started. Do not worry about the Russian names.And for the tenth time: view properties are discussed in the form, not the pictures on the page. There is also a link to the form, really press hard?

09.04.2014 22:07, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Duc in my opinion they are not necessary. This I did, if there was a question. Logically something: Ptitsekryl correctly on the basis of the generic name :)

09.04.2014 21:59, Peter Khramov

Basil, it's Russian name. Whether it is necessary to discuss them, except that the obvious glitches?

09.04.2014 7:45, Vasiliy Feoktistov

"Ornithopters" or "Ptitsekrylki" , "Ptitsekryly" have a collective, the popular name for butterflies of three genera Ornithoptera, Trogonoptera and Troides . This tells me passionately unloved "folk" Wikipedia ": that in my opinion wrong.Subscribe to the proposal of Alexander: I do not have to call all the butterflies of this group "ornithopter". This name applies only to the kind of butterflies of the same name: Ornithoptera . You should not be like Wikipedia.

08.04.2014 20:51, Alex Dumchus

It seems to me that the Russian name "ornithopter Elena (Troides helena)" is incorrect. Then it is better described as "Ptitsekryl Elena." And the climb, you know, in another generation.

08.02.2011 19:34, Evgeny Komarov This species is identified correctly.

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