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Photo #6910: Apatelodes lapitha


Apatelodes lapitha

Base gallery. Upperside. Alive insect.

Photo: Konstantin Kraevsky. Image redone at the website. Identified by: Evgeny Komarov

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 2011-02-00 00:00:00, Guyana, the Cuyuni River basin, near Quartzstone stream, at the exploration camp area.

Comments on this image

04.03.2011 20:32, Peter Khramov

Moved to A. lapitha.

04.03.2011 5:47, Evgeny Komarov The species is added to the database/approved.

04.03.2011 0:28, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Well, if we all work hard, nearly always we get species finally. Maybe, 100% sure is not the species but genus at least.

03.03.2011 23:22, Alexandr Zhakov

Agree, Apatelodes lapitha mostly suits considering this series But some series include few species, I guess.

03.03.2011 23:15, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Apatelodes lapitha also suits geographically.

03.03.2011 23:13, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Ok then, Apatelodes lapitha.

03.03.2011 23:01, Evgeny Komarov

Looked through all meant, can't see differences between this one and Apatelodes lapitha! Anyway, we can move it to "uncertain" due to the species varies so much and not so explored (can it be explored whatsoever?!!!)

03.03.2011 22:55, Dmitriy Pozhogin

New species!

03.03.2011 22:54, Evgeny Komarov

Also, no way for Apatelodes pandara: the line is straight! And all species have a big foretop spot.

03.03.2011 22:51, Evgeny Komarov

Yes, and Apatelodes dianita is in Bolivia.

03.03.2011 22:49, Evgeny Komarov

Well, this is more similar, Apatelodes lapitha: (Guyane Française).

03.03.2011 22:16, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Yes, apatelodes dianita looks like this, Plus Apatelodes pandara does also, pandaraDHJ01.

03.03.2011 22:10, Alexandr Zhakov

Hm, new, newer and newest info. There is also Apatelodes dianita,, don't know its expansion though. Anyway, no 100% hit.

03.03.2011 20:25, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Checked out all genus, South African species, no anything similar. Apatelodes princeps or Apatelodes palma??? I think, this is Apatelodes palma yet. More opinions???

03.03.2011 19:37, Evgeny Komarov

Good, that we're already talking about family/genus! Anyway, don't approve genus. Palmi and Apatelodes torrefacta, well shown in web, have curvy bands on its forewings. Apatelodes princeps has close pattern, but other features don't suit: Now can surely name only genus.

03.03.2011 18:53, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Seems to me this is Apatelodes palma.

02.03.2011 22:04, Alexandr Zhakov

Agree. Do also, this one is a very interesting beast.

02.03.2011 21:52, Evgeny Komarov

Alexandr! Seems even family is wrong. Actually, recently they tried to add Limoniidae to Brahmaeidae due to a new molecular analysis,, but this one is surely something unclear. Also, no Brahmaeidae found yet in the New World:,

02.03.2011 20:36, Alexandr Zhakov

Brahmaeidae, but can't find at least one species in South America.

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